A few…flops

floppy banana

I’ve been on a mission lately.  I’m preparing to make my big move (wahoo!!!) and it is taking up much of my time and thoughts.  Never fear though, I have a couple of new sexual escapades to share. 😉

Recently, I attended another swinger party.  This one was thrown by a couple, actually the people from this post:  A couple swap with Producer!!  Speaking of the Producer, he has been texting again, pretty much begging me to fuck him.  He even once said he would give me “whatever I want” if I would.  Hmmmm… guess we will see how much time I have before I leave. 😉  He’s been out of the country, and now out of state, so it hasn’t been practical, yet.

Anyhow, I went to the party with the military man that I went to the Slightly Scary Swinger Party with, the guy who came in me.  Because this party was closer to where he lives and I was actually coming in from out of town, we met there.  I told him I’d had sex with the male half of the host couple previously, just so he’d be aware.  He said okay, then we could play with them.  He decided we should discuss boundaries before the party, so I was happy about that.

I called when I got there and he met me outside.  The male half of the host couple (Mr. Mandingo, as the Producer once referred to him as) was on his heels.  Mr. Military walked faster and got to me first.  He grabbed my arm “I don’t want you to give that pussy to anyone else here before me. I get it first, do you hear me?” he threatened, in my ear.  Mr. Mandingo was beckoning us to hurry up and get inside.  “Anything else you wanted to talk about first?” I asked.  “NO.  Just don’t fuck anyone without my permission. Come on.”

Inside, we were greeted by Mr. Mandingo’s wife, who was sitting on a couch with another woman, and maybe 10-15 other people, who were mostly congregating around a potluck of appetizers in the kitchen.  Most of the people there, were, you guessed it, not particularly attractive.  I’d been hoping, since it is near a military base, we’d have a little better luck. 

Granted, I got there kind of late and one of the couples that had emailed me earlier was already gone.  I’d had to take my name off the party list because for some reason Mr. Military seemed to think he wouldn’t be able to get in for a couple price if I signed up. They may have thought I wasn’t coming.  I hadn’t had the time to email them back.  Mr. Military said the woman half was very attractive and was later wanting me to text and tell them to come back but my phone service wasn’t working at their house (damn Tmobile).  He said he wasn’t sure if I’d like the guy anyhow, something about him wearing a bow tie, lol (why would that be a turnoff??  Men.)

Mr. Mandingo and his wife said that they had missed me and where have I been?  They said I need to come around more often.  As he took me to hang up my coat, Mr. Mandingo asked why I hadn’t contacted him again.  He’d tried to reach me on the swinger site but I am unable to email back.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mr. Military watching us and he didn’t look too happy.

Mrs. Mandingo (who is a blonde, 40ish white lady, lol) gave me a tour of the house.  There were beds everywhere.  Next to each bed was a bowl of condoms, baby wipes and special stay- dry pads for squirters, as well as a bag of breath mints. In the master bedroom, we again came across Mr. Mandingo, who looked like he was about to have sex with someone, a bohemian, hippyish looking woman, with glasses. Mrs. Mandingo apologized profusely and told him to go ahead and do his thing, we would leave them alone, but he hung around for a minute, being friendly towards me.

The hot tub on the back porch wasn’t working and the shadow room they had made in the basement, she said didn’t quite have the effect they wanted, but overall it was a very nice setup.  The rule was no locking any doors.

All this time, Mr. Military stayed a little way behind us, watching.  As soon as my tour was over, he pulled me downstairs with him, into a room with a bed.  He ordered me to take off my panties and climbed on top of me, still in my dress.  We started to fuck and soon there were a few people standing in the doorway, watching.  Mr. Military didn’t seem to like the audience.

He pulled out and got up to get dressed.  “You’re done already?” questioned a tall, skinny, nerdy- looking black guy. “You didn’t even take off her dress”.  I could almost see the steam rising out of Mr. Military’s ears.  “Are you gonna let me have a turn?” asked the other guy.  I looked at Mr. Military and shook my head no.  “Why don’t you tell him yourself?” he said loudly, making a point.  “She’s not interested”.  The guy looked pleadingly at me and Mr. Military repeated, “she SAID she’s not interested”.  He reluctantly walked away.

We went upstairs for a bit and I could tell Mr. Mandingo was wanting to sleep with me.  He kept coming up and talking to us.  We socialized a bit before Mr. Military brought me back down to the same room again.  This time he wanted me to take ALL my clothes off.  Mr. Mandingo peeked in as we were undressing, but politely closed the door.

We again started fucking on the bed and again the tall nerdy guy was in the doorway watching.  The look on his face was honestly kind of creeping me out.  I was thankful there was another man, and a muscular one at that, in between us.  If I saw someone looking at me like that on the street, I would be scared.  This time, I could tell Mr. Military was trying to put on a show, but the sex was still mediocre. 

After he finished he lay there for a minute, until the guy left, and then we got up to get dressed.  Mr. Mandingo again peeked in the door.  I could tell he wanted to fuck me.  He kept looking at me all night, making subversive eye contact when Mr. Military wasn’t watching.  Mr. Military didn’t leave my side though, and playing with The Mandingos never happened.  I later asked him why and he said because the wife wasn’t going to fuck him so he wasn’t about to “share” me.

The rest of the party was nothing to write home about.  We went back to Mr. Military’s apartment and he told me I had to be super quiet because one of his neighbors is someone he works with.  Basically he just wanted me to lie still and shut the fuck up while we had sex, so he could get off.  Same thing again in the morning. 

The next day I got an email from a “single” guy on the swinger website.  It was Mr. Mandingo, with a newly opened profile of his own.  He gave me his number and we texted back and forth, with him saying how badly he wanted to fuck me that night and why didn’t I sleep with him at the party?  I said my date said his wife didn’t want to swap and he said no way was he sharing his wife with this guy unless he was my serious boyfriend.

He said he wanted to get a hotel room and fuck me, alone.  I was busy now though, and had my kids.  The next weekend he invited me to come to his hotel room with he and his wife at another swinger party.  Again, I couldn’t. 

Since then he has been sending me some crazy texts.  Mainly that he wants to fuck me without a condom and cum inside me.  He says he wants to “breed” me.  According to him this is how he would “claim” me as his. I was like, well, I’m not trying to get pregnant for real and I am not on birth control.  He said “we’ll see about that”.   ::: blink, blink, blink :::  Men .are fucking. crazy.  SMH…

The following weekend I went on a date with a guy I met off Plenty of Fish.  He took me to Houlihans for a nice dinner and I wanted to fuck him, mainly because he reminded me of the Professor.  He was a little stiff, and nerdy, and actually used to be a Professor himself.  He was actually cuter than the Prof though, and former military too.

I guess I just missed the Prof a little bit, lol.  He actually texted me right before my date.  He has a habit of doing that on Sat. nights, I think because he knows thats when I usually go out.  Always with the guilt trips, but never asking me to spend time with him. 

So I went back to this guy’s place with him.  It’s an apartment on a golf course, like 5 miles outside the city limits.  Everything seemed to be going well.  We ate some cheese cake at his place (he’d already spent $80 on dinner, so I wasn’t minding desert at home)and then back to his bed.

It all went to pot after that.  We were just about to fuck when I asked him to wear a condom.  He tried to put one on and totally lost his erection, never to be seen in full again.   Yet,  he wasn’t going to give up.  He kept trying to fuck me, in every which way, doing all the sexual things he would have done could he have gotten hard.  We 69’d, everything, to no avail. 

OUCH.  It was just painful.  Painful for him, painful for me, lol.  He kept saying “it’s not you, you are sooo gorgeous”. 😛  I was trying to not let it get to me.  At one point he got it in for a little bit, but…fail.  I don’t even know whether or not to count him as a sex partner.  He’s probably going to fall among the ranks of “didn’t count” guys.

He was pulling my hair, slapping my ass, trying different positions…nothing.  He went down on me a lot, and was disappointed that I wasn’t cumming.  He even asked me the dreaded “what do you want me to do?”  Ugggghhhh…what am I supposed to say to that??  “Get hard and fuck me? ”  That doesn’t seem like it would go over well, lol.

At one point, as irrational as it may seem, I asked him if he had cum.  He had managed to get inside me for just a little bit then pulled out and ran to the restroom.  He tried to say yes, he did in the bathroom, but I could hear him in there peeing, so I really don’t think so.  It’s just that it wouldn’t be the first time a guy had gone from totally soft, to spurting, in a nanosecond, and I didn’t want another guy cumming inside me, after that last experience. 

Since I went home, he’s been begging me to meet up again for a do-over.  I feel so bad for him that I may, just to make him feel better.  I’m not really very turned on by the idea but I hate to leave him all mortified like that. :/  It’s not like it probably hasn’t happened to every guy at some point and I know it sucks from both sides.  He’s promising really nice dates and trying to get me to see him again before I leave.  If there’s more, I’ll let you all know!

21 thoughts on “A few…flops

  1. I got disinterested after reading that the guy ordered you not to fuck anyone else without his permission, like he fucking owned you; really pissed me off, to be honest – that’s just an asshole way to behave when the whole purpose of going to such parties is to go and have fun.

      • What an asshole. Now, here’s a question: If you had gone ahead and fucked Mr. Mandingo anyway, what was homey gonna do? And, when you told that guy no, I got the impression that this asshole intimidated you into saying no; might not have been the case but that’s what it felt like to me.

        Good luck with your move – hopefully it won’t make you yank your hair out!

      • I wouldn’t have wanted to fuck the other guy anyway. He was a little creepy. But either way I don’t think that Mr. Military would have liked me to. :p

        Thank you for the well wishes. I am sooo excited to be moving. It is stressful, but I think the actual move will be a huge relief.

      • Oh, and no clue what he would have done. Probably gotten really upset and stormed out or something. Not the end of the world I guess, in this case, but I’m not trying to cause a bunch of drama either.

      • Seems to me he created enough drama for the both of you – just saying. Makes me wonder, my friend: If you aren’t planning to share your woman with anyone, why bother about showing up? Maybe it’s just me but if she says no, okay, no problem – she’s not expected to want to do every guy who asks because if there’s one thing we understand about the lifestyle, if girlfriend says no, nothing’s gonna happen.

        But for him, he’s a selfish, possessive asshole – I know I wouldn’t have behaved like that but I look at this a bit different than most guys.

      • Yeah, It’s kind of a conundrum, because a part of me gets turned on when guys get all possessive and controlling. So in a way, I am attracted to that, even though it’s counterproductive for what I’m trying to do here, lol. Still, I don’t want the guy to actually be acting like a dick about things. This particular guy, we had only met once before and gone to a party together, so it was extreme and not hot. :p

        You’re right too that you see it differently than a lot of men. A lot of the guys I meet seem to still feel like the woman they are with is like it would be in regular dating and they don’t want to share. Probably because I am seeing single guys that are in the Lifestyle and they are more used to being the “other” guy than having to share themselves.

      • It’s really kinda simple: If you want other men to share their women, you also have to be willing to share the one you’re with. I know you like really dominant men… but this dude was way out of line as far as I’m concerned. You wanna get with some other dude? I’ll tell you to go ahead and have all the fun you can; I might even come along and watch you have fun because, at least to me, this is what it’s all about. And if you don’t want to, I’m not gonna bust your ass about it or in any way try to make you do something you don’t want to do.

        Shit, I’d even be “domineering” and all that and “insist” that you fuck all the guys you care to. I’d protect you from the creepy guys and come to your rescue when you need me to but if going to these parties is about having fun and getting laid, it doesn’t make sense for me to do anything that’ll defeat that purpose.

        Otherwise, why bother to show up? I’m sorry to be going off like this. If Mr. Mandingo’s wife didn’t want to fuck him, how did that get to be your problem? Obviously, there must be something about him she didn’t like (I would have wanted to know what that was, by the way).

      • I really couldn’t say why she didn’t want to fuck him. She doesn’t play that much at parties and both the Producer and Mr. Military have voiced suspicions that her husband is one of those guys that drags her into the swinging stuff just for himself. I’m not sure. Mr. Mandingo did give me the impression that it was up to him whether or not she slept with Mr. Military or not.

        This really isn’t that different though from most of the guys I have come across. They want to play with who they find attractive but have a hard time sharing ME unless its in exchange for someone they think is hot. :p Annoying, but pretty typical.

      • Women shouldn’t be bargaining chips or used as bait and made to participate in something she might not want to do. Yep, I know this is how it tends to go but it doesn’t make it right – and I’m not the only swinger who feels this way; quite a few of my swinger buddies agree that this behavior takes a lot of the shine off of something that’s supposed to be a fun thing to do.

        I’ve always ‘failed’ to understand how a man can decide who his woman sleeps with and more so when I hear tales of women who wanted to sleep with a guy only to have her husband say no; those telling the tales say that this is usually because the guy his woman wants to fuck is better looking, bigger dick, is known to take women he fucks to heaven consistently – and this makes the husband feel threatened.

        Again, it’s typical… but if you can’t trust the strength of your relationship to be more powerful than the best dick or pussy in the room, why are you even there? Why bother?

  2. Kdaddy,
    I’m with you. Sharing is caring. Mr. Military was an ass. Mr. Mandingo wasn’t quite right with his breeding comment either. Stick with guys who will let you fuck whoever you want and who will fuck you the way you want to be fucked. Best of luck with the move. Hope it opens the door to some new fun times.

    • Yeah, Mr. Military texted me last night to see if I was going to some swinger party here and I said no and he said he didn’t want me giving my pussy to anyone there. WTF? He acts like we are dating or something and I’ve only seen him twice, at SWINGER parties. LOL

      Mr. Mandingo was way off with his “we’ll see about that” comment. Um, I’m not sure there is any better way to scare me off from sleeping with you than you telling me you want to get me pregnant against my will!! That’s just freaking nuts!! LMAO

      Anyhow, finding guys who both fuck me well and let me do what I want…well, that’s a challenge, haha. but it’s a fun one to work on. ;)Thanks for the well wishes. I am so excited about moving!! 😀

      • With these particular guys, I am simply planning on not seeing them again. That is my line. I’ve been fairly unresponsive over text and haven’t responded at all to the one guy after he made the “we’ll see about that” comment. The other guy, I suppose I could have been more clear, but not seeing him again will probably do since I’m moving in a couple of weeks.

      • Fair enough. Again I apologize for riffing about this but when you share these things with us and I see injustice being heaped on you, as a man, it insults me to read about my unenlightened “brothers” doing shit I would never do as a swinger…

      • Yeah, I still think it’s the single guy syndrome. They are in this to get laid and have no issues with other guys sharing their wives, but I’ve heard from a few (like my fuck buddy) that they think the guys doing this, and allowing their serious partner to fuck other guys, are crazy. They aren’t so keen on “sharing” themselves, but are game if it means they get to fuck some other guy’s wife. Otherwise they are still coming at things from a more monogamous perspective and not a “swinger” mentality.

      • And then single guys wanna know why they have such a horrible reputation and why they don’t get invited to parties or are made to pay much higher prices to get into swinging clubs? Yeah, I agree that they don’t and can’t approach things from a swinger’s mentality but all that proves to me is that they have no business being there if they don’t have the right frame of mind.

        If we’re both single but go to a party together, I’m gonna watch your back because my honor as a man demands that I do this even if we’re really not a couple. You want to do someone? Go for it, baby and I’m not gonna stop you from doing the guy just because his wife ain’t a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10; I’m gonna get in there and do her while you get done because it’s the reason why I’m there with you… isn’t it? I know it’s just me when I say ‘taking one for the team’ doesn’t mean shit to me even though I understand the premise all too well but if you and I are there to have fun, why would either of us make this harder to do instead of easier?

        If I want to get with that couple over there but you say the other guy gives you the creeps, okay, they get dropped from the list and, no, I’m not even gonna try to make you do something you obviously don’t want to do and I’m not gonna get pissed because you don’t want to – to me, this just isn’t how it’s supposed to be done. To do anything other than this is stupid and defeats the purpose of being a swinger and it disrespects you which, supposedly, isn’t supposed to happen.

        Shit… I’m riffing again… sorry, baby.

      • Yeah, its hard to find men that are truly open single males. I would say Mr. Firm fits that category, but not sure I can count him as a real single male since he’s had long term experience with his girlfriend at doing the open thing. I suspect it’s that experience that makes men more able to handle it and you’ve certainly had a lot yourself!

  3. There truly is a difference between being a single guy who uses the lifestyle as a way to fuck women and being a single male swinger. If you understand swinging then you understand it’s about being open and SHARING sexual experiences; not dictating what your partner can and can’t do. As a swinger, I’ve learned to love seeing the female pleased. I had a GF a few years back who I just loved to see enjoying other cock. There was something so hot about the moans, wetness, and sexuality of seeing her enjoy another cock. And she loved my cock in another pussy. That to me is what swinging is about, and I try to live that. I wish these guys would understand that; see how hot it is; and stop just thinking with their jealous little heads. What they don’t realize is that sharing most likely leads to even more sex for them. You can always tell the swinging single males from the guys who are just there to claim a fuck prize.

    • See, that’s a good attitude to have Darren. It’s hard to find men who think that way when you are not in a long term relationship and just meeting single males in the swinging community. I think it’s more threatening to them when they have just met you because, hey, you might run off with the other guy or something. I do understand that it is a little more shaky and makes people feel more insecure in that circumstance. I’m not perfect either!

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