Trying to keep my sparkle…


Kinky Poly has no idea how much she made my day awarding me the Shine On award! I’ve been having kind of a rough week, and after someone insulted my blog and writing skills, when I was making a comment elsewhere, I’ve been kind of reluctant to try and type. So thank you, thank you, for not only giving me an incentive to write something but making me feel better and reminding me that I do have a bunch of wonderful followers! The awards I’ve received say there are people out there who DO enjoy reading and I don’t want to let the haters bring me down!

Screw them all! Or rather, don’t, because they clearly have issues with a woman enjoying her sex life and writing about it, so screwing them is probably a bad idea, lol.

Anyhow, let me give you all an update of what is going on in my life, before I get to the questions, because it’s got me in a depressed kind of mood that may shine through in my writing. 😦 I’m also due for my period and that really tends to affect me emotionally. I swear sometimes I think I have PMDD (Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder). It’s not so much irritability, though there is some of that, but falling into a depression each month. It’s to the point where I struggle to function normally and to keep suicidal thoughts out of my head. I know I’d never actually kill myself because of my kids but I just get to feeling so overwhelmed and hopeless that I don’t know what to do. It’s only once a month for a couple of days though, thankfully.

Hell, that’s something about me, so let’s consider it my first fact. Back to this past week. Well, I lost my Fuck Buddy. Totally unexpected but he got upset with me. He had wanted to see me one morning and when he texted I was really too exhausted to wake up and start getting ready. I’d been up all night the night before dealing with issues with my teenage son.

So that probably made him a little cranky with me to begin with. I had said maybe but ended up sleeping longer than planned and he had to go back to his town early. He asked for some pictures, since we weren’t meeting, and having not had a chance to get ready I asked if he wanted to see some of me with another guy. He said “sure” and I figured since our faces weren’t in it and he’s not emotionally attached AND he agreed to it, he would be okay with it all. Big mistake.

I sent him a couple pics. They are of me and the Producer but just show his cock going into my pussy, from behind, close up. I didn’t tell him WHO the pictures were of. Guys send me pics of themselves with women all the time, minus face, and often ask me for the same, so I’m thinking no big deal.

Well, he got PISSED because he saw the other guy wasn’t wearing a condom!! Sigh. HE wears one every single time and we’ve been fucking for over a year and he never asked me before if the other guys wear condoms or not. He was like, you are fucking raw now? I said not usually, but admitted I have and he said “well, I can’t fuck you. That’s a bit much”. I said the Professor never wore one with me and did he expect the married women he fucks with to wear condoms with their husbands and he said “no”. I was like well, I’m not sure how it affects you since you always wear one but okay, I guess I shouldn’t have sent the pics, have a nice life. Haven’t spoken with him since.

As if that wasn’t enough, I kind of cut things off completely with the Professor too. He came over here the other day, wanting to bring us some big floor pillow that he said he wasn’t using and he made me a drink and brought it with him. He’d been texting me pictures of this alcoholic beverage he was trying, called “Kinky”, and mixing it with Moscato. I was asking what it tasted like so he made me a cup.

We’d been being friendly but he hadn’t seemed interested in meeting up for anything more. He kept acting all depressed and sad and envious of the fact that I have been getting out and seeing guys. Yet, when I made a comment about him not seeming interested in hanging out with ME, he said “I am, but I don’t know if I can handle it” and commented that we argued “too much”.

So okay, I’m thinking then he must just want to be friends right? He keeps initiating text conversations with me and seeming to want to chat. When he was here I gave him a hug goodbye and said thanks for the stuff. He apologized for not having showered, so he wasn’t getting all fixed up for me or anything.

Anyhow, I’m starting to accept that he seems to want to be platonic friends and thinking okay, I can handle this. Then I sent him a Facebook request. We’ve never been Facebook friends before but we’d been talking a lot lately and I’d written something I kind of wanted him to read and see what he thought. It would have been too long to send over text.

He didn’t accept my request. He totally ignored it but kept on texting me. 5 days later I finally asked why? He made some remark about how he doesn’t like to have “Lifestyle friends” on there because of his job. I pointed out that he has that married woman on there and he says that he told her he would “probably take her off soon, for the same reason”. COME ON! Give me a fucking break!! That is utter bullshit. If he were going to take her off for that reason he’d have done it by now!!

I said “I doubt it” and his response was “That’s not true. I haven’t seen her since April”. Um, did I ask when he saw her?? WTF? I just ignored his texting after that and haven’t responded since.

I can’t think of any reason he wouldn’t want me on there that isn’t offensive, and made especially offensive by the fact that SHE is on there!! Just another reminder that he thinks she is somehow better and more valuable than me. What a fucktard.

Not that I care that much about having him on my Facebook page but it’s just the concept behind it all. Like what? Are you embarrassed of me? Do you think I’m trashy enough to go airing dirty laundry on Facebook when I get upset? Clearly, if you think that, you don’t know me very well. That’s SO insulting! UGH!

At least I’m seeing the Producer for lunch tomorrow. We probably won’t be having sex, just hanging out. He tried to talk me into a threesome with this 21 year old girl last night and I just wasn’t interested in going there, especially right now when I’m about to start my period and would be overemotional. Don’t want to risk flipping out or getting hurt feelings over something silly.

I told him all that too, lol. He also claims how bad she wants me and that she wanted to text me. I told him tell her she can send me an email or something, I don’t really like texting that much. Not to be offensive but texting with a 21 yr old girl sounds really annoying to me, lol.

It’s bad enough when it’s this 23 year old guy I slept with last year. He keeps trying to get me to see him again and I just felt so awkward, I don’t know if I can. He’s sooo cute, but it’s just too “cute” or something, like he has this baby face and he seems soo young. He’s also in a fraternity, lol. I am WAY too old to be fucking frat boys! Haha!

Oh and the Pilot still has not contacted me and never responded to my apology. He was, however, looking at my profile on the swinger site yesterday. Wonder why? I had unblocked him but he hasn’t unblocked me. Ah well.

I do have a guy I have been talking to that I really hope works out. He and I will be meeting in person soon but we’ve been mostly communicating over email. He’s from the swinger site and has over 100 positive validations from females. They make him sound like hot stuff and his pics aren’t half bad either!! 😉

Also, he’s fun over email and seems sweet and nice. He has been in an open relationship for over 9 years, with the mother of his child, so I’ve asked him a lot of questions about that and how he does it. He says he only plays with singles when travelling and that she does the same. They can play with couples close to home but she doesn’t do it nearly as often as he does. I guess when she does though it’s mostly single men. He goes out to dinner or dancing with other women but saves “romantic dinners” for her.

He’s the IT manager at a law firm. So, no idea what I will call him if we end up hitting it off, lol. He has also invited me to come along with him and some of his guy friends on a “guy’s weekend” that they are having. I’m thinking that kind of defeats the purpose of a weekend with the guys and asked if he meant for me to fuck them too. He said not necessarily. Hmmm. In any case, I told him I want to meet him first and make sure we even click and he said he agreed that was a good idea.

Okay, dangit, I am telling you all too much and haven’t even gotten to the rest of my facts. I’ll try and be concise ;).

2. I love avocadoes. I could eat them day and night, every day and be happy. Oh wait, that’s what I used to do when I lived in Hawaii. We had two avocado trees and ate them constantly. My dad would be all “we don’t need to buy groceries, just go eat an avocado” and suggesting things like avocado pancakes and avocado peanut butter sandwiches (!). Nevertheless, I NEVER got tired of eating them, lol. Give me some salt and lemon juice with it and I’m even more happy. On burgers, tacos, in salads, sandwiches, you name it! I love making homemade guacamole too.

3. Pineapples! I love them too!! Especially fresh but I’ll eat almost anything with pineapples in it. Chocolate covered, in smoothies, on ham, in some cake. Yeah baby! LOL I used to, when I wasn’t drinking alcohol, order a pineapple juice instead, every time we went to a restaurant. If they serve alcohol they almost always have it on hand, whether it’s listed on the menu or not.

4. My teenage son is driving me batshit crazy. I am so at my wits end with him!! I’m trying so hard to deal with everything he brings up but it’s something new EVERY FUCKING DAY. Some kid is claiming he stole their bike and I have parents yelling at me on almost the daily. Thing is, he has a very expensive BMX bike and I’m pretty darn sure he’s never stolen one!! Virtually every time it turns out to be this kid who is a “friend” of his and keeps putting the blame on him. The kid finally tried to take HIS bike and pulled a knife on him. I’m so fed up!

When it’s not that, someone is calling the cops because he and some kid he had spending the night are writing their names in lighter fluid in the road and setting them on fire (at 4am while I was fast asleep) or blowing up bike tires by over-pumping them and waking up the entire neighborhood.

He and a friend actually tried to hide in the trunk of my van when I was headed out to a date with the Producer. I got in the lobby of the hotel, where we were meeting before going out to get a drink and he calls me on the phone to ask what I am doing at a hotel. They thought they were hilarious. Sigh….

I don’t know. I used to be critical of parents whose kids were like this, back when I was working with them. I guess I’m getting a taste of my own medicine now. He’s just such a little imp!! I swear people used to tell me how well behaved he was when he was little, even though he’s always had boatloads of energy. He’s like 5 ADHD 2 year olds on speed, I’m not kidding. Somehow, for some reason, I ended up with this child. It must be paybacks for everything I’ve ever done in this life and maybe some others, lol. My others are little angels in comparison, that hardly ever misbehave. Thank God!!

5. I’m home alone today, just enjoying several hours all by myself, for the first time in a really long time! The Producer and I were going to meet but I guess he pulled out his hip or something and decided to wait to drive here until tomorrow. I was actually kind of relieved. Even if he is meeting up with that 21 year old instead, I am totally fine with that. I told him if he wanted to do that, when he first brought up the threesome, that he could just get together with her instead but he was insistent he’d rather be with me. I, on the other hand, just wasn’t feeling it and kind of wanted some alone time. So I guess it all worked out for the best.

I did some shopping and got myself a cute little sundress that I will probably wear when he and I go out for lunch tomorrow and made myself some dinner and am working on my blog. Oh, and I had a grand old time with my toy, all alone, and a fantastic orgasm ;). Not really in the mood to deal with men at the moment, which is unusual, since my sex drive tends to be very high, but I think I just needed a break.

6. I’ve been looking into some ways to make money writing and found some ideas that I think might work. Going to give it a shot anyhow. Nothing to do with this blog, since I don’t want to make you all view advertisements. You’d hate that right? I find pop ups and stuff when I’m trying to read someone’s stuff really frustrating.

I’d love to get paid for reviewing things or writing articles online. I enjoy writing and always thought it would be great to actually make something doing it. It’s just so hard to find legit opportunities. If it actually works out I will have to let you all know!

In the meantime, there’s always that Paypal Donate button!! (wink, wink) Psst…it’s at the top right of the page and I will always LOVE and appreciate your financial support! You know what they say, there’s no nation like a DOUGH-nation and no city like GENEROSITY!! 😉 😀

7. I love wearing skirts and sundresses in the summer. I wish I could dress like that all year. It’s just so summery and breezy and even more fun when you are on a date and forget your panties. 😉

I went out the other night with the Producer to this dinner theater and it was fun. I wore a short skirt and as he was dropping me off to go park the car I told him I wasn’t wearing any panties under it and you should have seen the look on his face! Haha

It was a cool theater too, where you could recline in your chair and they brought you alcoholic beverages and food. We went out to a bar afterwards and he was sliding his hand underneath my skirt, while we were sitting on barstools at the bar. Afterwards, was, what else, but fun sex?

He cornered me though, in the car, as we were driving back, to ask me to rate him on a scale of 1-10 again. Sigh. I think I said 8. I mean, it’s probably more like a 6.5-7 but I’m not trying to hurt his feelings. Then he demanded to know if I’d ever slept with a 10 before and I was honest and said yes (after he kept saying BE HONEST). He wanted to know why but how can I explain that to him?? I may have to write a blog post about that soon.

Gosh, I’m finished already? Kidding. I want to recommend to you some more awesome blogs I have found recently as well. So, to all of my fabulous rewardees, (that’s not really a word, is it? But you know what I mean) keep smilin, keep shinin, knowin you can always count on me….for sure…

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24 thoughts on “Trying to keep my sparkle…

  1. I’m so honoured to receive the award from you! Our blog needs a serious debriefing of the end of the contest… I gotta get that done up. Herding kittens…. That can once again go fap crazy rather than blog lol.
    Also was great to read your update. While you have had a lot of recent change, I’m pretty sure as you reflect upon it after it calms you will see it all as for the best. With regards to your son, you kind of put the fear into me. My son is 6 and a bit of a wild child. I wonder some days what he has in store for me. I know when he’s older I’ll miss how easy and low stress this time was comparatively. I grew up as a troublemaker and had several friends that were far worse than me, makes me feel guilty for the stress I put on my folks.
    Good luck with your plans to get some income from writing. I’ve always enjoyed your writing style and think you will do well if you get a good opportunity. I find you to be very personable and easy to relate to. I was trying to word that right but decided to keep it fairly simple haha. It feels like conversations I’d have with friends and keeps me interested.
    I’m pretty green in the world of blogging so I wouldn’t even be able to name 15 blogs yet, but it does inspire me to find more and give them a good read.

    Anyways, I’m babbling. Thanks, and you rock!!

    • Thank you so much!! 🙂 That is an awful lot of blogs to come up with, lol. I’m always surprised I have that many to recommend when I get an award, but each time so far I’ve managed. A lot of people don’t do the complete list though. I think that’s fine…

      Hopefully, for your sake, your son doesn’t start acting like mine, lol. He can be very entertaining and charming and funny, and at times even really helpful, but boy does he wear me out. Having worked with kids with behavioral issues in the past you’d think I’d be able to handle it but he’s like his own special brand of difficult. Someday, I hope to look back and laugh at all his antics, but being in the midst of it, not so much.

  2. I’m glad you came on and updated and vented a little bit. I am so sorry that someone said something hateful to you about your blog/writing. That is so not cool. Especially if you were commenting on someone ELSE’s blog! Geez. When I read a blog or a topic that either I don’t like, agree with or find myself frustrated by…..I just DON’T COMMENT! And, the same goes for other’s comment sections. How is it MY place to start some kind of argument on another person’s personal spot, even if it IS public? To me, regardless of what this person said about your writing/blog….there are some basic rules of etiquette that apply to those who blog. Most people I read, also respect those same rules. Hell, I don’t even write, and am still careful to never over step or attack someone on their space or in their comment section. So a great big “Fuck Off” to whoever had shit to say to you. If you don’t like it, don’t read. It’s that simple. 🙂 Obviously, I enjoy your reading and really like you, so I’m sorry for the defensive tone!

    Sorry as well, that you lost your FB! Do you think maybe he’ll get over it? That’s kind of weird, considering that you guys have never had an issue prior. But, I suppose we ALL get sensitive sometimes. And speaking of sensitive around your period? I’m there with you! It seems better now, a little, now that I’m older. But I went through a phase in my 20’s that I ended up having to get on BCP, simply b/c of what you described. I would cry for days and not be able to even work, b/c I couldn’t stop crying! (and I KNEW it was over NOTHING…..but it was what it was.) I have always had terrible cramps/back pain and just lots of mood swings around that time, but not like it was back then. Not sure if you could talk to your doc or someone about a super low dose micro pill? I am really sensitive to BCP’s and don’t do well on them, but I did find one back then that didn’t give me many side effects, helped a lot with my PMS or PPMD (whatever they call the bad one!). I also got the added benefit of regular and lighter periods and a super clear face! So it wasn’t all bad. Either way, I feel your pain and hope that once you start, you are feeling better. It is amazing how great I feel and how clear and calm I am AFTER I start. PMS is real and it is truly baffling to think that hormones alone could cause all of those issues.

    Sorry to hear the the Prof is being elusive. I think he does want to be friends. And honestly, I think he wants more….but says the stuff about not being sure he can handle it, and that you guys argued etc…..b/c he wants more, but doesn’t want to do anything different on his end. So, in his head, I think he’s struggling with KNOWING that there was a connection that maybe surprised even him, but also knowing that because of that, he would have to work harder to make you feel secure. I think he also maybe wants YOU to be the one to really push for something more….and in doing so, maybe he’s hoping that you will say that YOU will do things different. Either way, it sucks. Because I think he’s still being selfish. But I don’t think he has planned out motives necessarily. Who knows? But, I guess it will all work itself out in time. (And..there’s nothing like getting ignored on a friend request at our age, is there! LOL! I feel like a teenager anytime I actually even request a friend, but if someone never responds, then I feel all weird about it! So…screw him. Or don’t. LOL!)

    Whatever you do, keep us posted on your new guy. You’ll have to come up with a P name, you know! 🙂 And, as you move forward with your writing ventures, be sure to keep us posted, as you are feel comfortable. I think you’re a great writer! You tell stories with a lot of detail, and I never get bored, when I’m reading them in their entirety. So, to me, depending on what you are thinking, I’d say that you could definitely find some kind of avenue out there in many different formats, to hopefully find a paid job.

    Hope that you feel better soon. And enjoy your date with the Producer! A new dress is always fun. 🙂

    • Thanks and yeah, I thought it was really rude to try and insult my blog just because he didn’t like my comments on another blog, but whatever. People are like that sometimes I guess. I just have to work at remembering not to take it personally. If he doesn’t like it then no reason to spend his time reading it! Just move on already.

      I have to wonder if my FB will change his mind. But at the same time, I’d feel weird having sex with him thinking he thinks I am “dirty” somehow for not having used condoms with another guy. I think maybe that really goes back to a little Madonna/Whore complex again. Or maybe it was actually jealousy that I didn’t use a condom with the other guy more than being “concerned”. It is hard to say.

      Yeah, I think the Prof does want something from me, and like you said, is waiting for me to be willing to accede. But if he’s wanting me to agree to not have sex with other guys while he continues on with this married woman it’s not gonna happen. ESPECIALLY after he just sat here and wouldn’t accept my friend request while SHE is on there!! WTF?? I know it seems all junior high to worry about Facebook but that’s just really offensive, after all the stuff I’ve been through over her, with him. He’s going to keep her on there but reject me? Wow… Then he was on there looking at my profile on the swinger site again last night, clearly trying to get my attention but I ignored it, just like I have his texts. Ignore my requests no reason I should give heed to yours…

      On the new guy, haha, I don’t know about a P name. I’m thinking too many of those and we are going to start getting them all confused, lol. I’ll have to come up with SOMETHING though. I’ll definitely keep you posted and if I manage to squeeze out anything with my writing too. Thanks for the compliments! 🙂

  3. Shitty week; sorry to hear that. However, don’t listen to the negative about your blog. They are just haters, and they can go screw themselves. Keep it up. There’s a lot of us that think your blog is great. One thing I have to add is, Geez, some of these guys you talk about seem to be about drama to the max. A little surprising to me for men who are supposed to understand the swinging lifestyle.

    • Thanks for the positive comments about my blog. Those are the ones that keep me going. 😉 I got discouraged for a little bit but there will always be people with something negative to say.

      You mean all men aren’t like that? 😛 Every single one of them would tell you, and has said to me, “I don’t do drama” in pretty much those exact words, yet…. Anyhow, it’s always the woman’s fault when there’s drama right? Seems like many men think that and tend to not look at how they are contributing themselves.

      I still haven’t spoken with the Professor. I’ve thought about it and I just can’t get past the not wanting me on his Facebook thing. It’s sooo insulting that it’s hard for me to get past. I could care less about actually being on there but it’s the idea that he would feel I’m not “good enough” for some reason that pisses me off.

      I sincerely hope he’s not suffering from cancer and not telling me. If that is the case, I would feel badly. Still, good chance he isn’t and is just being an ass.

      If he is it still doesn’t explain his not wanting to be my Facebook friend. I think that’s totally fucked up because he has that woman on there. What does he not want me there for? He either is embarrassed of me or thinks I am going to say something embarrassing or maybe he doesn’t want me to see the kind of stuff she posts to him. In any case, none of those make me feel very “friendly” towards him at all.

      My Fuck Buddy and I had never had any kind of issue before that. So it took me by surprise. I really did think of him as no drama. Oh well.

  4. I think their drama stems from their inability to commit to the lifestyle. I understand wanting to be discreet, but you can’t do it half way. You either keep all your swinging info and friends strictly to the swinger sites, or you are more open and allow your swinging friends to be part of your everyday friendships. It’s really an easy choice, but a lot of people seem to blur the lines between which swinging friends get more access and which don’t. Drama! I understand that a person can be closer to someone else, but you have to know what your doing with your online personality, or you’re likely to create drama. Some of these guys need to admit they are swingers or keep it totally separate from the rest of their lives. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. Drama! But I can think of other things you can eat. But I digress.

    • @Darren – I agree with your take on the swinging thing, that and some guys don’t seem to get the concept that swinging is sharing: You can’t get into the lifestyle and think you’re gonna get all the pussy you want but the woman you’re with can’t get all the cock she wants… and regardless to how close you may be when you’re not swinging. They also assume that just because they want to have sex with someone, whoever they’re with will want to as well.

      The result is a lot of unnecessary drama and drama created because they’re incapable of putting on their really big boy pants. Then they’re sitting around scratching their heads (and their balls) trying to figure out why girlfriend is unhappy with him or why other women don’t want to screw them.

      You can’t be a swinger and act like a juvenile asshole…

      • @Kdaddy- I think that is the underlying issue of a lot of it. “Single” guys in the Lifestyle tend to look at it like a typical man and think its fine as long as he’s the one getting pussy, when the woman he is with gets to play around it’s no longer okay. Like with my Fuck Buddy….I think that his reaction had to have been out of jealousy in some way, more so than caring about the condom. Because, guess what? He just texted me today (5 days later) asking to meet up tomorrow. He was kind of coarse about it, as in “wanna fuck tomorrow” which makes me wonder if I should but yeah.

        I’ve also been thinking of the Fuck Buddy situation and there is another woman I know he has slept with (he has told me) who is always having gangbangs. She’s asked him to join in gangbangs, is always asking the Prof too. Wanna know the first question SHE asked me when trying to get the Prof and I to hang out with her and her husband? “Do you mind going RAW?” :p So um, if he’s willing to fuck HER and not worry about who she’s fucking without condoms on how can he complain about me?

        I also wonder if he was upset by the photo due to anything else like cock size maybe….because the Producer is thick like he is (though not near as long but he wouldn’t know that because in the pics he is inside me) and I wonder if that made him mad. Guys get mad about stuff like that!

        What made me think of that is more of the Producer’s comments tonight when we were having sex, asking if he was the biggest I’ve ever had. What the hell am I supposed to say to that during sex anyhow? He’s NOT and I’m trying to avoid the question because he’s behind me pumping away and it would kinda kill the moment to be all “um, I’ve had bigger”. :p Yet he KEPT asking… I mumbled something to the effect of “you ARE big” haha…..

      • Cock size? I doubt that; if anything, it was the old aversion to seeing a woman you love fucking being fucked by some other dude – that tends to piss guys off big time… until they realize that if they saw a pic of that, they’re looking at something that has already happened, can’t be prevented, all that stuff – so they realize they’ve made an ass of themselves and, like your FB, suddenly come crawling back.

        The Producer just has issues…

      • LOL Yeah, I wasn’t able to respond to his text for several hours because I was at the fair with the Producer. I finally asked when today he wanted to meet but never heard back. He may just have been testing to see if I’d say yes and not even be in town. Anyhow, I am sure he will contact me again sometime. 😛 I’m sure he realized he overreacted.

    • @Darren- I think it can really just be attributed to his being an ass (and a liar) more so than caring about whether or not his “swinger friends” are on there. She would qualify more as a “swinger friend” than I would anyhow, since she and her husband are into swinging and the only times I’ve been to parties (other than once with the Pilot) have been with the Professor. My only official group sex since joining the swinger site has been with HIM. He also has her husband on his Facebook.

      He claimed he told her that he may delete her due to the swinging thing but um, she’s still on there, as I suspected. It’s just another LIE.

      I can only deduct that he thinks I am shit for some reason, which is offensive. It makes no sense when he keeps coming over here bringing my kids gifts and saying he misses me for him to decide we aren’t “close enough” to be Facebook friends. That’s absurd. If he’s so much “closer” to her that he needs to treat me like crap to be able to maintain that relationship, then he just needs to stay the fuck away from me for good.

  5. I am in total agreement with Kdaddy. And I just don’t get how all your P’s and the FB can be so juvenile about causing swinging drama. Why don’t they just keep it simple? Sounds to me like they have jealousy issues, which you just can’t have in swinging. I used to be in what could be considered a long term swinging relationship and I loved it when she would fuck other guys. That’s part of what made her so sexy; her non-stop sexuality. SMs should understand how it all works and that there is no place for jealousy based on the fact that most of their swinging activity is in threesomes with couples. Don’t they learn anything about the fun of sharing from those couples, and that there is no place for either jealousy or drama.

    • I just think they come at it from a completely different perspective when dealing with a single woman. They start to get possessive, because if you don’t belong to anyone else then you must belong to them….or something. From the stories I’ve heard from these guys though, it sounds like a pretty frequent occurrence that these wives fall in love with the single guy and start hiding stuff from their husbands too.

      It is starting to make me question if the swinging world is a waste of my time. I prefer one on one sex most of the time and I can find that on my own without the swinging drama. Despite the low drama image of swinging it seems like there is an awful lot of drama anyhow and backstabbing and underhanded bullshit.

      The new guy I’ve been talking to hasn’t been a problem yet though and seems pretty mature. Guess I will find out after we have sex, lol.

      Today I went to the swinger site and discovered that the married woman had been looking at my profile. No telling if it was actually her or her husband or even possibly the Prof, because I know at one point he had their password. In any case, whoever it was went back and made it where they no longer showed as having viewed me but it was too late, I had already seen it.

      I have to wonder what that was about. The Prof must be talking about me to her and that pisses me off. Like, maybe telling her I’d gotten upset about not being accepted on his Facebook list (and giving her a chance to gloat)? What an ass.

      In our text conversation he had claimed he told her he might have to delete her…but nope, she’s still on there. That really irks me. I almost just went and blocked them all from viewing me but then it makes it seem like I’m the one causing drama.

  6. Sad that you’re discouraged about swinging. I think you are getting too intellectually involved in trying to figure out everyone’s motives. I say just enjoy the sex. I know you can get one-on-one anytime, but I think you’d miss the variety and spark of swinging. Relax and enjoy, and stay away from the few that cause drama. It’s been my experience that the majority of seasoned swingers present very little drama. Also, the female halves of swinging couples rarely sneak around without hubby knowing about it and encouraging it. I’m trying to figure out why you are having such a different experience.

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