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The orgy weekend culminates (part 3)


Okay, so when I left you, I was stuck at my grandma’s house, with a broken down vehicle.  Don’t worry though, I still managed to squeeze in some more sexual escapades.  😉  Bet you’d like to know how.

While I was having all these issues and trying to figure out what to do, I was getting texts from a guy I had met at the last swinger party.  He’s a 24 year old, very nice looking, biracial, bodybuilder.  He just got out of the military and is currently working as a bouncer at a nightclub, as well as working on his bodyguard license.  At the party, he’d had trouble getting it up, due to it being his first swinging experience, and he REALLY wanted to prove to me that he’s not always that way, lol.

It was actually kind of annoying because I was trying to get stuff done and when family heard I was in town, of course, they wanted to see me.  I have siblings there and they were like, what are you doing sneaking into town without telling anyone??  Thankfully, my family is not very nosy.  They didn’t press much as to what I was doing.   I just said I was at a party in the city.

God, sometimes I really get homesick.  I’ve been thinking for a long time I would like to move back up that way.  Maybe I’ll be able to make it happen here eventually, it would be nice to be close to people that could help me in times of need.  I really don’t have anyone here, now that I am divorced. 

My grandmother still lives in the same place she did when I was coming up.  It’s a mostly black neighborhood and the community is so different from where I am now.  Some people might consider it a “bad” area, but to me it never really felt that way.  Even though the people are poor, there was always someone there to help you out if you needed it.

My memories are full of summer parties in the street outside her house.  Parents, grandparents, teenagers and young ones all running around, dancing and drinking.  BBQ’s, people sitting out on their porches and always available to talk.  Being one of the only white kids in the neighborhood, strangely, I never really felt out of place.  Even now, I love that the neighbors look out for and help my grandma.  You don’t see a whole lot of that here.

I spent much of the afternoon with my sister’s friend’s dad, a dark skinned, black man in his mid 60’s with BLUE eyes.  I was like where’d you get those eyes and he said his great grandfather was Irish and Indian (Native).  He said my baby sister is like a daughter to him and that I drive just like she does, hotrodding it, lol.  He was getting onto me and later I was getting onto him because he told me he refuses to get a vasectomy because of his age but that he also doesn’t wear condoms when he is playing around.  No idea how we got to talking about that!  lol  At the store, when we were buying transmission fluid, we ran into one of his cronies, an older white guy, who thought I was his girlfriend.  He was like, NO, she’s like my daughter!  Haha

Anyhow, my vehicle is shot, but by the time we’d taken care of that and I’d run over to one of my sisters houses for a bit, and showered, it was getting really late.  Mr. Bodybuilder wanted to come to town and hang out anyway.  He said we could go for a movie or out to eat.  I’m thinking it might even be too late for that (it was nearly 10 pm). 

Meanwhile, I had realized that I left one of my favorite bras at Mr. Host’s house.  Dammit!  He wasn’t bothered though.  He said if you come and get it you can stay the night. 

Hmmm…that would also put me near Mr. Bodybuilder.   I talked to my grandma a bit and it was decided I would take her car to drive back home. She was cool with me heading back out to stay in the city that night.  I warned Mr. Host I might be pretty late but he said that was cool, as long as I was staying over.

Mr. Bodybuilder and I decided to go out to eat.  We talked and hung out for awhile and then he said maybe he could get a hotel.  I was thinking, there is no way I want him to spend $$ on that, when I will have to jet fairly quickly, in order to get over to Mr. Host’s, but I didn’t tell him why.  I just said I would have to leave before too long and maybe that wasn’t a good idea.

He is currently staying with his sister, on her couch, lol, as he JUST got out of the military and hasn’t had a chance to get settled with his own place.  He says he doesn’t want to waste his money on a crappy home when he can earn a little more and get something better. 

We decided we would just go over there, but I’d have to be really quiet because she and her boyfriend (and toddler) would be asleep.  Oh man, this felt like high school all over again, haha, sneaking in someone’s place, but…okay.

We slipped in the front door quietly and onto the screened in back porch. It was cold. I’m thinking seriously?  What am I just going to bend over?  No, he had another plan.  He wanted me to sit on this tiny little nightstand.  It looked like it could easily tip over, but I did.

I sat there and he had me pull down my pants.  They are like legging style and I was wearing knee length leather boots.  Not conducive to this AT ALL, lol.  I had to put my legs over his head.  He went down on me for a little bit and then put in his very hard dick.  We fucked with me on the table with my legs around him, to where he was kind of trapped.

We kept hearing noises and he told me to keep an eye out for shadows on the wall in the kitchen.  Suddenly, someone turned on a light.  We jumped and I almost fell over, lol.  Had to get my legs up over his head and hobble around the corner to pull on my clothes.  We were trying not to knock into stuff.  Whoever it was, wasn’t there long.  The light went back out.

By then we decided we’d better head outside.  We snuck through the backyard and the high heel of my boot caught in a hole in the ground in the dark.  I fell and banged up my knee pretty badly on some cement.  He kept apologizing and we went to sit in his car.

It was getting really late and I was afraid if I took too long Mr. Host would fall asleep, leaving me nowhere to stay for the night.  Mr. Bodybuilder kept pushing to continue our fun and saying we could go at it in the backseat of his car.  I opted out, citing my knee and it being really late.  He reluctantly said okay but that he thought I was really hot, that this was exciting and he wants to see me again.  He said normally he doesn’t even like women with kids but thought I was in great shape.

Alright, alright, that was nice but I had to go.  I took off and headed to Mr. Host’s.  He had been lying down for a bit but managed to get up and answer the door, despite it being 2 am. 

Oh, WOW, am I glad I went back over there!!  We got in bed and proceeded to have some seriously hot sex, over and over, like ALL night long.  He came in me about 5 times before having to get up for work in the morning.  I actually made him like 45 minutes late but he said that’s okay because he’s the boss. 😉

I was really surprised at how good the sex was with him!!  I wasn’t expecting that at all.  It was like fireworks!!  I don’t know if it was just because I was sooo horny or what!!  I WAS ovulating, according to my little calendar on my phone, where I keep track of my menstrual cycle.

He was very dominant and got pretty rough.  He was pulling my hair, choking me, biting my neck,smacking my ass, you name it!  This is the same guy, who at dinner with that one woman had agreed with her that he could never choke someone in bed!  His hand was probably on my neck like half the time we were fucking!! He must have really took what I said about kind of liking it to heart. 😉 😉

Wow, in the morning he even got out this wedge shaped pillow and had me bend over it to where he could really penetrate deep. It felt good and the whole thing was really damn hot! He has been texting me for the past couple days going on about how freaking good it was! It almost took my mind off Mr. Firm, but not quite, he’s still hot as hell. 🙂

Mr. Host is now saying he’d like to take me to a bed and breakfast sometime, where we can fuck all day and all night and do nothing else. Sounds like fun. I’ll have to keep you all updated. 😉