Getting a little risque ;)


This has been quite a week for me, sexually. I usually don’t have the time to have sex as often as I would like, but I got kinda lucky with free babysitting (yay for family!) and I kind of went to town.

I’ve also agreed to do some telephone work for the Married Man’s business, from home, so of course I needed to meet with him first. You know, to do “business”. πŸ˜‰

I started off Sunday with a date and sex with a new guy that I have told you all about already. He’s the one who knows my friend. Since we are both being sneaky with our down low behaviors, I’ll refer to him as “The Cohort”.

Tuesday was my first trip to a casino. The casino itself, well, let’s be real, I thought it was pretty boring. How on earth do people get addicted to this? Granted, we only played the slot machines, but sheesh. All you do is sit there and push a button or pull a lever and the cash you are using just disappears, or you get a slip of paper with an amount on it. I won some, but lost more, and eventually stopped, after blowing about $100 of this guy’s money. He was cool with that.

He had gotten a room at the casino hotel and went in ahead of time, to get it all set up, with candles and wine glasses. Unfortunately, he was having some trouble with opening the cork on the wine bottle and it was pissing him off, lol. We ended up drinking vodka and red bull.

Then we fucked on the bed. He wanted to talk a lot before, and after, and says he wants to know everything there is about me. He wore a condom, and the sex was pretty good, but didn’t last long, maybe 5-10 minutes. He didn’t go down on me and I didn’t give him a blowjob.

According to him, he has been seeing this woman that he is in a poly relationship with, for 3 years. He calls himself an “alpha male” and said that she doesn’t fuck any other men but sometimes likes to just watch him with women, or participate. We will refer to him as “Mr. Poly”, even though it’s debatable if it’s really “poly” when it’s one sided like that.

I’m supposed to meet her (and him) for brunch tomorrow. We will see how that goes! It’s kind of interesting anyhow.

Wednesday, I spent with The Cohort again, at his house, fucking for a good couple of hours. It was pretty darn good, even better than the last time. According to him, he is a person that likes to fuck the same woman over and over again, because he says it keeps getting better. He wants to see me regularly. So far he is easy to get along with and talk to, so it sounds like fun.

I got back pretty late. My baby brother had stopped by late in the evening because he was in town and I left him with the kids while I took off. So the next morning I was TIRED, lol, but it didn’t stop me for going to talk with my new “boss”. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

I was supposed to meet with the Married Man, Thursday morning, at his house, to pick up some paperwork, so I can get started doing my “job”. Of course, I knew it would be more than that. πŸ˜‰

He lives in a big, 3200 square foot, historical home, deep in the city. His house is very nice and the decor was quite “artsy”, almost like being in a museum or gallery, with antiques and other interesting stuff to look at. Some of the surrounding neighborhood is kind of iffy though. It’s a mix of renovated homes like his, and not-so-renovated, falling apart, ghetto looking places. There was graffiti all over the stop signs around his house and shady looking apartments nearby. I noticed the security system while I was sitting on the couch and saw what may have been a camera, in the corner of the ceiling.

He had a pit bull puppy sitting in a crate by the front door, but it didn’t bark when I entered. I sat on the couch and looked around while he went upstairs to get a file folder for me. I wondered where his wife was. I have no idea what she does for a living but I am assuming she works outside the home.

After explaining what I would need to do and handing me a couple of papers to take home, he suddenly pulled me up off the couch for a kiss. Almost as quickly, and quite roughly, he turned me around, shoved me onto my knees and pulled out his cock for me to suck. Then he practically threw me, face forward, onto the couch, and yanked down my pants and panties, entering me from behind. He was fucking me fast and furiously, I could barely grab a hold of the back of the leather couch to keep from falling over.

A few minutes later, he nearly knocked me down on my back, pushing my legs up over my head, my pants still only halfway down. He saw the fear on my face and promised not to tear my pants, lol, ripping one leg off while the other was still flailing about, as he kept going hard.

Eventually we did get them all the way off, as well as my boots, blouse and bra, but it took awhile, lol. He would slow down and talk to me occassionally, asking questions like whether or not I would fuck his wife? I was like um, yeah, probably and he asked if I had seen her. When he and I were Facebook friends I had seen her pic, so I said yes. He laughed and said “yeah, she would KILL me!”

He was like “have you ever fucked a married man at his house before?” and I said no. He later told me he had never fucked anyone like that at HIS house either, I guess implying he’s fucked married women in THEIR homes. A couple of times he told me “you know we can’t be doing this right, now that you work for me?” Yeah sure, lmao. πŸ˜‰ Then he asked me if he was bigger than “all those white guys” I have been fucking. I was thinking, what white guys??? LOL But I played along. πŸ˜‰

At one point there was a sound at the front door and I startled, but it was only the dog, moving around in it’s crate. He said where we needed to worry about was the back door, where their driveway is. Another time, he had jumped up to look out the back window, lifting the blinds. Then he told me to come over that way, setting me up on his kitchen table to fuck right in front of the open window!

He was still being pretty aggressive at that point, then pulled out and got down to eat my pussy while I was naked on his kitchen table, in front of the window. He came back up and slowly thrust inside me for a minute, looking me in the eyes, before picking me up off the table, setting me down in front of him and grabbing my hair, pushing my head up onto his dick as he came in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop. πŸ˜‰

The funny thing is, I never came. It was hot but I think I was too alert and on edge to relax enough to do that. As we were looking around for bits of my clothing and my missing panties (which we finally found under the couch), I warned him to make sure there weren’t any strands of my hair laying about. His wife is black and I have long hair with streaks of blonde in it. I think it would be pretty obvious, eek! He saw me off and kissed me goodbye. We will see if that happens again…

Friday night I went out with another new guy. He took me to the art walk downtown and we had a good time even though I wasn’t feeling that attracted to him. We met on Craigslist and he had referred to himself as “well above average looking”. Um…no. :p

I almost backed out of fucking him. I just wasn’t feeling him and didn’t really want him to kiss me. I insisted on a condom and he didn’t have one so he had to run to the gas station. Beforehand, he had me suck him off and tried to cum in my mouth but I kind of spit it out. It was very fast, and while he was gone I debated just ditching, but decided to stay.

I’m kind of glad I did because he was actually pretty good in the sack. He was ESPECIALLY good at going down on me and made me cum a few different times like that. He was quite dominant as well and the sex wasn’t half bad. I’m not sure at this point about the future. He clearly wants to see me again.

He does have an on again/off again girlfriend who he says never wants to fuck. According to him though, he is fucking 4 different married women on the side and also suggested that we get together with one of his male friends for a threesome because they like to sometimes “go half” on women.

I don’t know though, I guess I will see. I’m iffy on this one. In any case, whew! Wonder what next week will look like?? I’m honestly having kind of a hard time keeping up with all the guys that want to see me right now. Maybe its a good thing that my phone still isn’t getting all my texts, it helps keep things at bay. :p


6 thoughts on “Getting a little risque ;)

  1. Hi girl! I am glad you settled down in ABQ so quickly. It is a nice city. I lived kinda close by for about 6 years. My kid was born in ABQ, too. ^^

    Sorry, I didnΒ΄t comment in a while. I got a job and am extremly busy, but I was reading every entry. In my spare free time I was meeting a few men and went to a Swinger Club (finally! took him long enough to bring me there lol) and four fetish parties. One of them was Wasteland. Probably the biggest fetish party ever. Extremly wild and full of play areas and sexy outfits and nude people. πŸ˜€ Yes, the German swinger scene is pretty wild! And the one in the Netherlands is even wilder as it looks like πŸ˜€ I watched gay guys having gang bangs and a latex kitten getting spanked and covered in milk by her “owner” a latex mistress. lol was pretty entertaining. There were quite a few rooms and shows, and awesome outfits. Lots of transgender men and cross dresser too.

    I had my first 3some with a girl and a guy, who I went to the swinger club and a few fetish parties with, too. He is a tall black guy with a six pack and some nice biceps. ^^ Gotta say though I like being the center of attention lol. Gotta admit that she was pretty good at going down and made me cum pretty fast. ^^

    The swinger club was full of nice rooms. An SM room, too and swings and areas where you could be private. All upstairs. 3 story home style club. Hot tub, showers, sauna, you name it. Downstairs was a huge buffet with always fresh food and so tasty and high quality. And a dance area, too. It looked like a dance bar on one side and a restaurant on the other lol. I had sex in one of the swings in a more private area, where people could only watch through a door with bars? railings?
    And in one huge room where the floor was one big matress basically. Lots of other ppl around.

    On the fetish parties I had sex just once. On my first party. Mostly people go there to dance, show their outfits and slaves and have some kind of “show sex” like fucking to the beat of the music and stuff. Not very sexy to me. But interesting to watch. One night there was a guy who had a boot cleaning fetish. OO Oh man. But I let him clean my boots and he really loved it and it was awesome actually lol. And another one loved to make out with boots, so I let him lick them and kiss them and, man, he really actually made out with them and sucked on the heels and all. OO I was glad they got cleaned so well beforehand. LOL

    At Wasteland the guy and the girl I had a threesome with made out with me underneath the stage. The had a play area underneath lol. I was just making out with both of them while he fucked her and then we both gave him a blowjob till he came.

    I recently met some guy who is into BDSM. I didnt have sex with him yet. He is a gentleman and brought me flowers and texts me all day and calls me every day and wants something serious. His bdsm is not very crazy I think, but I am not sure if I am into the idea of getting spanked for being a “bad girl”. DoesnΒ΄t turn me on and I dont like pain, except for the occassional hair pulling and ass slapping during hot sex. I am curious though, so I will try it and see if I like it somehow. ^^

    Some other stuff is going on, too, but not that interesting. πŸ˜€ You see I am pretty busy. I get the feeling we had lived pretty close by to each other for a while when I still lived in the USA. If you ever make it to Germany or I visit New Mexico again, we should hang out!


    • You are totally making me want to take a trip to Germany!! LOL I wish!!

      Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun and excitement. I love reading your stories. It would make for a great blog. πŸ˜‰

      So glad to hear from you and get an update. I would love to hang out. I think you are mistaken about where I live though. I’ve never been to New Mexico. πŸ˜‰ I wouldn’t mind telling you privately where I am at, and you can always email me at πŸ™‚

      • Hey,
        Ha yeah good! If you come over, let me know. IΒ΄ll show you the scene then. πŸ˜€

        Haha yes you told me that before. I am thinking about it. I wrote some of it down, but not sure, if I really want to make it that public. ^^ Maybe in a few years. lol

        Ah ok, I will email you. I am curious to know where you actually live πŸ™‚

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  3. Sounds like a pretty good week of some diverse fun. Now that you’re in the city, hopefully that will be the norm. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

    • Thanks! I am definitely enjoying and having fun when I can. I’m limited due to having kids and responsibilities but I am making the most of when I get a chance. πŸ˜‰

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