Bisexuality: 13 Types – Which Type Are You?

I read this article on Indiscretions blog and just HAD to repost it. It was originally posted at UsBiGirls and is a fascinating read.

It really does seem to ring true that bisexual behavior falls along a scale like this. Me, at least right now, I’m right at a number 8, Hedonistic (woohoo!). To me, women are sort of like foreplay, but at the end of the day I need a nice, hard, cock! LOL

I have no qualms about playing with women and wrote about it quite some time ago in my To bi or not to bi post. Since then I’ve had a little more experience with women but it’s still, for me, just fun and games.

One of my sisters used to identify as a lesbian. She lived with a girlfriend for a couple of years. Now, she fucks guys…and I think still girls. So, it’s changed, lol. Another one of my sisters is very monogamous and dates one guy at a time seriously, but she too has told me she identifies as “bi”. I think for her there is more than just a sexual attraction but she’s not trying to get in a long term relationship with women either. It’s all very interesting, to me. How about you?

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