Meeting cousin #3

casual in scarf

When I left you all, we were just getting in the truck to drive back to Mr. Host’s house, with a hillbilly couple who wanted to smoke some pot with him.  Me, I stopped smoking weed when I was 19, other than one time at a swinger party when I took a couple hits with a girl in her car.  So, not judging people who do and I don’t really care, but for the most part I avoid it these days.

I was definitely not feeling excited about sitting around while these people smoked up, especially after we got in the truck with them.  The guy was loud, annoying, and drunk.  The woman was nicer and more timid, but she had me rolling my eyes too.

They were sitting behind us and one of the first thing the woman says is “I’m scared”.  Okay, getting in a car with complete strangers, not knowing where you are going, can be scary, but it soon became apparent WHY she was “scared”.  Mr. Duck Dynasty starts talking about how they are “country” folk and not used to these “city” people.  Both he and his wife start hinting, but not actually saying out loud, that they are leery of Mr. Host because he is black.  EYEROLL…..

He reassured them that he is not like some of these “ratchet” people.  He was telling them what a “nice guy” he is and asking me to vouch for him, which I did, but was feeling pretty disgusted with it all.  They acted like he was some thug from the hood and he’s over here in a big old cowboy hat and cowboy boots, driving a nice truck, headed to a nice neighborhood with nice houses.  Dumb.

What made it even worse, is that if there was anyone “scary” in this vehicle, it was the hillbilly, biker dude.  He kept going on about things, like how he’d been in jail, his kid is currently locked up, and how he had all these people out to get him.  We stopped at a gas station for them to run in and get cigarettes and he was freaking out because there was a police car in the parking lot.  Mr. Host wouldn’t let him go inside, due to the way he was acting, and made him send his wife instead.

While she is in the convenience store, the man starts going on about how they have been together 24 years.  He said if anyone messed with his wife, he would kill him, stab him to death.  He described it in gruesome detail, but made sure to add “I mean if it were without my permission of course”. 

I wasn’t saying much and Mr. Host told them to crack the windows. “She doesn’t like the smoke”.  Yeah, and I didn’t like being around these people in general. 

As soon as we got back to the house, I went upstairs.  They were going to smoke in the garage and I really just wanted to go to bed.  I knew it would be a long time, by the time they finished and Mr. Host drove them all the way home.  I figured if he wants to sleep with me at this point, he is going to have to wake me up.

I was totally at “just screw this” and decided to wash off my makeup and get comfortable.  I changed into some purple satin pj pants and a matching camisole, no bra.  As I am walking out of the bathroom, I run into the woman.  She says Mr. Host sent her up here to check on me.

I told her I’m fine, just tired and going to bed.  There was a knock at the door and she freaks out again, saying she is scared.  I wasn’t scared, but I wasn’t about to answer it either, dressed the way I was.  I was hoping he hadn’t invited a bunch of people over to party.  I tried to call him on his phone but we could hear it ringing in the living room and he was out in the garage. 

She finally went downstairs to get him and I crawled into bed.  I could hear people talking, and the hillbilly man asking if Mr. Host could drive him home, so they wouldn’t have to call a cab. Mr. Host came in and asked why I didn’t tell him I didn’t want to hang out, claiming he wouldn’t have brought them home.

Apparently, vehemently stating I would not fuck that guy, wasn’t enough.  Then he tried to get me up to come with him when he drove them back.  I was lying on the bed on my stomach, ready to crash. I asked “can I just stay here?” and he finally said okay. He kissed me on the cheek and left.

I could hear voices in the other room as I started to drift off to sleep. A few minutes later, someone walks in.  It was a black man I had never seen before, dressed nicely, in a coat, hat and scarf.  I sat up. I had to strain a bit to see his face, in the light that was coming from the bathroom. 

He was cute. “Who are you?” I asked, as he started removing layers of clothing. “Mr. Host sent me here to take care of you, we didn’t want you to be scared all by yourself”.  He smiled and kept removing more clothing. “I’m Mr. Host’s cousin”.  I was staring at him, somewhat shocked but also turned on that this total stranger was obviously here to fuck me.  He had a nice body too.

I said “I’m totally being a bum, I don’t even have makeup on”.  He looked and me and commented “you don’t need makeup” as he hopped in bed next to me, in his boxers.  He pulled me up to his chest and wrapped his arms around me.  “You have nothing to be scared of, I am going to take really good care of you” he said, as he started to kiss me and let his hand slide down between my legs. 

Oh man, I’d better quit before this gets too long. I’ve got some stuff I need to do.  I’ll finish the story later. 😉

11 thoughts on “Meeting cousin #3

    • Lol this place is rampant with hillbilly bikers, haha. All I have to do is go to the local Walmart and I’ll see several men who look straight off the set of Duck Dynasty with their leather biker gear on. 😛

      • Didn’t quite figure out why the woman was scared – what scared her?

        Does it ‘bother’ you that Mr. Host seems to keep sending men to bed you when he’s otherwise occupied?

      • She was apparently “scared” because of the area we were going to and Mr. Host. It was retarded. This is a suburb and not the ghetto. Mr. Host kept having to reassure them that he was “not like these ‘ratchet’ people”. Im not even sure that they knew what the word “ratchet” meant, lol. They just jumped on it once Mr. Host used the term and started saying how they didnt like these “ratchet” folks but believed Mr. Host and I when we said he isn’t like that. They kept saying they were “country” and not used to this.

        Yeah it did bother me. I was a little pissed at Mr. Host. This cousin was my favorite of the ones Ive met so far, so that helped some but I still felt put off. I’ll talk about that a little more in my next post.

      • Hell, I saw the word “ratchet” and I immediately thought of a socket wrench – what are ratchet people?

        You were just a little pissed? Baby girl, that made me mad and it didn’t have shit to do with me! I love sex… but I wouldn’t let anyone just pass me around like he seems to do you – that’s got some pretty shitty connotations to it, like as far as he’s concerned, you’re property and his to do with as he pleases like passing you off to his cousins and other men.

        I’m patiently waiting for the next post on this…

      • Ratchet=”ghetto” Which is why it was so stupid to be talking about. There were clearly no “ghetto” people in the vehicle and we weren’t in a ghetto neighborhood. So, it was like, wtf?

        According to cousin #3, they have been doing this with women since high school. It’s maybe a little too familiar to me, because I grew up with a family that was just like that, always passing girls and their girlfriends around. Anyhow, hopefully I’ll get the post up soon. 😉

      • Hmm, ya learn something every day… and you still hang out with some weird-assed people! I wonder how they’d behave if they were really taken to the hood? They’d probably have to change their underwear, huh?

  1. Dang it girl! Continuing this story is good and bad lol. It is Friday night here and I have the single blues, so it was entertaining and distracting. But how can you be so cruel to stop writing at that point? lol Mean! 😀

    Lil update: I wanted to tell you about the swinger scene and I wish I could. But so far my guy had cancelled to go to a swinger club with me twice already. So maybe March 1st, but who knows? Cross fingers, I am so curious that I am almost at that point to go on my own, but I think I am too scared to do that alone the first time ever. I mean you never know what kind of ppl are there, right? lol 😉

    • Hahaha…I’ll try to finish a.s.a.p. 😉 Hope you get to experience it soon. That’s annoying that you have been cancelled on. Yeah swinger parties as a single woman without a guy along can be a bit scary…like throwing yourself into a pit of hungry lions, lol. I’ve still never TOTALLY gone by myself. I’ve always been with a guy or at least at the Host’s house, where he was there.

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