Loving the “benefits” that come with this one

pocketing money

Let me tell you, there are some real perks to seeing a guy with money.  I’ve been spending more time with the Producer lately and I’m rather enjoying all the little “extras”.  It’s SO nice to be able to go out and do basically whatever we want, without having to worry about how much it costs! 

He’s been coming here twice, sometimes three times, a week and getting a hotel.  He has a house in his home city but travels south of here for work and stops through on his way.  However, his roommate situation down there is about to change and he’s decided to get an apartment here, closer to me, for when he is in town.

I admit I was a little concerned when he first mentioned wanting to move closer to me, rather than down where he is staying now. I guess it made me feel a little claustrophobic and worried that he wants more than a FWB thing.  He reminded me that he spends quite a bit on hotels here each week anyhow so it really would be more cost efficient for him.  That’s probably true, even if he gets one of these luxury apartments very close by.  For now, he’s on a waiting list for those and going to stay at another nice apartment across town. 

He had thought about getting a roommate here and a bigger place but every time he arranged to meet someone and they discovered he was black they bailed out.  He was getting pretty discouraged and finally decided it would be better to get his own place. If only they knew.  People are so stupid.

 He’s probably way better at paying his share of the bill and a better roommate than half the redneck white guys in this area.  This is admittedly a rather backwoods and racist area to live in though.  One of the women he works with, who lives on the expensive side of town, said that every time she’s had a black neighbor they’ve left within six months due to the way people act.  Despicable, but I am not all that surprised.

Anyhow, he’s moving closer and likely I’ll be seeing him even more.  That’s not such a bad thing and he’s still gone a lot to his other home and on constant trips across the nation and overseas.  So it’s not like he should be breathing down my back or anything, lol.  I do like spending time with him, just want my freedom to play with others as well, without any drama. 

So far that is actually going pretty well.  I haven’t had much chance to play with anyone else lately but I have been in contact with my Fuck Buddy and I’m pretty sure we will be meeting up again soon.  The Producer may not LIKE me fucking around with other guys but verbally he’s saying it’s okay because he is messing around with people too.

 He actually wants me to meet up for dinner with him and a woman he is considering sleeping with soon.  It’s her and her husband, who just wants to watch, and he says he wants me along because he thinks it’s a little bit of an odd situation.  However, after talking a bit with him over dinner last night, I think I’ve discovered the REAL reason, lol. 

According to him she is really into women too and he wants her to meet me. Surprise, surprise.  Men… sheesh. :p Anyhow, as long as I don’t have to sleep with her husband, maybe, I guess we will see.

I’ve been getting treated to a lot of dinners lately, and drinks, and he even took me to a concert the other night.  It was one of my favorite rap groups from back in the mid 90’s, lol.  Wouldn’t you know it, in this town, there was such a small showing of people it was ridiculous!!  There were like under 100 people in the venue.  It was crazy.  We are talking a group that was pretty damn popular back in the day and draws in huge crowds in large cities…at least ones where people have actually heard some rap music before, besides like, Snoop Dog (or is it Snoop Lion?  Is he even “rap” anymore?  More like pop, but whatever…)

We still had fun. 🙂 Because they apparently weren’t even expecting a big crowd, it was held in a place that wouldn’t fit a lot of people anyway, and we were right up close to the stage.  Oh, and while we were waiting through the mostly lame opening acts, we went and fucked in his car in the parking lot, haha…and afterwards in it again, in my driveway, when he dropped me home.  Bad, bad, bad…hopefully my neighbors were fast asleep… 😉

So here I got to see one of my dream groups from back in high school, all because I mentioned it offhand to the Producer that they were going to be in town.  He was like “then I’ll buy us tickets”.  It’s so easy for him!  I love that!! 😀 How am I ever going to go back to seeing guys who don’t take me anywhere fun and pay for it??  LOL

Oh and he bought go-cart passes for my kids and I because I had mentioned the other day we were there and I could only afford to let each of them ride one ride.  We’d been staying in a friend’s condo for a little vacation and it was fun but we were financially limited as to what we could do.  So he bought TWO passes for my family, which amounts to $240.   

He’s also taking us to get a couple’s massage on my birthday and I am excited about that!! Plus we went and saw “We’re the Millers” at the movie theater the other day too. (I thought it was funny, even if some of it was cheesy and over the top, haha)  I’m getting spoiled. 😉  He keeps talking about taking me to Vegas with him.  Ahhhh…the life ;).

Last night we went out to a bar with a woman we had met there previously.  She is another single mom and had shown up by herself. After we all got to talking, she took my number.  She called wanting to hang out and since he was going to be in town, we all went together. 

He bought us lots of shots and we had gone up to the jukebox to pick some music.  It cracked me up because she unknowingly picked a song that he produced, by the popular artist he has won Grammy’s for.  I went back and whispered that she had been the one who picked the song, not me, and he laughed.  He had told her he was a janitor.  I could tell she didn’t believe that one but it was amusing in any case. Later on he started name dropping when some guy who had his own band was talking to him and her eyes nearly popped out of her head.  I’m sure he probably gets a lot of women with stuff like that, lol.  Smh…

Right now what we have going on is pretty low drama.  I’m trying to keep it that way.  Obviously I’m a bit motivated by all the side “benefits” too, don’t wanna lose those, haha. 😉 I’m a little worried about the apartment thing, and hoping it doesn’t keep us from going out and doing stuff though.  He has dropped a couple of comments about how then I could cook him dinner.  Bleah.  Not that I don’t love to cook, I do, but I do it every day for myself and my kids so it would take the fun out of getting to go out, which is more relaxing.  It’s nice for me to be able to get out and get a break. 

Also, I’m a little concerned about what I am going to be able to do for HIM when his birthday rolls around.  There is no way I could manage to do anything comparable, price wise.  I may have to cook him dinner then, or something, but that still doesn’t seem like much.  It’s right before Christmas too, when I’m at my financial worst, trying to provide gifts for my children, one of whom also has a birthday at that time.  Guess I will have to worry about that when the time comes!!  In the meantime I’m making the most of what I can right now because who knows how long this will last?  Hopefully a while, but you just never know!! 




11 thoughts on “Loving the “benefits” that come with this one

    • Hee, yeah, I may have to do some. Last year, for the Professor’s birthday I made him a video of me. I’m not so sure I’d be as comfortable with giving one to the Producer though. I mean, I’ve seen naked pics of his ex wife, lol. I am a little more leery that they would be shared.

      • I’m just curious,is it a lot more common for black people to embrace non-monogamy relationship compare to white people?

      • You know, that’s a good question! I’m really not sure! You see a lot of white people talking about polyamory and stuff like that and a lot of white people in the swinger community but I’m not sure that there aren’t just as many or more black people doing similar things already without all the whistles and bells. I think you are more likely to come across black men in general who are more open minded to alternative arrangements, outside of the swinger community, but official “swingers” are more often white.

  1. The gift is easy. Let him buy you some sexy ‘fuck me’ clothes and fuck him senseless. That’s all a man needs. He’d much rather have that than any material thing you could get him.

  2. @Suri and Lovergirl, in my experience, there are lots of Blacks who are swingers – singles or couples – but even in this, we’re a minority because, culturally, um, we ain’t fond of sharing. I’ve never met another Black person who was fully into being poly; could be because of the sharing thing and I do know that managing a poly relationship is a motherfucker – it is too much like work and then so much that being married looks easy to do.

    Among Black men I’ve talked to over the years, being open to alternatives always sounds good on paper… but then you have to find a woman who’d be willing to be just as open to said alternatives and that’s not impossible… just highly unlikely. Some said they’d love to date (read this as fuck) other women but they wouldn’t be so willing to let their women do the same thing – that sharing thing again. Hell, some have said that it’s easier to cheat or be on the DL than it is to be wide open about such things – that doesn’t make sense to me but it’s what they said.

    • Which may have something to do with why I keep coming across the “it’s okay for me, but no so much for you” types in swinging. They are primarily black men and mostly seem to have that attitude, even if they are trying not to. Like they really enjoy the idea of being open until they get faced with the fact it is more than just them getting to fuck around to their hearts content because um, I get to do it too! LOL I don’t know if that line of thinking is as prevalent among white guys or not because I really haven’t been with enough to say.

      Now Mr. Firm, so far, appears to be doing this quite well and he is in a long term relationship. I don’t know him enough to say for sure but so far he seems very balanced and fair. It sounds like he is accepting of his significant other playing too.

      The Producer told me recently that this woman he is considering playing with, who is married, and wants her husband to watch, asked about me possibly hitting it off with HER husband. He told her he’s “not ready to share” me. Hahahaha….. um, okay. I doubt I’d want to play with the other guy anyhow but it was amusing to me because he KNOWS I am not monogamous with him but he’s not cool with sharing me with a guy. Typical….

      • Yeah, it is typical and it’s a behavior that not only doesn’t make sense but defeats the purpose of swinging or otherwise being very open about these things. Men are very territorial; we want to get all the pussy from you and other women that we can… but when it comes to you getting your fair share, nope, got a problem with you giving away “my” pussy unless, of course, you’re gonna do it with someone of MY choosing and if you don’t go along with it, well, you are just so totally fucked up in the head!

        That, my dear friend, is using you as bait so he – not necessarily the Producer, mind you – can get the pussy he wants to get and hoping that you’d do the husband so he can accomplish this goal.

        It’s so totally fucked up…

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