Sampling the Continental Platter


I’ve slept with 7 different guys in the past 2 weeks, though only one was brand new. That doesn’t even count the Married Man, who I haven’t had a chance to fuck lately,or the Host, who hit me up, but I’ve kind of avoided.

I’m starting to wonder if I should slow it down. Not that I mind all the sex, but part of me wonders if this is really okay, or if my sex sprees are unhealthy. Then again, maybe I’m just buying into society’s unfair standards for sexual behavior, especially when it comes to women.

Granted, there were a couple of sexual experiences in there that I didn’t really enjoy. Still I wouldn’t have known that for sure unless I tried them. For example, the Englishman.

I met this guy off the swinger site. He had attractive, professional looking pictures and said something about how he speaks 4 different languages. When he emailed I was already drowning in dick, but I was like this guy is kinda hot, why not?

So I responded, by text, while I was sitting in the shop waiting on my vehicle to be fixed. Then I promptly forgot about it. Mere minutes later, as I was driving, I recieved a call from an unknown number. The caller ID showed a suspicious looking, foreign sounding, name.

When I answered I wasn’t particularly friendly. I was thinking it was probably some Nigerian scam artist. I hadn’t realized from the guy’s pictures that he was not an American. He identified himself and said that he is from England. His accent seemed to prove that. He’d just moved here 7 months ago, supposedly to go to law school.

He was sort of abrupt and didn’t want to beat around the bush. He wanted to meet for sex and I hemmed and hawed for a minute because of his lack of manners or attempts to get to know me first. He said he found me attractive and didn’t I like his pictures and we should get together to fuck.

I commented, “but you haven’t even seen my face yet”. He didn’t think that mattered and just wanted to meet up. I found an excuse to get off the phone and ignored several of his other calls and texts, over the next few days, while I thought about it. I responded to some of them but he was seeming pushy and I don’t like that.

Okay, his pictures were attractive enough. He had a few validations on the site but mostly they just said he was the man in the pictures, or that they had met him at a party. Still, why not? What was holding me back? He was right, he was attractive enough to fuck on a physical level, and then you have the added excitement of someone new and different, from another country, and even with a kind of cool accent.

I decided to go ahead and give it a whirl, but I said I would need to meet him someplace in public first. He wasn’t real thrilled with that but said we could meet at a Starbucks near his house. I got an address from him and put it in the GPS on my phone.

I don’t know why it didn’t register that he probably wouldn’t have the exact street address for Starbucks but I was confused when my GPS took me to an apartment complex instead. Grrrr…. He met me in the parking lot.

I said I thought we were going to Starbucks first and he said oh yeah, we could. Did I want to follow him or could he just ride with me? I’m thinking, this motherfucker does not have a car and this is his little game to get me to give him a ride. So I said I’d rather follow him (to see what he would do). He said, come on, couldn’t I see he was a decent guy?

I begrudginly relented, after a bit of begging, and let him in my van. He didn’t even know where a Starbucks was, but said his roommate told him there was one close by. I put it in my GPS and the closest one was 8 minutes away. He tried to wheedle his way out of going but I wasn’t about to let him get away without at least a $3 drink, after all that.

He paid for our drinks, though I suspect he was less than thrilled about it, and we sat down at a table outside. According to him, he is 33, works as a personal trainer and does a little modeling on the side. When pressed about law school, he claimed he is studying to take the Bar exam online.

He was very proud of the pictures he has on the site and was like “now can you see that is really me?” I was wondering why I would even doubt that. I mean they look professional but what was the big deal? He said he is doing a shoot for GQ in 3 months, in New York, and has to spend a lot of time getting ready.

I mean, okay, I can believe that part, I guess. The pics he has on there do look a bit GQish. My former brother in law works as a personal trainer/model and is poor as hell on his own (though he has a rich boyfriend). He travels to New York for stuff like that too and is in magazines like Men’s Health.

Whatever. I mean I can see that he has features that some of those magazines would appreciate but I know guys I think are hotter that aren’t “models”. His conceit and incessant bragging were annoying too. He asked me if he was my “type,” obviously referring to his looks and I was like uh, I guess, though I don’t really know what your personality is like yet. He couldn’t understand and said I was gorgeous and clearly his type.

I asked about swinger parties he has been to and he claimed he never has. He said he doesn’t need those to get laid and all he has to do is walk into a bar and the women are all over him. He’d only signed up because of a friend telling him about it and wasn’t impressed. I guess he forgot there are people saying they met him at a party, ON his profile!

He claimed he’d just had a threesome a couple of days ago, with two women. They thought he was so hot that they had invited him back to their house. A likely story….

We finished our drinks and he suggested we go back to his place so I could give him a massage. Inwardly, I was rolling my eyes. EVERY single time a guy has suggested starting things off with a massage for HIM, he has turned out to suck in bed. I should have known, and I suspected, but I went along with it anyhow.

Why? I don’t know. I wasn’t that impressed with him. I guess it was because I was already there, he was decent enough looking and I was curious to see how an English guy was in bed? Maybe he would surprise me? Sorry, folks from the UK, but he didn’t represent, lol. You all may have to help him out here…

He had an average looking apartment, which he said he shared with a guy from Israel who wasn’t there at the moment. We went directly back to his room, where he put some music on his notepad and stripped down to his boxer briefs. He lay on the bed and told me it was all mine and I could come and get it.

God, he was so full of himself. Like he thought he was just supposed to lie there and display his dick and I would get all excited about it. Modeling, for me. Yippeeee…..

I had to push him to wear a condom, but he did. He asked if he had the biggest dick I’d ever seen. Uh, yeah, sure, lol. I mean he was bigger than average but nothing I’ve never experienced before.

It was over quickly and somewhere in there he called himself my “boy”. Ack! Afterwards, he wanted to cuddle and tell me that he was thinking about a serious relationship. HELP! I wanted to get out of there sooo badly, lol. He said he was developing feelings and falling for me, even though he wasn’t expecting that.

According to him the sex was incredible. I always wonder about that. Can it really be that great for one person and not the other? I have my doubts.

Come on dude. More like you want a green card. Or a sugar mama, at the very least. NOT gonna happen. WRONG woman, lol. The last thing I want is a “boy”.

I ignored his calls and texts after and thankfully there were only a couple. I was afraid he’d be the stalker type. Whew.

There are more stories to tell but I don’t have time at the moment. Bad sex with the Bodybuilder, who also wants something serious with me, as does the Poly guy (similar experience number two with him and his girlfriend), and the other guy, who I will call Mr. Shady, he claims to want to commit to me too, after he and his girlfriend break up, in a few months. Give me a break!

My commitment issues are going into overdrive. I don’t want ANYBODY tying me down right now!! Did I seriously write something about wanting “more” not too long ago? SMFH…. What was I thinking??

The guys that I am happiest with are mostly taken already. What’s sad is that is sort of a relief for me.

Well, other than the Cohort. When we are together he is making me laugh so hard my sides hurt too. I mean, I could see something more there and he has kind of hinted at it but he already knows what I am up to and is doing his own thing as well, so I don’t think I have to worry about being overly restricted there.

He’s like “you are like a guy when it comes to sex”. LOL I feel that way sometimes too. I don’t think I am masculine in most ways, but sometimes I wonder if my sex drive is abnormal. I’ve always felt like I wanted it just as much, or more than the guys I have been with.

I know there are other women out there in a similar boat, but they seem few and far between. Or maybe they are just covering it up better. I do hear some wild stories about swinger women.

I actually felt kind of prude the other day when a couple of different people were talking about tying me up and I didn’t feel comfortable. I’ve always kind of wanted to try that but I’m paranoid unless its someone I feel safe with and trust. Comparatively, it seems like a lot of these swinger women are doing all kinds of wild and crazy things all the time.

Seems like every time I hear about a swinger woman she’s tied up and having an anal gangbang with complete strangers, while they slap her in the face and call her a bitch. Mr. Firm says that’s just because I only hear the extreme stories and most women aren’t doing that. I guess he would know. πŸ˜‰ The Cohort says if he ever meets a woman who wants an anal gangbang he is going to pick up the phone and call me right then and there, lol.

So maybe what I’m imagining in my head and comparing myself to, isn’t reality. I still haven’t been tied up or handcuffed, but maybe someday. The Cohort did have me wear a collar during sex the other day, lmao.

I came over and he had two wine glasses sitting on the coffee table for us, each one inside a studded leather collar. One said “slut” and the other said “bitch”. He said “pick one” and I was like oookayyy…I’ll take “slut,” I guess, lol. He said, “I knew it! Everyone picks that one”. “Everyone??” I asked. You have “everyone” that comes over here wear that?? He shook his head at me and said no, not “everyone” but a select few. Haha

I finally put it on though, along with the body stocking he had gotten me off Amazon, that looks like this (I picked it out-its crotchless with cute little bows up the back). He thought it looked hot and we had fun, but no tying up, yet…. πŸ˜‰

10 thoughts on “Sampling the Continental Platter

  1. Fellow fuck buddy, when you meet a dickhead like that, kick him to the curb he doesn’t deserve to sample your treasures. Be careful about going to some dudes apartment especially when he seems to be trying to trick you at every step.

    Wanting sex with multiple partners is common and nothing to think that there is anything wrong. it’s sort of like the difference between a Southern girl and a Northern girl. The Northern girl says “You can.” while the Southern girl says, “You’all can.” πŸ™‚

    Okay, parental comments aside, not everyone wants to be tied up and put in an anal gangbang especially with someone you don’t really know. We met a couple a while back and that’s exactly what she wanted. We blindfolded and tied her up and left her to the mercy of the party guests who were under strict orders not to speak to her, just use her. While we told her that she was alone and would have to do anything they wanted, her husband, wifey, or I was always there to be sure. She screamed so much, I was afraid the neighbors would call the police. She said afterwards it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her not knowing who was taking her and being unable to resist.

    IMHO there are a lot of girls out there who like to be dominated but this is something you usually do with people you know. My opinion is that a lot of people have religious hangups and it makes it easier if you can rationalize away the sex if they “tied you up” and you couldn’t resist.

    Swingers are generally more adventuresome and so may be closer to the wild girls you’re expecting but you have to figure out where you fit in the picture. A dog collar is often a powerful aphrodisiac and I’d agree that most pick the one with the “slut” name tag. During sex play using the word “bitch” is typically okay but otherwise it can be a negative term while “slut” is mostly a positive term except when used in a negative context.

    Loved the post and look forward to your next adventure and I’ll try not to have my shrink hat on. LOL

  2. See, I think it would upset me if a guy called me a bitch during sex. In that way I feel more prude too, lol, or at least more sensitive. I like the idea of being tied up and helpless but not with someone that might actually hurt me. I don’t like all the brutal stuff, or anal, lol, so in some ways I feel like I’m more vanilla than most.

    The scenario you describe with that woman, sounds fun, to an extent. I’d be too afraid of anal lol or someone who might actually hurt me and not stop when I tell them to. I’ve also been raped for real, so maybe that colors my perception as well. I’ve had a glimpse of what some men are capable of and didn’t like it at all.

    The other thing, like you mention, is that she had people there who were looking out for and protecting her. As a single woman, I don’t have anyone like that. I think that is probably what makes it easier for these married swinger women to indulge in their fantasies too. Their husband is there acting as a buffer and able to stop anything really awful from happening. Presumably the husband loves them and cares for their safety, as well as hopefully knows their limits.

    Single woman alone during a gangbang and it could get really out of control. I’ve heard some pretty bad stories and even just talking to men, or turning them down, in a swinger context, they show more respect if there is a man with you and are less likely to push.

    I must be a Southern girl though πŸ˜‰ lmao. “Y’all can” πŸ˜‰ I probably should have kicked the guy to the curb. I let my curiosity get the best of me, I guess. Though I can imagine a 2 hour argument if I’d turned him down too, at that point. That’s why I like to be all “let’s meet at a public place” first, because at their house or apartment it is harder to get out of.

    • Good points and I agree caution should always be top on your mind. We’ve only done it with swingers and with straights, there is always a question. In the instance I talked about, we knew everyone involved and no one that was new would have been involved. Anytime you are involved in any BDSM play, you have to be comfortable and trust everyone plus have a safeword. The key is to make it as real as possible but still in the back of your mind, you know that no one is going to hurt you.

      In general, a fair percentage of women like to be dominated and the idea of being forced into sex is highly erotic plus when you are forced then it’s not your fault so it’s easy to rationalize it and you don’t have to admit to yourself that you wanted it. Don’t beat me up about this statement as I’m not advocating force or violence towards women but it’s easy to tell when you are having sex with a girl, take and pin her arms down and see how she reacts. With girls who like it, the reaction is almost instantaneous.

      We have several unicorns who like to play and don’t have/want a permanent partner. In the lifestyle you quickly get to know the crowd you play with and I’d have to say that most/all of our friends would never allow a single girl to get hurt or in a uncomfortable situation.

      Once we were invited to a small party where one of our unicorn friends was to be involved in rough play with some straight guy. To this day I don’t know why he was invited but when the clothes pins went from her nipples to her pussy lips, I could see that this was way beyond fun and forced him to stop. She was a trooper and never used a safeword but I could see that she was being pushed too far. I only knew a couple of people there and it was not swingers. To say that I was disappointed in the girl who set it up would be an understatement.

      My wife likes to be a Mistress but the pain dealt out is always carefully measured. To be sure she is more into domination than pain but way short of what a lot of people do.

      As far as anal, that’s an individual thing and I think if you haven’t tried it, you may be more apprehensive that you need to be. You need to be introduced by someone who is patient and knows what he/she is doing. Most people say that the climaxes are way beyond straight sex and that’s always been my experience. But it’s not for everyone and thats why there is always “NO”.

      • Oh, I’ve tried anal, just haven’t enjoyed it and all my experiences were bad. I even wrote a blog post about it. I tore, and it didn’t heal for 3 weeks, that last time.

        That’s nice that you look out for the single women in your group. I don’t think its as likely for bad things to happen in a mixed group than if she were alone with a bunch of guys for a gangbang. It really depends on the people, of course, too. Some women are more comfortable with roughness too, or pain, and me, not so much.

        I love it when a guy pins my arms down during sex. I enjoy being dominated and prefer guys who are dominant in bed, just not in the way some people seem to. Calling me a bitch, slapping my face, hurting my nipples or getting too rough just aren’t my thing I guess. I’ve never done anything that required a safeword but that also seems like it would take away from the fun too. I get the reason for it, of course.

  3. Wow, the Englishman sounds like a royal douche. I can’t stand men who are so full of themselves.
    We are hot, young and female–we can get it anywhere.
    They need to realize that they are not god’s gift!!!!

  4. I am a swinger girl and while one of my fantasies is being in the center of a gangbang, i have yet to give in to it. I need to test and learn more about my limits before I put myself in that position. As for being tied up, that I have done. Mostly with my hubby, once under the control of both my hubbies (hubby and boyfriend, i should say), and it turned into my girlfriend being tied up with me. It is fun, but like you said, you need to be able to trust the person you are going to do this with.

    • Yes and it sounds fun to do it with someone you trust!! πŸ˜‰ I think it is important to use some caution in things like that because something like a gangbang does have the possibility of getting out of control. Still, maybe I’m just being prude. :p

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