Mr. Motorcycle, Halloween Party 2

motorcycle man

I went to my second Halloween swingers party of the year with another new man.  We will refer to him as Mr. Motorcycle.  He’s really not the “type” you expect to see riding a Harley (skinny, black guy) but he is a biker, lol. 

I haven’t been on his bike yet.  Instead, he picked me up in a pickup truck that he does his work from (he owns his own company, installing technology related stuff).  For our first “date” we drove 2 ½ hours away to another state for this party. 

I wasn’t really sure what to think of him.  He had been calling and texting me A LOT in the days prior to meeting.  It’s almost overkill.

I met him on the swinger site and he claimed that he decided to pay for a membership again, JUST so he could contact ME.  He’d been off the site for like 2 years.  His old pictures were still up but he had added a couple of new ones.  There was some mention in his profile about looking for a woman to date and attend parties with.  Oh, and that he had a 10 inch dick (!!)

According to him, he was very active in swinging for a long time.  He said he even helped found the original site that I am on.  He told me his PARENTS were swingers, but that he only knew from finding swinging magazines in their house as a child.  There was some mention of him being involved in BDSM as well.  He’d been married twice before, once to a stripper.  In those relationships, as well as others, they had continued to swing together.

Yet, for some reason, he had decided to take a break. He says he hadn’t even had sex for the past two years.  That kind of set off a red flag to me, as well as several other things but I decided to meet up with him anyhow.  Maybe I just like living on the edge.

For safety purposes I did text a male friend that I often do when I’m about to do something potentially dangerous.  I’ll give him the guy’s license plate or address and other identifying information, where we will be, etc.  This time he told me to call him when I was in the truck and make sure the guy heard me telling him that I thought it seemed safe.

He was cool with it and assured me he wasn’t a psycho.  We had a pretty good drive down, with lots and lots of questions from him.  This man LOVES to talk my ear off and ask me a million questions, lol.  He was very excited to be with me and kept saying how hot I was and how he couldn’t wait to bring me to this party and show me off to people he’d known a long time ago. 

I am not really sure about his financial status, since the area of town he told me he lives in is iffy and he chose to stay at a Super 8 next to the party hotel, rather than pay the price for the nicer rooms where the party is at.  Whatever though, he still paid for everything.  He said I didn’t seem like a fast food kind of girl, but I said I am fine with that and he bought me some Wendy’s while I was changing into my outfit in the motel.

I wore my French maid costume again, since that seemed easy and there was no one I would likely know at this party anyhow. 

He took a couple pics before we left to the party…here’s one of them 😉

The party actually consisted of people from a completely different swinger site, though I guess there are many that are on both.  He wore a Star Trek uniform.  I’d tell you who it was but I honestly don’t even know, not much of a Trekkie, haha.

The party was held in the banquet room of the hotel next door to where we were staying.  The woman at the table checking people in recognized him immediately and they hugged while she handed me some papers to sign.  He was also friendly with the DJ and another couple where I suspect he must have been having sex with the wife at some point or other.  He said they were very good friends.  He was surprised at how many people he didn’t recognize, but it HAS been a couple of years.

The couple that he knew were very friendly towards me.  The woman was wearing a Luigi costume and some other female friend of hers was Mario.  Her husband was dressed like a sailor.  He was a hot, blonde, blue eyed man that was very easy to get along with but after talking with him for a while I know we would be totally incompatible in bed. 

We talked about how he likes to be submissive in the bedroom and have the woman take control.  Actually, in a lot of ways he reminded me of my ex- husband.  If he hadn’t been like that he would have been totally fuckable, but no, just no, lol.  I know all too well, that two submissive people in bed, sucks!!

Anyhow, according to Mr. Motorcycle this couple told him privately that they really liked me.   I think they meant in a more friendly type of way, not trying to have sex. He said they haven’t liked his past 6 girlfriends, so that was quite a feat.  What can I say?  I’m generally pretty easy to get along with.

The rest of the night was typical swinger party stuff.  We drank some Kinky mixed with Moscato and he ended up a little bit drunk though I wasn’t so much.  We danced quite a bit.  He likes to dance and is very good at it but can at times be hard to dance WITH, lol.  It doesn’t help that the music played was like 80% country….gag…  

We walked around and played a little “game” he said he used to do with his ex where he’d point out a couple and ask me if they were hot or not.  If they were hot enough we’d talk to them for a bit and flirt.  This party had a handful of attractive people so it wasn’t too bad, and of course some of the costumes were cool.

At one point he left to go outside with the blonde guy to talk and his wife came over and talked to me.  Meanwhile, there was a bit of an incident outside of the hotel.  Another woman who was sitting near us, her husband, a white guy, had been out there too.  Apparently he was drunk and tossing out the N word, right and left and two other black men standing nearby weren’t too impressed.  The guy I was with and the blonde guy had to break things up before they turned into a fight.

Mr. Motorcycle wasn’t particularly bothered by it, just thought the guy was being a drunk dumbass, and obviously wasn’t intending to use it in a hurtful way, thinking he was being “cool”.  His wife though, was VERY apologetic and freaked out.  She kept saying how in the military he was the only white guy in his battalion or whatever and got used to talking that way.  I’m thinking we are all way too old to be dealing with this kind of crap and should be able to act with class, but again people were drinking. 

Back on the dance floor, a couple that we both found attractive came up and the woman started dancing with us.  The guy pulled me away and started aggressively coming onto me.  Turns out he wasn’t her boyfriend but another guy that had come along with them.  This guy looked to me to be a mix of black and Latino, the guy she was actually dating was a more laid back black man that was just sitting at the table.  She was blonde, short and curvy. 

The Latino looking black guy was coming on really strong, in typical Latino guy fashion, lol and Mr. Motorcycle didn’t seem too happy about it.  I was kind of reluctantly holding back.  He told me the number of their hotel room and we ended up heading back over to their table.  While Mr. Motorcycle was talking to the blonde lady, the Latino dude had his hand behind him and all up under my skirt.  I was trying to dodge him in hopes he wouldn’t find my tampon string.

Oh yeah, I was on my period.  I had been unsure if it would be a good idea to come to a party at all but Mr. Motorcycle had assured me it would be fine.  I was thinking we wouldn’t end up actually playing with anyone but he had commented that men weren’t gonna care about that. 

Well, he was right, as I found out later on.  The Latino looking guy had left the party and we thought he was gone, which was good since Mr. Motorcycle was getting a bit pissed at his aggressiveness towards me.  The blonde woman’s boyfriend, the quieter man, was sitting with her and we’d all been talking and flirting a bit.  I mentioned to her the issue with being on my period and she asked him but he said that was no problem and we ended up heading back to their hotel room.

In the hotel room the woman and her boyfriend started to strip down and rub each other with lotion.  She tried to get Mr. Motorcycle to take off his shirt but he said he was cold. (?)  I had found a tear in my stocking so took them off and she came over and was rubbing lotion on my thighs, legs and butt cheeks while I was lying on my stomach on the bed, talking to them.  Mr. Motorcycle seemed uncomfortable.

Then someone calls and it was the Latino dude.  He shows up in the hotel room, smelling like weed and immediately going for the blonde woman while trying to grope me.  She’s playing with her boyfriend’s dick at the same time and Mr. Motorcycle pulls me up to talk. 

He doesn’t want to do this, he wants me to tell them we are going to leave.  He doesn’t like the Latino dude being there and he hasn’t gotten to fuck me yet himself so he’s not ready for all this.  I say okay and whisper to the blonde that we are going to leave, sorry.  Her boyfriend gets up and talks to Mr. Motorcycle for a minute and seems cool with things.

We gathered up our stuff (forgetting my feather duster) and left the room.  I was wearing Mr. Motorcycle’s leather trench coat over my clothes to keep warm and not be too indiscreet at our own hotel.  He says he just can’t do it, he feels guilty but he isn’t ready to share me when we haven’t fucked and he wasn’t liking the other guy being there.

I said that was fine and no big deal.  We get to our bed in the hotel and start to undress before he says he feels so guilty he might go back up there and talk to them.  That kind of pissed me off because here we were halfway naked.  I was thinking he’s probably going to go up there and try and join in just doesn’t want me participating!  Because he had said he thought she was hot.  So I was like you are going to leave me here??  What so you can go mess with her instead of me?

He said NO and never mind.  We ended up having sex and it was pretty good.  He went down on me (despite me being on my period-though not bleeding much….but still….) and was even saying how good I tasted (um…).  He had his tongue all up in my ass and everything.  Anyhow it was pretty fun but I’m still not really sure about the chemistry.  He was dominant, but not like you’d expect from someone who is supposedly proficient in BDSM. 

He later said he didn’t want to freak me out.  I’m not into BDSM per say anyhow but I still prefer men to be dominant just don’t want them to hurt me, lol.  He did spank me a bit hard and then said he would stop because my skin is too tender.  😛 

Anyhow, we did our thing and passed out in the bed for about 2 hours of sleep before having to get up and get ready for the next day.  He never came, which irritated me a bit, though he did the next morning after a hand/blow job. 

He is now acting super into me and wants to call and text a lot.  I would do him again but I’m not like all gung ho about it at this point.  He made some comments that come across as critical and I am super sensitive.   Like he said one of my pics on the swinger site looked like crap, that I looked ten times better in person.  Okay, well, maybe that was a compliment, but still.  He keeps telling me I don’t talk enough or that I laugh too much and little things like that but at the same time acts all into me.  Stuff like that makes me uncomfortable and less likely to let go with someone.

He wants to go to another party with me though soon and has even gone so far as to buy me a costume and have it sent to my house.  So, we will see what happens with that.  He is really wanting a relationship but I keep trying to tell him I am not ready for something too serious.  He says he just doesn’t want to hear about it if I sleep with other men.  He thinks he will be fine with swinging in the future. 

I guess he’s just coming on really strong and fast and I’m wanting to take things slow.  I’m not like the Producer, jumping in over my head too soon.  The blonde girl has called and been texting and I think her and her boyfriend are still interested.  Mr. Motorcycle thinks they are just interested in ME and not him but I’m not sure that is what it is.  It still remains to be seen…..

24 thoughts on “Mr. Motorcycle, Halloween Party 2

  1. Tell me this costume was not a good purchase!!! It does look great on you by the way…

    So he wont be able to handle knowing you sleep with other guys and he might be okay with swinging in the future – I guess now it is just about figuring out if he can handle just being casual and cool with you.

    Some guys say things the wrong way and like you I am often looking at them with the ‘wtf’ look on my face because there might be good intent but dude, it came out of your mouth all wrong.

    I would pay close attention to your red flags, I mean not completely ignore them – my husband has real big issues with guys that are okay fucking his wife but the guys arent okay when it comes to sex with their women….

    Glad you are having fun tho, sounds like you are!

    • Why thank you! 😉 And yes, so far it has been a good investment! Haha!! Yeah, I think he has some figuring out to do.

      It’s true, there are a lot of red flags. The one about not wanting me to fuck people while he does his thing seems almost universal with the single guys I meet in the swinger community, lol. Kinda funny because he was in the lifestyle for so long, and you’d think he would know how to handle stuff, but I guess it has been awhile.

  2. Uhhh. . .sorry, red flags over here. I would totally do him again, if that’s what you want to do, but I have been with his type and I can tell you, it sounds like a bit of a train wreck with him not wanting to share you at a SWINGERS PARTY (!?), buying you a costume so you’ll be compelled to go with him, and calling/texting more than is appropriate at this stage of the game.

    Good luck, and have fun!!! Just be ready to run :p

    • See, it seems like every guy I go to a swingers party with (almost) feels that way!! Still it is a red flag. I didn’t think of the costume thing that way, but you may be right. I did feel kinda obligated to go since he is buying me that. The texting all the time is getting tiring and he gets upset when I don’t respond immediately which is kind of controlling too. Thanks for the insight.

  3. So… He took a break from the scene for a while… Hasn’t had sex in two years…

    Dude was in prison! Better find out why…

    • Your comment freaked me out so I looked up his case history here. He doesn’t appear to have been in prison but he does have a long list of things he’s gone to court for. He also apparently has a warrant out for his arrest for not showing up in court this past Friday. I guess he was driving someone else’s illegal vehicle and knew about it? It’s hard to understand some of the jargon.

      The only sentencing I saw for him was that he had to do community service once for something plus like 10 days in jail. It wasn’t clear for what. He did, however, have restraining orders against him a few times. They were from his ex wife at least twice. Then there was a charge for “adult abuse without stalking”. That was way back in 1994, so he would have been pretty young and he did tell me that he did “everything wrong” in that relationship (it was with the mother of his first child) and that he regrets it.

      I also found out he’s 44 (he told me 40) and that he was evicted from his house last year. He had several court appearances due to “breach of contract” which I’m thinking is not paying his bills? Oh, and traffic tickets. Then some kind of long ordeal about child support and refusal to pay. However, he is the one with custody now and he did tell me his ex had become a drug addict.

      Yeah, he’s definitely not relationship material! I know some of it could be circumstantial or things he’s grown out of but I’m seriously debating if I should still go to the party with him. I mean, it could still be fun but I don’t want him getting overly attached to the idea of me and him being a couple. I will have to let him know I am totally just in it for the sex and not looking for anything serious at all.

      • Your google skills are better than mine, I never seem to be able to find out what I need. But… he might be good for one more fuck but he’s definitely not relationship material. Be wary if he becomes too possessive.

      • Yeah, it’s a little scary. I looked up myself on the state case history website and only came up with my divorce. That’s all there is on me, lol.

        He had some tax evasion thing too. His name is unique enough that he was easy to find. If someone has a common name it would be more difficult.

        I also looked up his Facebook and his posts are set to public so gonna go see if he posted in the past couple years to make sure he wasn’t locked up for something that I am missing on the case history site. If it was in another state it wouldn’t be on there.

        I only know how to look things up on there because a social worker gave me advice on how to find out about my ex husband’s new girlfriend. I was worried about sending the kids over there when I found out she had been in jail and had domestic assault and dui charges.

        There is also a mugshot website that you can look up to see if someone has been arrested recently but you need their last name. My neighbor showed me that one. Then of course the sex offender registry.

        Mr. Motorcycle and I had actually been talking about legal stuff because he claims he used to be a bail bondsman. Hmmmm…. He says when he was young he dj’ed at a strip clup too. I’m definitely watching him closely and holding back a bit on what I tell him. He has my address though…he wanted to send the costume here and was like “I’m not a stalker, don’t worry”. :p

      • I love the dancing. But I love all kinds of partner dances ^^. I guess with country you either love or hate it lol. I have to agree though that some songs are really creepy and some very annoying. The country Club I went to while my marriage fell apart became some sort of happy place for me too, so I might not be very objective here regarding most of the country songs xD

      • Oversaw the “line”before dancing. Well that’s kinda boring lol. Love the two step though. It becomes more fun when you get a little advanced, with lots of spinning and such

      • Well, to be fair, maybe I haven’t given country a fair chance, lol. Glad it was helpful to you in your divorce! There are some beautiful country songs out there, I will admit that. My associations with anything country haven’t been the best so that probably has a lot to do with it!

  4. I just sent you an email 😉

    Also, I’m with the other commenters/readers…something seems a little off with this man. I’m glad you are being cautious!

    • Thanks and yeah, the more I talk to him, those red flags are still in the air. Today he tried to get me to commit to coming to a New Year’s Party with him! When I expressed some uncertainty about planning that far into the future and if we’d even like each other then, he was like, I just want you to promise me one thing, that “should something change and we end up not liking we keep fucking until we find me a replacement”. His exact words. Um, even if we don’t like each other he wants me to keep fucking him until he finds a “replacement” for me? I don’t thinks so!! I just said “lol” and he responded “I was being kinda serious”. He keeps telling me “just remember, when I find something I like, I go for it”. I don’t know….it’s just making me mildly uncomfortable at this point but I’ve got my eye out.

      • Wow, that’s awkward. :/

        Maybe you should just this one out sooner than later. And maybe I’m just a naive, traditional kind of girl, but I’m still rooting for you to find a really great man with a good heart that you can spend the rest of your life with. Maybe I’m just projecting what would make me happy onto you, but I’m not sure how this lifestyle is sustainable.

        I dunno. I’m glad you’re being safe and telling your friends when you go out with these men. My last .02 would be to stop giving your address out to these people (The Producer’s gf, Mr. Motorcycle, etc.).

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