A Stranger’s Sybian


Tonight I finally went through with something I’ve fantasized about doing for quite some time.   I met a complete stranger off of Craigslist and went to his house to ride his Sybian machine.  I can’t say it was all it was cracked up to be but it was an interesting experience.

I had communicated with this man awhile back, I think shortly after breaking up with the Professor.  I hadn’t had time to actually follow through with meeting up but I’d kept his emails.  What had partly kept me from going there was when I found out he lives in the SAME apartment complex as the Prof.  I didn’t want the Prof to see my vehicle and think he was being stalked, lol. That, and lack of time.

This time it was a little different because the Professor and I have been chatting here and there.  Actually, I was kind of hoping he’d take it the next step and invite me over tonight because he knew I was going to be alone and was dropping the kids off for a few hours, but he didn’t. He claimed he would probably be sitting at home alone watching a movie and was acting sad that he didn’t have plans to go out. Hmmm..  I think that is especially odd he wouldn’t bother to ask me, since he’s been telling me he misses me and wants to talk? 

Oh well.  Since he didn’t seem like he wanted to hang out, and some other plans of mine had fallen through, I needed something to occupy myself.  The married man and I were going to meet, since his wife is out of town, but then he got hit in the face with a ball and his tooth almost went through his lip.  He wasn’t feeling too hot and didn’t want me to drive up last night.  Tonight, he said he wanted to see me but that he wouldn’t be able to go down on me or kiss and he felt like if I am going to drive all the way there he wants to make it worth my while.  Totally understand that so I’m not mad at him.

He changed his mind a couple of times and tried to see if I would still come up there but I had made arrangements to pick up my kids in a few hours and said I’d better not.  Not that he wouldn’t be awesome sex even without the kissing or licking, lol.  He’s wonderful with his cock and I’ve no doubt I’d still have tons of orgasms.  There will be more times with him.  The sex is just too freaking good, I know it will have to happen again.

Also, there was a guy on the swinger site that I would have loved to have met up with tonight but there seems to be some kind of issue with me emailing him.  He’s sent me his email three different times from the site, and each time I tried to send him emails he apparently never got them.  So he keeps emailing me on the site but I can’t get back to him!  Sooo frustrating, I am guessing my mails must be ending up in his spam folder or something.  He was here in town tonight and from his pics and validations looked and sounded really good.  So much for that!

On to the Sybian.  Before I went there I made sure to text a male friend and tell him what I was up to.  I gave him the guy’s address and said this is in case I never return.  He said okay and make sure I tell the guy that he has it too, which I did.

So I drove over to this guy’s apartment.  He lives on the other side of the complex from the Prof, thankfully, but you have to drive in the same entrance gate to get there.  I was a little concerned he might see me and was relieved that I didn’t pass him in his car or anything.  He had mentioned going to the store an hour or so before. 

I was a little nervous when I knocked on the door but the guy seemed normal and friendly.  He was an overweight, average looking, 40 something white guy.  There was actually something really familiar about his face and I was wondering where I’d seen him before.  Church?  A swinger party?  Hmmmm…  haha  In any case, he was nice and non- threatening.  Still, I mentioned I had shared his address with someone, in case he was a serial killer.  He laughed and said that was fine.

His house looked a lot like the Professors inside.  I could see a treadmill in the living room and bottles of wine on the counter in the kitchen.  It was well lit and he lead me down the hall to his bedroom, where there was a large screen TV and a queen sized bed.  On the floor in front of the bed was the Sybian machine, all set up.  I glanced around for any hidden cameras but nothing in sight, lol.

He opened a bag and pulled out several different attachments, lying them across the bed.  I got to pick which one I want but I wasn’t sure.  Some of them looked way too huge and others had inserts for your ass or looked like a finger.  He said most women pick one of these and some like to put this penis sheath on the top, showing me a couple of average looking ones.  The penis sheath, even the smallest one, looked suspiciously wide.  But I decided to go with that.

It had ridges and bumps on the bottom of the piece that you could rub your clit against.  Anyhow, he placed it across the Sybian machine and added a condom, lubing it up.  I asked if a lot of women come and ride it and he said he’s had a handful, or something like that.  He said he likes to share it and that it belonged to his ex wife but he got it in the divorce.  I commented that she must have been mad about that and he said actually not, that she’d been concerned it was desensitizing her.

He told me I didn’t need to take all my clothes off, whatever was comfortable for me.  I opted to pull off my shorts and panties but left my shirt and bra on.  I regretted that later because when I was in the middle of getting off I kind of wanted to take it all off but I didn’t.  I had on a flimsy little satiny tank with a zipper down the front that comes off quite easily too. He said it was up to me who would run the controls and I said I’d rather it be him since I didn’t know what I was doing (and figured I’d want to focus on other things).

He sat in front of me on the floor and gave me a little stool to hold onto if need be.  Then I climbed aboard, lol.  It was kind of a big attachment and hard to straddle so when he started moving it around inside me I had to ask him to stop.  I remember not liking that feeling at my first swinger party when I rode the Sybian there either.  So he stopped the inside movement and I just straddled the fake cock while he turned up the vibrations.

He never turned it up very high but it felt pretty strong to me.  I came but it took a while and I can’t say the orgasms were near as good as with my favorite men or with my toy at home.  Perhaps it was because he was staring at me and he just wasn’t someone that turned me on, lol.  In my fantasies, even if the guy is a stranger and maybe not that attractive, he still would be different.  Like less, harmless?  I don’t know, haha.

This guy was just too nice and non- scary.  Which is good, but then again, not so good when I am trying to get off, lmao.  😉  It’s funny because there are really only 3 people in my life who I’ve really been able to get off with.  With any others the orgasms are like sub- par and it makes me think about that a bit.

Those three guys are the Married Man, The Professor, and this one guy that I used to fuck back in high school.  I pretty much hated him but the sex was sooo good.  Anyhow, what they have in common, that I can see, is all being both really dominant in bed AND being sweet but in a way I don’t really know how to describe.  Even the one guy, though he was an asshole, and our first couple times having sex were forced, he was still really more “loving” in bed.  There is something about that combination of being both super dominant and super giving that just drives me wild.  Orgasms from a machine just don’t compare.  When I’m on my own with my vibrator or shower massager I do pretty well but I have to get lost in fantasy.  That’s hard when you have Mr. Nice Guy staring you in the face.

So anyway, I came, and even a few times, but not in full force.  He seemed to enjoy watching anyhow and didn’t try anything on me.  He mentioned that some women like to have sex afterwards but that he never pushes and I was more than happy to get dressed again and be on my merry way.  I received an email after I left from him stating that I am free to come back for another ride any time he is at home.  Maybe sometime if I have nothing better to do, and am horny enough and in the mood, haha.


14 thoughts on “A Stranger’s Sybian

  1. I’ve always wanted to try a Sybian, but haven’t had an opportunity. Maybe I should look on Craigslist. LOL. Never thought of that. I’ve seen videos of women riding it and the orgasms look incredible. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • I’ve seen ads on Craigslist a few times for riding a guy’s Sybian. The people I’d communicated with before though were a tad creepy or for some other reason I didn’t follow through. You do have to be careful, lol.

      I rode one once before at my first swinger party. They were offering rides for $10 and the Prof paid for it. A lot of times swinger parties advertise them though. Of course there is a good chance you’ll have an audience there too.

      I wanted to try one for the longest time. I’d seen some videos too and thought I’d love it. I was surprised to find out that I seem to like it less than some people. I thought I’d be totally different, but at least my curiosity is satiated, lol.

      I’m sore too from riding it the other day. It is intense, even on a lower speed.

  2. If you are a gear head they are fun machines – my husband makes his own and the one thing I said was ‘ dont fucking bother with the rotating against the cervix piece/motor’ that shit is fucked up and nothing in nature does that to a woman (moves in a circle) that is strictly for man fantasy bull crap not female pleasure. But I might also be biased, i like my machine more… very cool you tried it out though!

    I wonder how much of you was willing to do this now because of the ‘chatting’ with the prof. tho – as opposed to doing this before when you weren’t chatting with him?? I know I’m playing devil’s advocate again but I can’t help it!

    **I have not been able to catch up on your blog since my holiday, working on it, but sounds like you are keeping busy and having fun.

    • Yeah, I really don’t get the moving in a circle thing. That hurts me for some reason and I don’t like it. I mean, I’ve had guys hit all kinds of spots in there with their dicks and the married guy actually has done something where his dick is basically moving in a circle and with HIM it feels great but the machine pokes me. It feels like it is poking my bladder or something unpleasant inside so no I don’t like that.

      Your machine sounds fun! Lucky you with a husband who creates new ones, haha. I think if I created my own I’d use something else that wasn’t quite so hard on the clit too, those ridges kind of hurt. I’m super sensitive down there too though I guess.

      I think that talking to the Prof probably does help. I miss him. I felt better about going in his apt complex when we aren’t arguing. After writing this I told him about it and he was kind of shocked, lol. He said he was surprised I’d be that bold and that it was really weird it was so close to his house. Haha…

  3. I had to comment because I was only recently exposed to the Sybian and I completely lost my shit. I mean it was the most intense thing I ever felt. However, the man at the “controls” knew me intimately so he knew exactly what amount of speed, pressure, etc would get me off the best. It was pretty awesome for me so I was sorry to hear that it was only so-so for you. Better luck next time?

    • LOL So glad you enjoyed it. It seems like most women who have tried it do. I was pretty surprised to find that it didn’t get me off as easily as I thought it would. The time I tried it at a swinger party I was kind of disappointed too. I thought maybe it was because I’d been drinking but this time I was sober.

      One thing was that it wasn’t pressing on the right spot on my clit and I would have had to slide all the way down on the penis shaft which kind of hurt when I tried to do it. So maybe a shorter attachment would work better but I didn’t have a really long one or anything, just average.

  4. I just ordered one for my Wife. She is petite so to start with I got two inserts that don’t penetrate her at all and so she can concentrate on the vibration to start with. I got the smaller insert and a finger to slowly and gently try the rotation and if she decides she wants more then there are two sizes of sleeves to give her a more full feeling.

    The idea is to give her pleasure, the ultimate goal is to train her to be capable of regularly and readily reaching orgasm while we make love.

    I am very much looking forward to it and she does not have any idea that I purchased this for her. I will start off with us watching a pretty tame video before showing it to her and setting up one of the non penetrating attachments for her to try. One step at a time.

  5. Very interesting to run across this blog. I’m certain I’m Mr. Nice Guy. One of the fun things about doing this is that everyone is different. You’re not going to click with everyone and I have no problem with that.

    • Really? Like as in, that was you?? Lol If you read the rest of my blog I guess you will see what it is that turns me on and why it is that I felt the way I did. It definitely wasn’t a personal thing. 🙂

  6. I found a guy on craigslist and we agreed to meet and me ride his sybian. I am so much looking forward to this. We are going to meet in a public place first and then go into his apartment as he wants to eat my pussy first and then as I ride the sybian he wants to suck my big boobs with the option to fuck if i want to. i am looking forward to ride the sybian

  7. I just recently purchased a sybian. I have several “friends with benefits” right now. All 3 of them have expressed interest in this thing, so I bit the bullet and ordered one. I am divorced, and I’m just not interested in a committed relationship right now. Reading your story has gotten me really interested in offering it out to other women. I’ve never done anything like that publicly… never used Craigslist. My question is… how do women find out about this? What Craigslist “heading” was the post under, etc? I really get off on getting a woman off, so I’m just looking for some direction to feed my passion.

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