Bisexuality: 13 Types – Which Type Are You?

I read this article on Indiscretions blog and just HAD to repost it. It was originally posted at UsBiGirls and is a fascinating read.

It really does seem to ring true that bisexual behavior falls along a scale like this. Me, at least right now, I’m right at a number 8, Hedonistic (woohoo!). To me, women are sort of like foreplay, but at the end of the day I need a nice, hard, cock! LOL

I have no qualms about playing with women and wrote about it quite some time ago in my To bi or not to bi post. Since then I’ve had a little more experience with women but it’s still, for me, just fun and games.

One of my sisters used to identify as a lesbian. She lived with a girlfriend for a couple of years. Now, she fucks guys…and I think still girls. So, it’s changed, lol. Another one of my sisters is very monogamous and dates one guy at a time seriously, but she too has told me she identifies as “bi”. I think for her there is more than just a sexual attraction but she’s not trying to get in a long term relationship with women either. It’s all very interesting, to me. How about you?


threesome sex, man plunging into woman's pussy

The topic of female bisexuality is so pervasive in the swinger community these days, I was intrigued when this post on caught my eye. Scroll through a handful of online swinger profiles and you’ll find women (or their partners) describing themselves as mostly bi-curious, bi-sexual, bi-friendly or bi-furious. Swinging has become a very acceptable way for women to test their bi-sexuality, and Lord knows I’m no different.

I invite you to read on, and I’ll let you know where I fall on the spectrum at the end of the article. I would also love to hear whether this list holds true for bisexual men. (KDaddy23, any thoughts on this?)


We all know the definition for homosexual and heterosexual. These terms are specific and definite in the description of the gender to which a person of either sexuality is attracted to, emotionally and sexually. A homosexual is…

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