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Holiday happenings

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  My Christmas was great but didn’t include any wild sex stories.  I did see my fuck buddy before he left to go back home, to Georgia…for good. 😦

I’m a little bit sad.  We’ve been having sex about once a month for nearly two years now.  I knew he was trying to sell his house, after getting out of the military, but last we’d discussed it, he was still looking to stay in this area.  It came as a surprise to hear he is leaving. 

He may come back to visit friends, and at least one relative here. He still has to get some stuff out of storage, so it’s possible I could see him again, but for the most part, this is the end.  I’m glad we didn’t really get emotionally attached.  Still, I am going to miss the reliable sex…and that huge, thick cock!!  OMG!  I bet it’ll be a looong time before I come across another one like that, if ever!

Our last meeting was pretty hot.  He was staying temporarily in a hotel and we had a couple rounds of fun, followed each time by me swallowing his cum.  My little parting gift. 😉  He was off the day after Christmas, but we plan to keep in touch.  He said he thinks I would really like Atlanta, lots of “successful black men” (damn, am I that transparent? haha ).  Who knows, maybe someday….  Plus after seeing a pic of him and his brothers down there, I am thinking a gangbang doesn’t sound so bad after all.  Heh…. 😉

Now who am I going to replace him with?  I’ve still got Mr. Firm, and the Host, and I guess this Bodybuilder guy, but they all live far away.  My fuck buddy was only an hour and a half.  It’s got me thinking…and today I even did a little browsing on Craigslist.

I didn’t have any luck on Craigslist today, but I did find something that has me cracking up and gloating like crazy!!  Remember the Producer?  He contacted me a few days before Christmas to say he hoped I was doing alright, and then again to wish me and the kids a Happy Holiday.  Then today, I get on CL and found his old ad!!!  Only he had changed it up just a little bit, to add in that he is “attached”.

Hahahahaha….he’s already looking to cheat on that woman he pretty much dumped me for!  I love it!  She was a condescending little bitch towards me.  Revenge is sweet.  What kills me is he made some comment in the ad, alluding to the fact that he is not getting as much sex as he would like.  Yeah, well, whose fault is that??  Bam!  Got them both, and in less than 3 months time.  Somehow I doubt that relationship is going to last forever. “We are soul mates”.  Give me a fucking break!

Supposedly she was cool with non-monogamy, but clearly that isn’t working out for them the way he thought, or he wouldn’t be sneaking around behind her back.  It’s obvious, from the wording of the ad, that he is.  I wouldn’t be half surprised if he tries to get back with me either, at this point.  I guess we will find out.

Damn though, right after Christmas?  And right after they went on a cruise together for their birthdays (or were supposed to, I am assuming they did).  Times must be hard. 😉 😀

Not only did HE contact me recently, but the guy I had the affair with!  Remember him?  The one who stood me up for a concert and never bothered to explain why?  He hit me up on Facebook email (we aren’t friends on there) to say “I miss you”.  I got Mr. Firm’s advice before saying anything and finally went with “fuck off”.  LOL  I was worried about upsetting him but Mr. Firm said I shouldn’t be with the way he disrespected me.  He didn’t comment back and it actually kind of felt good to stand up for myself like that.  On my own I tend to be way too forgiving.

I’ve STILL been having to ignore Mr. Motorcycle.  He left a box of gifts on my doorstep and tried texting several times to see if I got them.  I feel so mean ignoring him but I know if I give him even a little acknowledgement he will try and find a way to get back in.  As Mr. Firm pointed out, his using my kids and getting gifts for them to get to me, really is manipulative, and not a cool thing to do.  Especially after I TOLD him, flat out, repeatedly, that I didn’t want him to buy them anything. 

The gifts he gave were nothing expensive and I went ahead and let the kids open them as extras.  One was a board game that was missing pieces and looked like it had been used.  He gave me a bottle of wine and some sort of homemade soap.

The TV he gave us?  That short circuited and almost electrocuted my teenager.  He and a friend got the bright idea to smash it up after that, and take the copper out of the back.  It could have been dangerous but thankfully they didn’t grind up the glass and get lead poisoning or something.  I had to pay $60 to have it carted off as hazardous waste.  Gee, thanks for the “gift”.

The Referee has tried calling and texting me too, begging me to pick up the phone.  I ignored that as well.  I didn’t hear from him on Christmas though so maybe he’s getting the drift that I am serious.  No way Jose, will I ever get with him again.

Mr. Host has been cool though and says he bought me a gift, because he can’t stop thinking about me.  Nice!  I am looking forward to seeing him again.  The sex was just awesome!

He invited me to another party and I was a little disappointed in the guest list.  Mainly that he didn’t invite Mr. Firm. :/  Whhhyyy???  I hope he still ads him on.  I don’t think he would have been able to come anyhow, but it’s the principle of it all.  I hope it’s just that he is varying what single males come to each party or something.  It would really upset me if he was leaving him out due to ME or doesn’t like him.

See, I’m a little afraid that he is going to be like all these other guys I have come across and start acting possessive.  Or that he might see Mr. Firm as a threat because my excitement about him being invited the first time was probably pretty obvious.  Plus, he may have seen us kissing a few times at the party and I doubt you could miss the passion there. 😉

I really hope that isn’t it.  Mr. Firm is cool as hell, has had nothing negative to say about Mr. Host so far, and I know he was excited about having been invited to that last party.  He also took the time and trouble to validate Mr. Host and say nice things.  I wouldn’t want him to be left out on account of me and I’d really like him to be at some future parties if I am going to be there.  I’m a little afraid to bring it up to Mr. Host though.  Like, if I make too big a deal of it he may just decide never to invite him again.  Ugh.

Looking over the guest list, there seem to be less single guys, so maybe it is just something to do with that.  :/  The whole thing has my brain spinning. I usually tell Mr. Firm about parties and had mentioned the date of the upcoming one, so I’d feel weird never mentioning it, like I was keeping something from him.  I’d feel like a jerk though, talking about it when he wasn’t invited.  Grrrr…

I haven’t heard from the Professor. 😦 We talked a little bit on his birthday earlier in the month and he was kind of weird. He made comments about how he missed me and that he wasn’t getting any sex for his B’day, but didn’t want me to come over (“to say hi”, I didn’t flat out offer him sex). I told him I’m not at the point anymore where I think the relationship thing would even be an issue, basically hinting at just some NSA sex, but he said it was HIM that had the problem handling it and not me. Okay, whatever.

Anyhow, wish me luck on replenishing the ranks.  I’ve got some possible upcoming changes in my life as well.  I’m seriously considering a move to the big city myself.  There aren’t a lot of things holding me back at this point and 2014 may be just the time to get up on it.

Plotting my revenge…


Revenge is sweet….and 6’6”, and 265 lbs of solid muscle, with a very large cock, (from what I’ve heard), and beautiful dark skin and a sexy Jamaican accent.  Oh and his job involves some kind of therapy with patients, though he says he’s not a doctor yet.  I know he looks good because I’ve met him before, and guess where?? LMAO

Remember that hotel swinger party I told you all about?  The one where I found out the Professor had been lying to me and gone to the Christmas party and denied it?  If not, the story is here:  When being open isn’t enough.  Anyhow, this is the guy who was there with the woman who told me she’d met the Professor at that previous party.

He and I had been giving each other “looks” all night and I knew he wanted to hook up.  The girl he was with seemed game and had asked if the Professor and I would like to join them back in their hotel room.  Because the Professor knew I was upset he had been kind of preventing this from happening.

We eventually ended up in another room, watching people, and they were there.  He wasn’t participating, but was taking pictures, so I haven’t seen his cock yet.  However, the good looking, white, bisexual guy had been telling us, before we met him, that this guy was not only huge but had a gigantic cock that was “like this thick,” motioning with his fingers in a big circle. He was asking if we’d seen it and trying to find pictures of it on the swinger site on his phone, lol.

So anyway, it was clear the Prof didn’t want me to hook up with him, or anyone else that night, and I didn’t.  Heck, I didn’t even hook up with HIM because I was pissed about being lied to.  Still, I WOULD have played with others at the party, it was him holding me back (kind of understandable because I was not feeling too kindly towards the Professor, and I can see how that would make him insecure).  Now that I’ve talked to this guy a bit I know it was obvious.

See, since the breakup with the Professor I’d actually done a little searching on the swinger site and had in the back of my mind that I would like to find this guy, but never did.  So yesterday, I happened to check my Plenty of Fish account and guess who had emailed me THERE?  It had been three days since he emailed but I was quite happy to hear from him.  Here’s how the conversation went down:

Him:  Hello Gorgeous!  So nice to see you on here. Do you remember me?

(I had to go look at his profile because his main one shows his face from a side angle and I couldn’t really tell).

Me:  OMG, I didn’t until just now I went back and looked at your pics, lol. You were at that hotel swinger party! 😉 Hi!!

Him: That’s right, I was. How are you?

We kept looking at each other and I wondered if you wanted to play, but Xxxxx (The Professor, he knew his name which makes me wonder) seemed to wanted you all for himself. I really wanted to play with you that

Yeah, we had totally been giving each other the “eye” lol. Not really behind the Professor’s back, since it was a swinger party and all, but kind of. You know how it is. He and I were in an argument but this guy kept looking at me and he WAS cute.

Then he asked my profile name and gave me his on the swinger site, and he gave his number to text.  He’s at work so we’ve been texting here and there and hopefully will be meeting up soon.  He lives a couple of hours away, in another state, so it’s kind of amazing he found me on POF, lol. 

He plays with that girl here and says they are just “really good friends” but not dating.  He had asked if the Professor and I were seeing each other and I explained it as best I could, briefly over text.  I have to wonder about the “really good friends” with this other woman part.  That’s how the Professor describes the married woman to this day and would have said the same thing about me.  Bleah.  At least this time maybe I can guard my heart a little more carefully.

In any case we may be meeting up here in a couple of days.  :::Squeal::: I am excited!!  He’s a total gentleman on his profile and over text and has great reviews.  I think we will hit it off.  He has a particular weekday that he is available to drive up this way because he has his kids or work on the weekends. 

I would love for this to work out as another FWB type scenario for me.  He’s my age and so far I like him a lot.  I know the Prof would totally hate this but hey, he’s the one who wanted to end things.  Part of me feels a little guilty because I don’t want to hurt him and I do still care a lot and have feelings, but at the same time, I owe him nothing in that regard. 

Like I said, I’m still a little puzzled as to how he knows the Professor’s name too.  I know the Prof had met that girl at the Christmas party but for some reason I thought she was there alone.  I also know they had emailed a bit.  It will be interesting to find out if he’s gone to OTHER parties since then or if this guy just has a good memory or what, because I got the impression at the hotel party that was the first time they had met.  Hmmmm…

Dang, what is it with these super tall guys all of a sudden?  LOL  I’m not kidding this guy is huge, hope I can take that big cock too.  I’m thinking the guy said it was like 10 inches.  Eeek! 

So here’s to my bittersweet revenge…::: rubbing my hands together :::….wish me luck!! 😉 🙂