Plans interrupted


The Pilot continues to be awesome and we had plans this weekend but I ended up having to cancel on him.  I was so disappointed, and worried that he would think it was that I am not interested or had decided to spend my time with someone else and was ditching him at the last moment.  Fortunately he seemed to take it pretty well. 

What happened is that my ex- husband called at the last minute saying he’d gotten an opportunity to make some money in another city this weekend and he would no longer be able to take the kids tonight.  UGH!  I made him promise that if he makes extra money he sends some to us.  He’s thousands of dollars behind on child support and even though his wages are garnished I don’t get the full amount we are supposed to each month. 

So, I should get something out of it but still it’s never fun to have plans cancelled.  We had scoped out the parties in both of our areas and decided there wasn’t anything that sounded fun enough to attend but I was going to drive up to see him and we were planning to put out a posting on the swinger site to see if any other couples wanted to hook up with us.  Otherwise we would just have some one on one good times ;).

He later admitted that he was shorter than usual on funds and that he would have been able to cover the hotel and my gas and whatever we were going to do but it would have been a stretch.  I think it’s kind of sweet that he was going to do it anyhow, lol. I guess that is a good indication that he likes me…enough to break the bank to get me to come visit, haha.  He’s mentioned before that he has this huge payment on a piece of land he is buying but it will all be paid off in a couple of months.

Anyhow, next weekend we may not get together either.  I’m due for my period soon and that could ruin the fun.  So it looks like another long wait before seeing the Pilot.  Makes for more anticipation though, right?  Gotta look on the bright side…

Meanwhile, he brought up a couple on the swinger site to me.  He has never spoken with them but had seen them around and said he thought they looked like they could be a good match for us to play with.  We’d been talking about finding another interracial couple, and they fit the bill and are in their early 30’s and attractive.

 I’d seen their pics before and sure enough they had emailed me previously but I never responded. I suck at returning emails to people on the swinger site.  Mainly, because I’m just not THAT interested in being a 3rd with a couple.  Anyhow they had told me their names and sent their regular email address.

So we decided that I would shoot them an email and ask if they would be interested in hanging out in a couple of weeks.  They responded, saying they really liked both of our profiles so it is quite possible we will all end up playing eventually.  To be continued…. 😉

The Pilot so far seems cool about stuff like this.  He, unlike the Professor, actually seems to want to be fair and make sure that I am also interested in the guy if we are going to have a four-way.  When we were discussing possibly putting out a notice on the site for this weekend I commented that he’d probably like a single girl if we didn’t match up with a couple and he asked if I might be interested in a single guy too.  I said I’d be cool with it either way and he didn’t act threatened at all, which is good.  You never know with guys but if he’s down with a MFM threesome sometime….yeah, I might be able to swing that, lol.

In the meantime, the Producer has been texting me constantly.  He’s obviously pretty into me but I’m not really feeling it.  He asked me to rate the sex with him on a scale of 1-10 and be honest.  I dodged the question.  How the hell am I supposed to respond to that?

Not to mention he kept texting me while I was shopping with a bunch of kids and when I tried to explain that he didn’t stop!  I guess when you don’t have kids of your own you don’t get it but yeah, I had a million and one things going on at once.  I was upset about the cancellation with the Pilot and the PMS doesn’t help. 

My day was just one thing wrong after another and I had so much to do but my kids wanted to set off fireworks in the driveway.  It was getting late and I realized I might not make it to the gym.  I said “I was going to work out” and my 7 year old retorted “keep dreaming, buddy”.  😛  Fireworks it was….

While I am doing all this stuff the Producer is sending pictures of his “lawn” and how nicely it was mowed when he came home. producerhouse Just happened to get a shot of his house in the background….yeah… Clearly he has a nice house.  Is he trying to turn me into a golddigger or what?  LOL   I said “it’s gorgeous” and he said “just like you”….::::gag:::

I’ve always wondered what a single person does with that much house.  I think I’d feel especially lonely with all those rooms to walk into.  Not to mention it would be pretty creepy at night! However, if he has extra cash to throw around I don’t think I’d mind it being thrown at me.  Golddigging has never been my style, but yeah, it could be tempting…

He wants to see me again later this weekend but I can’t say I’m that excited about it.  I think if my fuck buddy is in town I’d rather hook up with him.  If nothing better presents itself though…maybe.

13 thoughts on “Plans interrupted

  1. Yes well some people think that if you like their stuff then it means you like them but I sort of giggled because this was the producer that made it clear he was all cool and casual and how other girls just got sooooooooo attached to him to quickly. LOL boys…
    Rate my sex? seriously?!

    • Yeah I know, he’s actually not the first guy that has demanded a review but I hate that!! It’s just sooo needy. He was the one saying this is a pure FWB thing and we won’t get attached but he did mention having fallen for a woman and getting hurt after he was the one that wanted a non emotional thing. I don’t want to be the replay of that situation.

      It’s funny, but it always seems like the guys who adamantly insist that they want to keep emotions out of it are the ones that end up being clingy. It’s almost a red flag. Like if he has to SAY that then watch out….

  2. Totally off topic…well, kind of. But I noticed that we have: The Professor. The Producer. And, The Pilot. LOL! Are all of the “P” nicknames intentional? Just thought that was funny when you mentioned them all!

    As for The Producer? He sounds kind of insecure. It’s really kind of sad. He obviously felt the need to name drop on your date and let you know how successful he’s been in the past. And then in sending you a pic of his “nicely mowed lawn”, he obviously wanted you to see his home. It sounds like he IS lonely. He DOES want someone to get serious with and he is also obviously worried about his “skills”. After the comment about not being able to “get off” with a BJ and then doing it twice with you in minutes? And then asking for a rating? Ugh. I feel sorry for him, in some weird way.

    I’m glad you and the Pilot are connecting and enjoying each other. It’s nice to see you posting about fun things and feeling good again! I love your stories… I look forward to more! 🙂

    • Haha…. I think they all just had some sort of profession that I could start with a P so started doing so. Don’t forget the Policeman! LOL Also, the Jamaican guy I could have called the “Practitioner” if I wanted to since he was a nurse practitioner ;). I didn’t go there that time though, lmao.

      Glad you are enjoying my latest adventures…I am too! Yeah the Producer does come across as needy and lonely and he did say he was really looking for something long term originally. I don’t want him to think I am that girl because first I think he would be jealous and I don’t like his Madonna/whore attitude and also we don’t really have that chemistry. Now whether to let him spoil me in the meantime, if that’s what he so desires….hmmmm…. lol

  3. I actually think you should pursue something with the lawn man…make the rules…it’s obvious he is used to women wanting him based on the size of his wallet. since you are not impressed by his status, it means he will pursue you more. not to sound mercenary, but why not take advantage of that? he has pronounced that he does not want exclusive…fine..but by allowing him of live the dream of having a “girlfriend experience” with you minus commitment, it means that you could make life a bit easier on you. Have him pay for rooms where you can play with your other partner. let him buy you pedicures or have your hair done (for him). he wants someone to spend money on…so why not you? he does not so much have an ego..but is presenting one to mask his insecurities. if you manage the relationship with him…its not gold digging..its being financially and sexually open.

    • Haha…you sound like one of my sisters. She would be saying how men just live to spoil a woman and its their secret desire and that’s why they earn so much so why not enjoy it? He says he wants to be FWB, though the way he’s acting makes it a little suspect. That and I wonder about the level of jealousy if he knows I’m continuing to see other men. At first he was telling me how he HAS to be the only guy, etc, and I think he switched to the FWB thing when he saw I wasn’t interested in that.

      In any case, I like your rationalizations and am really tempted to use them, lol. I mean, I’ve always thought it would be kind of nice to have a Sugar Daddy, haha. He’s not much older than me but we will ignore that part, its the willingness to pamper that counts. 😉

      Plus if I’m going to embrace my inner whore then it’s going to be easiest with someone I can make cum quickly and who likes quickies, lmao. I’m all about time management. It’s not like I didn’t get anything at all out of the sex either, I did cum a couple of times. He was nice and everything, if a little insecure.

      He’s actually coming to my town tomorrow and getting a pedicure. Maybe I should hint about wanting one myself and see where that goes. I really could use some extra pampering and he did mention wanting to help me get a break away from the kids from time to time. 😉 Why not indulge him in his desire to impress a woman with his money? 😉

      My only real fear is him getting too attached. I know how to stroke his ego and make him feel good but I don’t want to hurt anyone in the long run.

      • … its the willingness to pamper that counts…REMEMBER this comment as your mantra for dealing with him. He should pay for your pedicure and bring you an iced coffee to the salon…once there let him know you would love to do it again in 3 wks. Do NOT fear him becoming over attached. He won’t. He sounds like a chaser who needs external validation and since you won;t succumb to him with him throwing gifts, etc from you…he will keep in chase mode. Everything else you talked abut is a perfect reason to try it out and see if it fits…and don;t come right out and tell him what you are doing…remind him of your prior position and state nothing has changed.

    • I dropped the hint about wanting a pedicure too and he jumped on it. So today he is getting me a pedicure as well as himself. I haven’t asked for a coffee but it’s not a bad idea, lol. I said something about a manicure and he said he’d see how much time we have (I doubt we will have time though, I’m limited on time today). He also made some comment about getting me a pedicure and it could be in exchange for “getting to hit it from the back”, lol. I ignored this….

      He had been complaining that I don’t seem as interested in sex as he does but really that’s bogus, just not so much with him. He didn’t like that he mentioned he was coming to town and I just said “that’s great”. So it was after that he was jumping to offer stuff.

      What’s crazy is that he told me he hooked up with a couple last night. He said it was at some swinger restaurant/bar and that this woman was hot and half Latina and a lawyer. Then he goes on to tell me about how he was thinking about ME. I’m like wtf, he just got laid, but okay.

      I think it’s true though that some men will chase and chase someone who isn’t quite as into them and why not see if I can use it to my advantage? I mean, if he’s sleeping with couples and stuff he really can’t say anything about me sleeping around either.

      • he was letting u know other women found him sexually attractive and that he was open to threesomes, as well as advising you that his sexual interest lays in you if you are open to it. if it happened or not? who knows…

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