Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Once upon a time I was really into astrology.  Not just sun signs, but, diagramming the whole chart astrology.  Granted that was a long time ago, but I was fascinated by the subject. 

Part of this interest probably had to do with the fact that my whole chart had been done by a professional when I was a baby and I had tapes of her predictions for my future.  It was really a fascinating two hours to sit and listen to someone talking about what kind of a person I was supposed to grow up to be like and seeing how much of it was true thus far (as a teen). 

In any case I used to have Linda Goodman’s book Love Signs on my shelf as well as latitude and longitude books and other chart mapping tools.  I was fascinated with people’s birthdates and times and how it influenced their personalities.  To me it made sense that the moon and stars could have an effect on our emotions.  After all, our bodies contain a lot of fluids and the moon controls the tides.  It’s not as far- fetched as it may seem. That was my reasoning at the time anyway, lol.

When I got married, along with my Ouija board and my tarot cards and other occultish items, the ex- husband said these have to go.  He felt they were anti -Christian and had no place in our home.  At the time, I reluctantly agreed.  I was more willing to let go of this stuff than my music but all of it was tossed.  Even the astrology tapes I’d had done when I was too young to remember.  I don’t think anyone has an extra copy of them either.

I still remember a lot of what was said during the reading because I’d listened to those tapes over and over again.  You could hear the sound of the ocean in the background as she talked about my Virgo sun sign, Aquarius rising.  I have Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Gemini, and overall a bunch of air signs dominating my birth chart.  Due to all this I felt I wasn’t really meant to be a Virgo.  I mean, how could that even describe me?  They sound so anal and prude, annoying in all the descriptions.

How could I reconcile my ENFP traits, with those of a Virgo and the way they are typically portrayed? Virginal? Uptight?  Moi? You must be joking!!

During a discussion maybe a year or so ago, when I was home visiting family, one of my sisters brought up the zodiac and I rolled my eyes saying that I didn’t feel like Virgo described me very well.  My mother was quick to jump in that oh yes, it is me to a T.  What? 

She said yes because I am “very efficient” and they bombarded me with words describing my typically Virgo nature.  Okay, okay.  I guess there might be a little truth to it.  Maybe.

A lady at the bank today called my checkbook balancing “meticulous”.  There had been a mistake on my records and I came in to verify mine versus theirs so I wouldn’t be given an extra charge. Apparently in this day and age most people don’t take the time to balance their records the way I do. In my pole dancing class the other day one of the instructors pointed out my tendency to be way overcritical of myself when she asks how I felt or think I did.  I notice the tiniest mistakes. Yes, I am a perfectionist. 

All that is very Virgo.  But does it carry over into the bedroom?  Hmmmm….

I’m far from prude but I guess I do have my little things.  If someone called me names in the sack, like “bitch” or “whore” I’d probably up and walk out.  I’m very much a pleaser and want to do everything the way the guy likes it.  It took me a very long time to get to the point where I realized that to have orgasms I needed to stop trying to give so much and just lie back and receive.

By the way, I also have Venus, which is the sign of love and relationships, in Virgo.  Dammit.  It’s a double whammy.

Did I mention I have this thing for guys that are really anal about something or other?  Haha.  Like, I think it’s hot when he tells me he irons his socks, for example, or the way the Pilot schedules and plans things way ahead of time.  The guy I had the affair with can be rather OCD about cleanliness and I just loved it.  Yeah, it’s a little weird but it must be the Virgo in me.

Back in the day, I knew this girl who said her goal in life was to fuck a guy from every sign of the Zodiac.  I wonder if I have done that yet?

Let’s see…. The guy I had the affair with was an Aquarius.  Yeah, that fits him.  Really well.  He’s very creative, genius even, and not afraid to be different from all the rest.  He’s kind of unpredictable and we are supposed to be a terrible match, Aquarius and Virgo, but maybe the rising sign helps, lol.  We did have a lot of ups and downs, and do have an offbeat, unusual sort of relationship.  Sometimes I think we are over and done with but then, randomly, this morning, he sent me a picture of his dick, lol.  Maybe not ;).

My FWB is a Scorpio.  Hawt.  So was the first guy I ever had sex with.  Both are/were very intense in the sack.

The Professor, my Fuck Buddy and the Producer, as well as the guy I was platonic friends with for years before starting to have threesomes with? Oh, and the guy I basically couldn’t stand but had great sex with all the time anyway? Sagittarius.  All of them, lol.  WTH?  I must be some sort of Sagittarius magnet.  I’d categorize them all as people who have difficulty expressing their feelings and sort of free roamers. 

The guy I was in love with for the longest and who broke my heart?  Libra.  So were several other guys I have slept with and had relationships with in the past.  That’s another sign I seem to draw in.  On one hand they can be a lot of fun and easy to get along with.  Yet they can be surprisingly heartless when you are least expecting it.

My ex- husband was a Virgo.  So was the guy who tried to choke me when I told him I had cheated on him.  Yeah, I’m not feeling so keen on Virgo men.  The ex was extremely critical, of me and unrealistic in his expectations.  I guess that is something I need to watch out not to become myself.

The Married Man is a Pisces.  He is flaky as fuck too.  Yet in the bedroom?  WOW.  Just wow.  There are no words for how amazing he is in that regard.  Yeah, I’d sleep with him again in a heartbeat, even if he flakes out on plans a million times.

The totally crazy guy I dated who ended up in prison and who I had the most volatile relationship with in my life was an Aries.  Yeah, impulsive, bullheaded, fiery temper, that would be him.  He was very aggressive in the bedroom.

The Pilot is a Leo!  I love it!  I can totally see how that fits him.  He loves attention and draws a lot of it but is also very generous and kind.  He’s enthusiastic and can go and go and go in the bedroom.  He’s making me pretty happy at the moment too!  I dated this Italian guy that was a Leo way back in middle school and he was pretty jealous and hotheaded but I haven’t seen that out of the Pilot yet. Haha.

He wants us to make a couples profile together on the swinger site. 🙂  I love how he’s all gung ho to do this stuff that I could never get from the Prof, without me even asking.  We had a blast last night trying to come up with our profile name and were cracking each other up for a couple hours.  I think we’ve chosen a pretty good one too. 😉

Anyhow, what does that leave?  I don’t recall ever fucking a Taurus.  They are supposed to be one of my best matches too.  I can’t remember any Cancers either.  I’m pretty sure I have slept with some Gemini’s but I don’t think any of them were significant in my life.  Capricorns?  Not that I know of.  My Capricorn teenage son drives me nuts though.  I’m not sure how any woman is ever going to put up with him, lol.  Maybe he’ll calm down in a couple of years but headstrong, demanding, extremely impulsive, and full of tall tales doesn’t seem like what I’d be looking for in a guy. :p

Yeah, I take all of this with a big old grain of salt but it’s fun to think about it anyway.  Betty Homebanger inspired me awhile back with this post: Sexuality and Astrology.  How about you all?  What are your experiences with sleeping with the 12 signs?  Anyone done the whole wheel?


5 thoughts on “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

  1. Lovergirl: You do realize you have two signs, not one, right? There is your sun sign and then there is your moon sign. My sun sign is Leo, my moon sign is Taurus. Your sun sign is the day you were born. Your moon sign is harder to calculate, but there are websites that can do that for you in less than a minute. Just google “moon sign.”

    Your sun sign (Virgo) only describes your public personality – how you present yourself to others. Your moon sign is your real personality that you have deep down. I bet you’re really a Scorpio. Either way, check out your moon sign and let us know who you really are.

  2. Here’s what I want to know, with all of your knowledge in this department….What is the match/draw/positive/negative….between a Cancer (Me) and a Sagittarius (Him). I LOVE reading about astrology and think that I fit the Cancer sign very well. But, you might know more, off the cuff, about vibes and planets and whatever else is supposed to affect this stuff. My Husband is a Capricorn and I can’t really even remember now, what those qualities were….probably b/c I don’t care. But I think I remember that he fit his and my MM fit his as well. Aren’t Sags restless? Just can’t remember! Now I need to go look all this stuff up, to quell my own curiosity! LOL! But, if you know anything about a Cancer woman and a Sag man, let me know!

    And, as a side note, years and years ago, when we were FIRST together, we were outside one night and it happened to be a full moon. Somehow, that became “our thing”. I’ve said since that the next time I find a “sign” that reminds me of someone, it won’t be something that I HAVE to see every single freaking month! Ugh. It can be painful. Anyway, I absolutely think that the moon affects things. The full moon, especially. As a nurse (non-practicing currently) I can tell you that we all used to dread the full moons. More injuries, more broken bones, crazy patients, crazy families. It was totally TRUE. And for ME, even during the months that I wasn’t aware of when the full moon was, I have become overly emotional….almost to the point of guaranteeing that MM and I would have an issue….usually started by ME!

    The last full moon was that “Super Moon”. Apparently it’s what? 14% larger than the average full moon? Either way, believe it or not, we had the WORST falling out that we might have ever had. HE flipped on me….in a way that he has never done before. (while I am not seeing him, we stay in touch….as I’ve found that going No Contact and cutting things off in the heat of a fight, just leaves me feeling worse.) Anyway, he literally freaked on ME in a way that he never had before! We have since made up, and he apologize over and over and DID notice the moon that weekend as well, but when I saw it, on Saturday and we had just had our big issue on Thursday night, I thought…WOW. Makes sense!

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. Totally liked this post, b/c I do see how the months we are born in, based on tides and planets and things I don’t even know about, could shape our personalities. If you know off the top of your head, anything special about Cancer women with Sag men, I’d love to know! And…glad you are having a good time with the Pilot! Please tell us your swinger name, if you can! Sounds like a lot of laughs were had coming up with it and laughing is always a good thing!

    On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 2:24 AM, lifeofalovergirl wrote:

    > ** > lifeofalovergirl posted: “Once upon a time I was really into > astrology. Not just sun signs, but, diagramming the whole chart > astrology. Granted that was a long time ago, but I was fascinated by the > subject. Part of this interest probably had to do with the fact that my > whole cha”

    • I wish I could be more helpful with the Cancer/Sagittarius match but it’s been so long since I’ve really paid attention to this stuff. You should totally read the book Love Signs by Linda Goodman if you want an in depth explanation of how each of the signs interacts with each of the others though. It’s like 900+ pages and breaks it down into Cancer woman/Sagittarius man and stuff like that. 😉 You can find bits and pieces of it online but it takes some effort, lol.

      I do know that Cancer is a water sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign. Fire and water are not one of the ideal mixes and will have their challenges. I think any match up can make it just some have more obstacles than others. Capricorn is an earth sign and supposed to be rigid and stubborn. I’m supposed to get along with other earth signs as a Virgo but I really am not sure if that’s the case, lol.

      I find it interesting that your MM is a Sagittarius because you’ve said a few times that the Professor reminded you of him and that’s what HE is. I find them difficult to read and a bit emotionally distant. I think they are supposed to be restless and not like to settle down. They are supposed to really like their freedom and maybe have some commitment issues. Hmmm…sounds familiar, haha. As a Cancer I think you are supposed to be a bit more clingy and emotional.

      The moon affects menstrual cycles too so I really do think the planets can have an influence on our behavior. That’s interesting that people get more injuries and stuff then. I can totally see that. My kids seem to act more wild and hyper with certain cycles of the moon too, lol. Little werewolves.

      Did you know that Cancer is the sign that is supposed to be ruled by the moon? That is kind of interesting to note when you mention how it played into your relationship. It makes sense that it would especially affect a Cancer person’s emotions.

      I’ll have to send you our swinger name privately over email. Don’t want to post it out for the entire world wide web, lol. We actually went with a pretty tame one in comparison. The stuff we were coming up with was outrageous enough to keep making us laugh and we would just keep creating more names until he was finally like if we use any of these people are going to think we are really full of ourselves, haha.

      • Thanks for the rundown! I will check out that book. I totally fit the Cancer type. Water lover, emotional. Retreat into my shell. Sensitive. Blah, blah, blah. But I didn’t realize that the moon affected me!

        And, I didn’t realize that the name you chose might allow people to Google and identify. No worries on that. Was just curious, thinking it was more of a general type thing. I don’t know anything about swinger sites, but I suppose others might and that would make sense that they could maybe fine you!

        And, interesting yes…about the Prof and my MM. Remember how I wondered at first, by some of your descriptions, if they were the same person! LOL!

        Fire and water may not not mix for the long term….but when they come into contact with each other, there is plenty of steam! LOL!

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