Took a trip, and am I tripping?


I haven’t even had a chance to tell you all about another man in my life! We will call him Chicago. He lives here in my city half the time, but travels back and forth to his home in Chicago every couple of weeks. He works from home doing some kind of computer engineering, but prefers living there, to here (where his child is) so he has condos in both places.

Actually, he recently flew ME to Chicago to stay with him for a weekend! He wined and dined me and took me to my first comedy show- to see Cedric the Entertainer. It was an exciting weekend for me, with getting to travel and experience new things. His condo has a beautiful view of Lake Michigan and he took me to a delicious steak house, where he dropped well over $200 for dinner.

Here’s the view of Lake Michigan from his condo:

And my lovely bubbling drink at the steak house:


I’d had some car troubles, thanks to my teenager (long story), so Chicago covered rental vehicles for me to take my kids to their dads, and also paid for my gas. His brother drove me to the airport. Obviously, this guy is doing alright financially. 😉

Actually, he’s been probably more of a Sugar Daddy than any of the others, buying and giving me things here and there. He gave me a brand new printer for my computer and bought me a shawl so I wouldn’t need to borrow his jacket when we go out. He’s taken me out for lots of dinners at nice restaurants and to the movies several times.

Sounds fabulous right? Well, not quite. I’m really, just not feeling this guy. I just can’t bring myself to LIKE him that much. I’m trying, really I am, but it’s just not there.

He’s obviously doting on me, and being a nice person. He claims to like me a lot. Yet, some things just really bug me. I’ve finally figured out that he reminds me of my ex husband.

He reminds me of him in SEVERAL ways. One, is how he acts in the bedroom. We just can’t seem to have good sex. There is like, NO chemistry. He’s doing some of the same things that other guys do, at least trying to be good, but it’s just not working for me! It’s so weird.

One of the things that bothers me, is that he just doesn’t seem to be able to, or maybe he’s just not interested in, reading my body language. If I don’t like something, and try to make it clear, he just keeps trying to do the same damn thing!

Like he has an obsession with trying to lick my nipples. Sometimes I like that, but not the way he does it. He will lunge toward my nipples with his tongue flicking out and I am like cringing. I’ll kind of push him away and he comes back again in full force. So I actually covered my nipples with my hands and he tried to pull them off! I wouldn’t let him so he’s laughing about it, what you don’t like that? I said they feel sensitive and now he harrasses me about it, major turnoff. He is constantly trying to do what I have made clear I wasn’t feeling.

What’s crazy is that my ex husband would try to do that very same thing and act the very same way about it- annoyed with ME for not enjoying something. Get over it already and quit trying to do something I’m obviously not liking! Sheesh!

That’s just one example. The rest of the sex just isn’t working well either. I just don’t like it.

I’m sure some of it, is that he’s just NOT the Cohort. I’m emotionally attached and it makes it hard for me to be with someone new. I only started seeing this guy after the last miscarriage, when I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with he and I.

Still, it’s not just the bedroom where he’s acting insensitive. He doesn’t seem to pay any attention to the things I SAY to him. It’s like he cuts me off or changes the subject or just says “uh-huh” like I’m not saying anything interesting. It’s very upsetting to me to not feel heard when I am talking. That too, is very much like my ex, who brushed off anything I wanted to talk about (outside of the Bible or politics) as unimportant.

He also has a tendency to over-explain things to me, like he thinks I am an idiot or something. It makes me feel like a child. He took me to a park the other day (and to eat afterwards) and insisted on looking up the history of the park on his phone and reading to me about how it was donated by some woman whose husband owned a biscuit factory, like he was giving me a lesson. TOTALLY like my ex husband, who was always lecturing about something.

He actually wanted to talk about scripture on our last date. Uggggghhh… he said because it was something “different” than what most people talk about and he thought it would be a nice change of pace. I spent 15 years talking about the Bible. I didn’t want to be rude but I really didn’t feel like elaborating on my thoughts about various passages of scripture. It felt torturous.

He wants to hold hands, and be “romantic” all the time but it makes my skin crawl. I feel guilty, but I can’t help it! It’s frustrating.

Anyway, when we got back to his place, I decided to play a little game, just to test and see if he actually does listen to anything I say. I asked him some questions about myself to see if he knew the answers to any of them, all things I had told him before. I was like what color are my eyes? He said “blue” (we were in candlelight and my eyes are green). I asked how many siblings do I have, where did I go to high school, what did I major in in college? He got them ALL wrong. Then I let him ask me stuff and I got every single answer RIGHT. Because I actually freaking LISTEN when someone is talking to me!

It bothers me so much, that I don’t know if I can stand it much longer, even with all the perks. His birthday is coming up soon and he has decided he wants me to make him a picnic with wine and grapes and strawberries that we feed each other on a blanket outside, and then I give him backrubs. It sounds kind of like Hell on earth. Not sure how to get out of it without being rude though.

I guess all this kind of explains why my trip to Chicago, while fun in some ways, just wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. The whole time I was really missing the Cohort and wishing he was the one with me. We would have had SO much fun, doing those exact same things together. Heck, I can have a blast with the Cohort at the grocery store! Lol

Chicago took me to the store with him the other day and I was miserable. He took like an hour to buy stuff and it was soooo boring. It reminded me of being a kid and getting dragged along on errands with old people. Bleah.

I was positively aching for the Cohort the whole time I was away in Chicago. He didn’t even know I was gone (it was two days, one night) but I missed him something awful. Then he called, right as I was boarding the plane. I told him where I was and actually ended up getting MAD at him for no reason. I think it was just all that pent up resentment that I was spending my time with someone else, when he was who I’d rather be sharing all this with. At that time we were trying not to have sex with each other.

We couldn’t talk after the plane took off, so I stewed on my thoughts for awhile and finally figured out that was what it was. So I told him the truth and said I missed you and the whole time I was here I wanted to be with you. Being with this guy was mostly meant to take my mind OFF of him, but it hasn’t been working very well.

You shouldn’t have….really…


I feel like an ungrateful bitch.  Mr. Motorcycle brought me a huge gift, telling me “Merry Christmas!!” but I don’t want it.  I feel bad, but I just really…don’t.

He had come over here the night before, when I told him of an issue I was having with my refrigerator.  Turns out a mouse had run behind it and gotten stuck in the fan, causing a loud, horrible, continuous, noise, followed by a really bad smell.  Ewwwwww…     

I suspected it was something like that, since I had been sitting in the kitchen and SEEN the damn mouse run back there and had just set out poison traps earlier that day.  Anyhow, I was very thankful that he offered to come remove it!  When I thanked him he actually said “my pleasure” and acted like it was no big deal.  Seriously, over a dead, nasty mouse?  Haha  I don’t think you could have paid me hundreds of dollars to get me to touch that thing, even with rubber gloves.  Well, that is one thing men are much more willing to do than women, I guess.  Hooray for guys!  It really was very nice of him.

He had brought along his 15 year old son.  He seemed like a good kid and was friendly with my little ones, who were showing off by roller skating and riding a tricycle across the house and trying to engage him in a discussion about various mythical creatures.  Chaos, lol, but what else is new?

Anyhow, his dad had him sweep out behind the oven and refrigerator after moving them and I held the dustpan.  This was bad news for me, since I am terribly allergic to things like dust mites and mouse droppings.  I’ve spent all day today sneezing and in utter misery despite taking two Allegra. 

Still I was very thankful.  I ended up having to ask him to come back today, because the freezer door was situated where it couldn’t open all the way and was bumping into a doorway.  I have a big side by side refrigerator that is too heavy for me to move and it hadn’t gotten put back exactly where it had been before. 

No big deal.  He said they would stop by after work.  He said our children seemed to get along well and his son had asked if he might take the kids to a movie sometime.  Hmmm…okay, that might be alright.

 I was thinking he probably just wanted an excuse for some time alone with me and asked his son to “babysit”.  I haven’t been able to hang out with him for the last week and a half or so, due to having my kids with me all the time.  We have plans to go to another party soon but in the meantime I was trying not to ask my ex to take them too often, since his girlfriend had gotten upset about it the last time we went out of town.

Then he mentions that he has a “surprise” for me.  I wonder what it could be?  He wouldn’t say.

I warned him that I felt like crap, was too sick to put on makeup and would look like death warmed over if he came to the door.  Apparently he was unconcerned.  He said “I’ve seen you without makeup before”.  Yeah, well, not when I am a sneezing, sniveling, red -nosed, watery -eyed, mess, but okay, enter at your own risk!

I was also on my period and though I haven’t explained any of this to him, I am still hurting from my anal adventure over a week ago.  Even though the Referee never managed to get his dick all the way in, it caused me to tear.  I also got a lovely infection, most likely due to him pulling out of my ass and heading straight into my pussy.  Thankfully, some over the counter yeast medication seemed to take care of that.

So I’m over here, not feeling the least bit sexy, and he wants to come over with a “surprise”.  I showered but didn’t even bother to dress in regular clothes.  I’m over here in jogging pants and a camisole.  I did drop the kids off at their dad’s house though, for a little while.

So he shows up at my door with his son.  They have backed the pickup truck right up to my front door, drove right across my front lawn.  He asks me to prop the door open and I see them bringing in something huge.  It’s the base to a large screen TV, with a cabinet on the bottom that looks like its doors are slightly uneven.  It’s covered with dust, and I’m already a wreck so I’m standing back a little ways.

Oh wow, this thing is really BIG.  It’s about ¾ the size of the entertainment center I currently have in my living room, which has a 32 inch TV in it, as well as shelves that I have filled with books and my Wifi box and several other things.  He mentions that it still needs another part, one that costs $40 and he is planning to order.  For now it won’t even work.

They start to set the TV on top of the base and I stop them as I run to grab some Windex.  He has his son wipe it down with a towel.  They put the thing together and start to push it right in front of my front window, while he tells me we can leave it there until he gets it fixed.

I’m like um, no, let’s put it over here on the other side of the room where it isn’t blocking my window.  He rolled his eyes and jokingly made some comment about “women” to his son, and how we are always particular about these things.  Well yeah, we are talking a giant box in the middle of my freaking living room, for who knows how long.  He said the part may take like 3 weeks to get here. 

He mentions that he has three more of these somewhere and is trying to get rid of them.  He wants to send one to his sister but it would cost more to mail it than to just buy a new one.  Poor girl.

I know he means well, but let me tell you a little something about me.  I absolutely HATE, with a passion, broken things and clutter.  I am a total minimalist.  I’m also very practical and much prefer books to television.  I virtually never watch it.  We have a tv, but it is used to watch family movies, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Wild Kratts and the Magic School Bus.  That’s pretty much IT, unless its college basketball season’s March Madness.  I went over 15 years without a television at all.

In order to keep this TV in my home I would have to get rid of my entertainment center.  That is where I am storing BOOKS.  Books I use for homeschooling my children and need easy access to.  I don’t have money for a new bookshelf.  I’d rather have a bookshelf than a TV any day.  When I got divorced one of the only things I was truly sad about losing was this huge, beautiful, cherry stained bookshelf my ex- husband and his brother had built for me.  I was in love with that thing and it would sell for a lot of money (though I would have kept it).  I gave it to him though because he made it.  Oh well.  He probably doesn’t even have it anymore!  Wah!! 😦

I just really don’t want this monster sized TV.  I’m afraid it could tip over on one of my kids.  It seems pretty sturdy but I do know someone who lost a toddler when their TV fell on top of him.  What with the roller skating and trike riding going on across my wood floors, you just never know! 

I don’t want the focus of my living room to be a television.  We have educational maps on the walls and lots of books, and again, it reflects my values.  TV isn’t one of them and I want to make sure my kids realize that.  Most of all, I don’t want to give up my bookshelf!  I can’t afford another one.  I also don’t know where I would put my WiFi and Netflix box and TV antenna and all the things that are on the top of that shelf.

Maybe I am just being a bitch.  I am sick and cranky and on the rag.  I’ve had a really rough week in other ways too, but this “gift” is stressing me out more than it is making me happy.  I’m irritable as hell about it.  Add that I feel there could be an unspoken “you owe me” tied into being given something so large and I really just want it to go away.

Sigh….  I finally sent him a text telling him I really appreciate him thinking of me but I don’t feel this TV is practical for me.  I mentioned the fear of it falling and that I wanted to keep my bookshelf. I said I didn’t think I had enough room for it.

 He definitely seemed hurt.  He was like “wow, ok”.  He said it would never fall.  I reiterated myself and was like “don’t be upset”.  After a long time he texted back saying he was confused and a little embarrassed but not upset.  I feel awful. 

I don’t know.  I guess I’m just not that thankful this Thanksgiving season.  I know he meant well.  The night before I had jokingly made a comment about my “old” TV and how no one would ever bother to steal it from us.  Some of the houses in my neighborhood have been robbed but at my place there really isn’t anything worth taking. 

I am okay with that though.  I really don’t want a big screen TV.  I told him not to be embarrassed; it was really sweet of him to think of me.  He hasn’t responded and I don’t know what else to say.  Part of me feels really bad but the other part just wants this thing out of here!!

 I know if he was really excited to give this to me it could really be hurting his feelings.  I so don’t want to do that.  I also know it’s not enough to keep him from wanting to take me to swinger parties in the future.  It also seems to tie in somehow with the whole “control” thing I have talked about with him in previous posts, though I can’t seem to exactly put a finger on HOW.  It just seems really presumptuous to bring something like that into my house without asking, no matter how well intended. 

So you all tell me…am I being nasty and unthankful ? Or was it kind of pushy of him to give me this “gift”?  Or maybe it’s a bit of both? 

Loving the “benefits” that come with this one

pocketing money

Let me tell you, there are some real perks to seeing a guy with money.  I’ve been spending more time with the Producer lately and I’m rather enjoying all the little “extras”.  It’s SO nice to be able to go out and do basically whatever we want, without having to worry about how much it costs! 

He’s been coming here twice, sometimes three times, a week and getting a hotel.  He has a house in his home city but travels south of here for work and stops through on his way.  However, his roommate situation down there is about to change and he’s decided to get an apartment here, closer to me, for when he is in town.

I admit I was a little concerned when he first mentioned wanting to move closer to me, rather than down where he is staying now. I guess it made me feel a little claustrophobic and worried that he wants more than a FWB thing.  He reminded me that he spends quite a bit on hotels here each week anyhow so it really would be more cost efficient for him.  That’s probably true, even if he gets one of these luxury apartments very close by.  For now, he’s on a waiting list for those and going to stay at another nice apartment across town. 

He had thought about getting a roommate here and a bigger place but every time he arranged to meet someone and they discovered he was black they bailed out.  He was getting pretty discouraged and finally decided it would be better to get his own place. If only they knew.  People are so stupid.

 He’s probably way better at paying his share of the bill and a better roommate than half the redneck white guys in this area.  This is admittedly a rather backwoods and racist area to live in though.  One of the women he works with, who lives on the expensive side of town, said that every time she’s had a black neighbor they’ve left within six months due to the way people act.  Despicable, but I am not all that surprised.

Anyhow, he’s moving closer and likely I’ll be seeing him even more.  That’s not such a bad thing and he’s still gone a lot to his other home and on constant trips across the nation and overseas.  So it’s not like he should be breathing down my back or anything, lol.  I do like spending time with him, just want my freedom to play with others as well, without any drama. 

So far that is actually going pretty well.  I haven’t had much chance to play with anyone else lately but I have been in contact with my Fuck Buddy and I’m pretty sure we will be meeting up again soon.  The Producer may not LIKE me fucking around with other guys but verbally he’s saying it’s okay because he is messing around with people too.

 He actually wants me to meet up for dinner with him and a woman he is considering sleeping with soon.  It’s her and her husband, who just wants to watch, and he says he wants me along because he thinks it’s a little bit of an odd situation.  However, after talking a bit with him over dinner last night, I think I’ve discovered the REAL reason, lol. 

According to him she is really into women too and he wants her to meet me. Surprise, surprise.  Men… sheesh. :p Anyhow, as long as I don’t have to sleep with her husband, maybe, I guess we will see.

I’ve been getting treated to a lot of dinners lately, and drinks, and he even took me to a concert the other night.  It was one of my favorite rap groups from back in the mid 90’s, lol.  Wouldn’t you know it, in this town, there was such a small showing of people it was ridiculous!!  There were like under 100 people in the venue.  It was crazy.  We are talking a group that was pretty damn popular back in the day and draws in huge crowds in large cities…at least ones where people have actually heard some rap music before, besides like, Snoop Dog (or is it Snoop Lion?  Is he even “rap” anymore?  More like pop, but whatever…)

We still had fun. 🙂 Because they apparently weren’t even expecting a big crowd, it was held in a place that wouldn’t fit a lot of people anyway, and we were right up close to the stage.  Oh, and while we were waiting through the mostly lame opening acts, we went and fucked in his car in the parking lot, haha…and afterwards in it again, in my driveway, when he dropped me home.  Bad, bad, bad…hopefully my neighbors were fast asleep… 😉

So here I got to see one of my dream groups from back in high school, all because I mentioned it offhand to the Producer that they were going to be in town.  He was like “then I’ll buy us tickets”.  It’s so easy for him!  I love that!! 😀 How am I ever going to go back to seeing guys who don’t take me anywhere fun and pay for it??  LOL

Oh and he bought go-cart passes for my kids and I because I had mentioned the other day we were there and I could only afford to let each of them ride one ride.  We’d been staying in a friend’s condo for a little vacation and it was fun but we were financially limited as to what we could do.  So he bought TWO passes for my family, which amounts to $240.   

He’s also taking us to get a couple’s massage on my birthday and I am excited about that!! Plus we went and saw “We’re the Millers” at the movie theater the other day too. (I thought it was funny, even if some of it was cheesy and over the top, haha)  I’m getting spoiled. 😉  He keeps talking about taking me to Vegas with him.  Ahhhh…the life ;).

Last night we went out to a bar with a woman we had met there previously.  She is another single mom and had shown up by herself. After we all got to talking, she took my number.  She called wanting to hang out and since he was going to be in town, we all went together. 

He bought us lots of shots and we had gone up to the jukebox to pick some music.  It cracked me up because she unknowingly picked a song that he produced, by the popular artist he has won Grammy’s for.  I went back and whispered that she had been the one who picked the song, not me, and he laughed.  He had told her he was a janitor.  I could tell she didn’t believe that one but it was amusing in any case. Later on he started name dropping when some guy who had his own band was talking to him and her eyes nearly popped out of her head.  I’m sure he probably gets a lot of women with stuff like that, lol.  Smh…

Right now what we have going on is pretty low drama.  I’m trying to keep it that way.  Obviously I’m a bit motivated by all the side “benefits” too, don’t wanna lose those, haha. 😉 I’m a little worried about the apartment thing, and hoping it doesn’t keep us from going out and doing stuff though.  He has dropped a couple of comments about how then I could cook him dinner.  Bleah.  Not that I don’t love to cook, I do, but I do it every day for myself and my kids so it would take the fun out of getting to go out, which is more relaxing.  It’s nice for me to be able to get out and get a break. 

Also, I’m a little concerned about what I am going to be able to do for HIM when his birthday rolls around.  There is no way I could manage to do anything comparable, price wise.  I may have to cook him dinner then, or something, but that still doesn’t seem like much.  It’s right before Christmas too, when I’m at my financial worst, trying to provide gifts for my children, one of whom also has a birthday at that time.  Guess I will have to worry about that when the time comes!!  In the meantime I’m making the most of what I can right now because who knows how long this will last?  Hopefully a while, but you just never know!! 




Pedicure for a Pounding?


Some of the men who read my blog are going to hate this post, lol.  Today I decided to try my hand at a little gold-digging with the Producer.  Normally, that’s not my style but he almost seems to be ASKING for it.   Maybe it’s a fantasy of his to pamper a lady.  Some men do seem to get off on that kind of thing.

In any case he’s very into me, or at least into the sex.  He texts constantly.  He keeps telling me what amazing pussy I have.  Obviously, he enjoys my blow jobs.  Today he made comments about how no one has ever done it like I do.  Haha.  I do have a little trick that I’ve been pulling lately that really gets the Fuck Buddy going too. 😉  Actually the Pilot was enjoying it as well. I’m going to have to keep that one up.

Last night the Producer told me that he went to a swinger club/restaurant in the city where he lives.  He said it was a great place and that he ended up hooking up with some woman that was half Latina and a lawyer.  He said she was hot and there with her husband and that they told him sometime he should bring a female with him.

Then he went on to tell me how he was thinking of me, and my warm, wet pussy.  All supposedly right after he fucked someone.  Yet this guy is telling me that he only wants to be FWB, no emotions involved.  Okay, because I’m not going to get any for this guy, guaranteed.  So, I hope he means that.

I mean, in some ways we are setting things up well for keeping the emotions away on his part too. He has yet to ever kiss me and I don’t want to.  Today a woman texted him while we were at the hotel and he was complaining how she’d caught feelings and was now annoying him with her questions and demands.  I’m just not enough into this guy to go there and doubt I ever would be.

So why continue to have sex with him?  Well, one, it’s convenient.  He says he really likes quickies and he is in my town at least once a week.  Two, it’s not BAD sex or anything, just mediocre and he is good at going down on me. He was able to make me cum a couple of times last time and this time he at least did by eating me out. Three, well, he really likes to brag about his material assets and I kind of like the idea of being spoiled.

He loves to flash his money around and drop names, so it almost seems like he’s wanting me to be as attracted to THAT as to him.  Like today he was telling me about the movie theatre and video arcade he has inside his house.  I mean, if he’s got all this money and I have virtually nothing, why not milk it a little bit?

I’ve fantasized before about having a Sugar Daddy.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guy who would buy you all sorts of expensive stuff and pamper you with his money?  What woman doesn’t want to be treated like a princess once in a while?  I could go for that, lol.  He’s not much older than me and is only 39, but whatever.

So after reading some of the comments on my last post (thanks Rouged Mount)I thought I’d give it a whirl and see how he reacts.  He was getting a pedicure here in town today and I dropped a little hint about wanting one myself.  He jumped right on it (yay!!) and seemed happy to provide that for me, even making a comment about how it could be in exchange for “hitting it from the back”.

I ignored that comment, lol.  What would that make me?  A pedicure whore?  What is a pedicure, like $30?  Not sure I’d want to go there because that’s awfully cheap, lmao.  Still this could be a start to more luxuries in the future.  I just need to learn how properly dig for gold, haha.  Maybe there is a crash course somewhere online.  I’ll have to look that up. 😉  I’ve never been very good at asking people for things, I’m way too giving.  Heck I don’t know if I’ve ever even asked a man to buy me a drink. However, I will admit to being a great salesperson, so I can CONVINCE people of things if I need to and that might help. 😉

As for my pedicure, it was actually pretty nice.  They asked him, in front of me, if he wanted to get his lady the “extras” so of course he had to agree.  I got a hot stone massage and a wax and little designs on my big toes.


He knows the people by name and goes there every couple of weeks so he was chatting and flirting and having fun and I mostly just relaxed and enjoyed myself and not having to pay for it.  I would totally love if he did more stuff like that, especially things that would make me look good for other men as well.  Like, buy me some lingerie or something, lol.

Afterwards we headed back to the same hotel as last time.  He paid for a room and we talked for a few minutes before stripping down and him going down on me.  Actually I kept on my shirt and he pushed it up for a bit and was sucking on my nipples and fingering me.  It felt good.

Then I blew him for a bit but he had to ask me to stop so he wouldn’t cum. 😉  I made him agree to wear a condom this time, so he had brought a Magnum and had it sitting on the nightstand.  He never put it on though. He went in from behind and I could feel that he didn’t have it on, :::eyeroll:::.  At least its almost time for my period so the chance of pregnancy is virtually nil.

Lots of pounding hard from the back and then he wanted me to ride him, which he loved.  He didn’t like me making too much noise though, he would stick his thumb in my mouth.  Not sure why he would care in a hotel, but whatever.  Eventually I sucked him to completion again and he was really trying to cum in my mouth.  I let it get all over my lips and chin, but not inside.  I really prefer to only drink cum when I’m feeling someone.

As a side note, I am still happy with the Pilot.  No clue what he did last night but he stopped texting around 8 pm and finally texted me again a bit ago.  We’ve got this couple that wants to meet with us next time and tonight he says he is at a gay club watching a drag show.  He made sure to add that he was with a female friend and no he is not bi, haha.  I like that he is open enough to do stuff like that though, without feeling a threat to his masculinity.

Anyhow, the Producer walked me back to my vehicle and I drove home.  Now he’s texting again saying he’s staying at the hotel and wishes I could come back.  I’m pretty sure I won’t.  I’m thinking I need to make sure he does something or buys something for me each time before I agree to it.

I’m actually kind of turned on by the idea that I can get a man to do stuff for me simply with the power of a little pussy. I can see how some women get addicted to that power because it can be a bit intoxicating. I wonder how far I can take this? It’s sort of a challenge. 😉



I interrupt my regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this little bulletin.  I woke up to a text this morning from the Professor.  It said “check your front door”.  So I went out there and looked and he had left a box of donuts.

I’m not sure how to take this.  I thanked him and asked why he did it and he said he thought my kids might like it.  It’s a nice gesture, but….is it really?

Whyyy would he do this NOW?  It’s almost like he saw that I am slipping away and wanted to try and get me back on the string again.  Or maybe he is trying to fuck with my losing weight so I can look hotter for new guys, ha. I wonder if he peeked on the swinger site and saw that I had signed up for a new party.  It’s possible to discover that info from my profile if he clicks on a button that shows your events attended/attending.

Maybe he is just trying to be nice and I’m assigning all kinds of suspicious motives.  I don’t know, but now I’m really confused.  I guess he could just feel sorry for me or honestly be thinking about the kids, but it’s been 6 weeks.