So the Producer is texting me now, worried about whether or not I am fucking anyone else.  He’s not really been asking me that until now.  What does he have some sonar radar?  LOL  I’ve not acted suspicious in any way.  Plus, we are supposed to be just FWB, his idea.  He once claimed to have slept with some woman at a swinger bar since I met him. 


Anyhow, here’s how the texts went (totally out of the blue):


Him: So have you been holding out for me… Or has someone else hit it?  LOL

Me: Do you really wanna know?  Lol  Someone has hit it once since I met you.  How about you?

Him:  Since we last saw each other

Me:  Is that what you are asking or telling me?  Why do you want to know?

Him:  Asking…just curious

Me: Yeah

Him:  What makes you want to keep fucking me?  What separates the two situations?

Me:  Why wouldn’t I?  I just met this guy.  He is a swinger, lives in ****** and is in a long term open relationship with the mother of his child.  He just happened to be coming through.

Me:  I like you, the time spent together, the sex.   Has nothing to do with anyone else.

Him:  I gotcha…. was it good…lol?

Me:  Lol…It was fun enough.

Him:  I need to Men in Black ya… so you forget about his dick and the experience…Lol

Me:  Hahaha…what is “Men in Black” me? LMAO Never seen the movie….

Him:  Make you look into the baton and zap your memory.

Me:  Lol, I wouldn’t mind seeing your baton 😉 😉 😉

Him:  You sure..I’m not doing a good enough job keeping that pussy occupied


Sigh….  ugh…  Are men really even capable of doing the fwb/do what you want/open/swinger thing without jealousy and possessiveness creeping in?  Sometimes I have my doubts.  What’s funny is he never answered whether or not HE has been doing anything!!  He IS in another state and has been in a few over the past week or so and went to at least one pool party and said today he’d had “fun”.  Somehow I have the feeling there is a double standard in effect here. 


UPDATE: Suspicion confirmed….

I pressed him about whether or not HE had been with anyone and after a long time he finally answered.

“Yes ma’am. In *****. An executive from the ***** industry. It was a one time situation… Something both of us wanted to get out our system. And never crossed that line before but were at the pool party together and just hooked up afterwards… Lust”

I was like “see, and it wasn’t anything I did wrong. You just wanted to ;)”

He said that he never said he did….um, okay, hahaha

17 thoughts on “Sigh….

  1. I really do believe that most of us want to feel that we are special enough to have someone think of us that way – that they wouldnt consider anyone else over them, that they would hold off, or choose US over another man/woman.

    I do hope he proves he can still handle the FWB thing, considering this is the guy that has to ask you to rate his cock; what did you expect?! LMAO

    But he didnt get pissed off (yet) so that’s good right?

    • Yeah, true, lol. And no, he hasn’t gotten pissed off, thankfully! He admitted that he can’t be mad at me because he had done something too but said “I need to make sure I don’t get out performed…by the other guy”. He also made some comment about the woman he slept with being in a “serious situation” (married?) and how it was “lust” again.

      Then he went on to ask what I wanted to do for my birthday and say he really wants to take me to Vegas soon. 😉 So no worries there! I suggested a couples massage and he was very agreeable so looks like we are gonna do that. 😉 Looking forward to it! Glad he doesn’t mind the expense!

  2. I’m capable of it… but that’s me. See, the problem you’re dealing with is that you obviously have some damned good pussy and it’s so good that the guys who are getting are now overly worried about who else might be getting it – and if it’s supposed to be NSA/FWB/FBS (fuck buddy sex), then there’s no reason to wonder who else is tapping the tuna… but the truth is very different. Men, my dear, are territorial; even if we’re not officially in a relationship, if I’m fucking you, that’s MY pussy and even though I know you’re giving it to whoever strikes your fancy, I don’t have to like it and the way I let you know that is to do what the Producer’s doing – how juvenile is that?

    It’s not jealousy – it’s insecurity and that innate fear that he might not get to hit that stuff again. Most men are pretty stupid about this situation and I am so damned glad I’m one of the guys who managed to purge this dumb shit out of his system – it just makes you look like a teenager and an inept one at that.

    And, oh, yeah, whatever he’s doing when he’s laying pipe to someone else is, of course, a totally different matter and nothing for you to be concerned about. I gotta be honest with ya: Most women I know stay away from guys who behave like this because it’s a car wreck waiting to happen.

    • Yeah, but I don’t know where they find any remaining men, lol. It’s like 98% or something act like this!! Always that double standard. The only guy I’m not seeing territorial actions from (yet) is the new guy. I’m impressed that he is able to carry on an open relationship (and has for like 9 years) so bonus points for him in that regard.

      The Producer does keep telling me what “good pussy” I have, haha, but he’s obviously getting some elsewhere too so it’s not like it would be the end of the world if I stopped seeing him either. Not that I plan to anytime soon, we are having plenty of fun and he’s readily available so I see no reason to stop UNLESS he gets ridiculous with the territorialism.

      • I can only hope that he doesn’t get ridiculous. No, it wouldn’t be the end of the world but, as he said, he doesn’t want to get outclassed by anyone else – and that’s is so high school it ain’t funny.

        Only men who have something to worry about even bother about this. Otherwise, so what if someone else is hitting it and they might even be better? She’s still letting me hit it so it’s all good! And if I wanna keep being able to hit it, uh, talking to her about shit that even high school kids don’t talk about ain’t the answer.

        Just my take on it, that’s all.

  3. So I have to ask… What makes “p***y” good? Is it just that “area” in particular (tightness, etc..), or is it the whole package – like how hot a woman’s body is all over?

    • Cecelia, it’s tightness, the overall feel of it when you’re inside her, taste, smell, appearance and, most importantly, how she reacts once you’re in her and doing your best to give her the business. Some guys base goodness on how strong being inside her feels to him when he cums – if it’s an unusually strong orgasm for him, yeah, that’s some good pussy; I know a couple of guys who base goodness on how quickly he cums once he’s inside her, like it feels so damned good that he either loses control or has a very hard time (no pun) maintaining it. Some guys base it upon her willingness to be put into several positions, like if she’s riding him, how well does she work when she’s up there, i.e., she’s trying to break his cock off with her gyrations and, as far as positioning goes, the pussy is considered good if you twist her into a pretzel and she not only doesn’t object but might even ask, “Is that all you got?”

      If you can do her with all the tricks in your bag and she’s asking for more, that’s some good pussy because a lot of women just will not let a man do everything he knows how to do to make her cum. If she resists, complains, acts like she’d rather be doing laundry or anything other than having sex, that’s not good pussy.

      And sometimes it’s all of the above. I think one of the important things, at least for me, is how the overall experience makes me feel being with her and a lot of guys I know have echoed this particular sentiment and it can include all the stuff I mentioned or it may not – a lot of what a guy thinks a good pussy is can be quite intangible – no words to describe what he’s feeling.

      My take on it again…

      • Nice description Kdaddy! 😉 Mr. Firm may have been having a hard time not losing it, lol. He stopped several times when it almost seemed like he was about to cum, grabbed my legs and pulled me down to start eating my pussy again, haha, then he’d go back in. It felt great so worked for me and he did cum really, really hard at the end. Love that! 🙂 He did comment that it was some really good pussy and he’d definitely be coming back for more 😉 ;). I didn’t ask him if that’s all he’s got, LMAO, can’t say I’ve ever done that one haha. I’d be too afraid of damaging a fragile ego somewhere.

      • I was made to figure it out when a girl asked me if I thought her pussy was good and, trust me, it wasn’t easy to put into words back then because I was of a mind that if I was getting some pussy, then it was good. But then I started to see the ‘obvious’ differences in my experiences and what I now deemed to be good and bad about the pussy or, really, the whole woman I was having sex with.

        There are some women who are just deliciously fuckable – and I don’t have the words to fully explain that any further other than to say that there’s just something about them that says, “Fuck me!” and you will never regret doing it to her. They rarely say no to sex and when they do lie down with you, that makes sure that your experience is as good as it can get and sometimes more.

        Flip the whole thing over and look at what some would say is bad pussy, which is that woman who, no matter what you do to her, gives you the impression that she’d rather be doing something else and, something I think is important, is unwilling to fully involves herself into whatever’s happening. It’s not exciting to be in bed with such a woman and more so since a lot of this kind of woman is more apt to imitate a dead body than anything else – here, here’s my body, just stick it in, bust a nut, and get it over with… and I hope you don’t want to do it again later.

        If the pussy is considered to be bad, you’re not going to be all that concerned if anyone else is dumb enough to be hitting it; as a matter of fact, you’d be happy that someone else is hitting it instead of you and you’d be more likely to wish that pussy on your worst enemy.

        I might have to write a blog on this particular topic…

      • Wow! Thank you for explaining so thoroughly and giving me a little insight to the male experience. I wonder if women sometimes object to certain activities more because they lack confidence and experience rather than a sense of adventure and sexual appetite. Some things must come with time and trust, I would think.

        Interesting what you said about how quickly a man orgasms indicates how tuned on he is, because I’ve also heard that it is because he is bored/uninterested and doesn’t really want to take the time to have a nice experience, but that he just wants to get it over with.

    • Cecelia- I’m always asking guys that, lol, and their answers are usually pretty vague so glad Kdaddy came and answered the question. Better to have a man’s opinion on that one! Guys say that to me a lot but you never know if that is just something they say every time they have sex with someone or what!

      I mean, if I say a guy has good dick, I mean he is good in bed overall, has a nice cock, knows how to use it, can make me cum, is dominant, so it encompasses a lot. 😉 I’m guessing it’s pretty similar in reverse.

      • Yes, it was nice of Kdaddy to answer that question. 🙂 I guess as girls we would just be speculating. 🙂

        You should feel really good with all the compliments you’ve been getting! I would! And I don’t know that they would say that particularly if they didn’t mean it – men would probably just pay you a vague compliment at best if it wasn’t true.

      • True Cecelia, though all sex may just feel so good in the moment they are motivated to comment. 😉 LOL I’m thinking of writing a blog on good sex here in a bit.

  4. Yeah. I pretty much have felt since the beginning that the Producer, while he might be getting some on the side, was using the whole “open relationship/FWB” thing as a way to appear to be “cool” and not interested or worried about a LTR with you. BUT, based on some of what you said he said about other relationships, I feel like he IS in the market for one. Just my opinion. Especially since he seems to ask for SO MUCH reassurance all the time. That being said, hopefully you can keep enjoying all the benefits that come with seeing him, and still do “you” to your liking. But I hear you on this one. Not so sure this guy is as confident as he wants others to believe. Kind of sad, really.

    • That’s what I’m afraid of, that he really wants more than just a FWB thing. The FWB thing is working out great and I just am not wanting to settle down with him but it has been fun. He likes to go out and DO things which I love and he has the money to do it which makes life easier.

      Yeah, he definitely has some insecurities, which is a bit surprising considering he’s been so financially successful and I know a lot of men wrap their identity around that. It doesn’t seem like he has that much trouble with women either. He’s very talkative and sociable with people in public and there are always women calling and texting with him. I’ve seen pictures of his ex wife and she was very pretty too.

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