Lucky me, an STD


Fucking policeman, I know it had to be him.  When I texted to share the news he claimed he hadn’t had sex in a year before me.  Guess he must have forgotten telling me about the woman he slept with while her husband watched and the fiancé of his cousin that they supposedly bang together frequently.  Hmmm…

Yeah, he’s the one that was going on about how he couldn’t get STD’s because he is allergic to various antibiotics and how careful he is. Then he mentioned how he never sleeps with these “lizards” at truck stops. I should have known him SAYING this stuff and bringing it up probably indicated the opposite. Men are such liars. “He who doth protest too much….”

Too bad too, because I really wanted to keep sleeping with him.  It was fun, I just don’t want to risk this again!  He was asking me about anal recently too, and knowing this?  No way!

Anyway, I have Chlamydia.  I guess it’s not all that surprising considering my sexual activities for the past month.  3 new guys and only one wore a condom.  I should know better, I really should.   Fuck buddy, fortunately, ALWAYS wears a condom and it’s been over 5 weeks since I’ve seen the Professor so I think he’s probably fine.  The incubation period for this is like a week and a half and the nurse said sometimes takes up to 3 weeks to show up.

The Jamaican guy was surprisingly nice over text.  His response was “What??? Thanks for letting me know.  That’s very brave and sweet of you.  Thanks!” I’ve never been called “sweet” before for informing someone I may have given them an std (because I have my doubts that it came from him), but okay.

 I haven’t responded to that, not sure what to say, lol.  I think I’m more “blunt and to the point” about stuff like this than “sweet”.  I didn’t beat around the bush, just told them both straight out, over text, so I’m sure it was a bit of a shock.

I wish I could say I have never had an STD before, but sadly that wouldn’t be true.  If you read my post My Deep Dark Past, it should come as no surprise that I’ve had quite a few.  My sexual activities as a teenager were not only reckless as far as condoms go but also involved a lot of guys who had been in and out of prison at some point or another.

  I’m always surprised though at these people who claim they have had (mostly unprotected)sex with hundreds of people and never contracted anything.  How??  It seems like the minute I have unprotected sex with a new guy I virtually always end up with something unpleasant, heck I’ve even had what appeared to be an allergic reaction to the freaking CONDOM (or spermicide on it) with one man.  I think I’m just really sensitive and susceptible to this sort of thing.  Thankfully I am pretty in tune with my body and notice and get stuff treated right away. 

The nurse at the health department was pretty nice.  She didn’t act too horrified when she saw my vast, extensive, std history.  It always makes me want to crawl through the floor.   What was the worst was that a couple of years ago, I contracted Trich and when the antibiotic didn’t clear it up the first time around they said I would have to go through my family doctor.  The doctor wouldn’t refer me someplace until I got seen in the office so I had to have my records faxed over there and ever since I can feel the judgment from the staff.  This is the same place I take my kids to be seen. :/

It looks awful on paper, but reality is I am not having near as much reckless sex as I was back then and have only caught the Trich and this in the past couple of years since my divorce.  I’ve always been quick to discover and treat whatever it is and followed the instructions on not having sex until things cleared up and informed my partners.

Still there is a whole host of stereotypes that come with someone having had STD’s that is very negative.  One of them is that the person isn’t clean and I know that’s not true because I am scrupulous with hygiene.  Maybe if there wasn’t so much shame surrounding the issue people would be more honest too.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have come down with something and anyone/everyone I was sleeping with adamantly denied having anything.  Um, sorry but that is IMPOSSIBLE.  I will admit though that I think there is some problem with the testing.  Even the nurse at the health dept told me sometimes one half of a couple will test positive with Chlamydia and the other shows up as either having nothing or having Gonorrhea, so they treat both anyway.

When I came down with Trich, the guy I had the affair with swore up and down he tested as having nothing.  I told him that lots of times men do test negative and still can pass it on and should be treated.  Apparently his doctor told him the same damn thing and offered him medicine but he said he wasn’t going to take it because he “didn’t have anything” and wasn’t taking any freaking medicine that he didn’t need to!  I wanted to bang my head on the wall, lol.  We used condoms for a while after that but  eventually did again, without, and I never got anything.

I still remember the first time I had Chlamydia.  It was in my THROAT and I was 15 years old so it took them awhile to figure out what was wrong.  I had to see a pediatrician and the woman was so horribly nasty to me when she found out.  She asked how many sexual partners I’d had in the past 6 months and I was afraid to tell her the truth so I said “10”.  It was really more like 20.  Some of those had been gang rapes.

 She spent her time trying to shame me and make me feel bad, rather than asking any deeper questions.  She said she wanted the names and numbers of all the people I’d slept with and that she was going to call and talk to them.  Of course I claimed not to remember them (though I knew) because I didn’t want to be humiliated like that.  Then she acted even nastier, as though treating me like dirt was going to stop me from having sex.

Anyhow, I DO know better than to have sex with strangers without a condom.  I’ve admittedly been kind of reckless lately in my attempts to forget about the Professor.  It could have been worse though.  What kills me is that the officer HAD the damn condoms sitting there, because I had ASKED him to bring and wear one but he didn’t put it on. 

I’m just as guilty because I was super horny and he’d just gone down on me and all I wanted was him inside me and didn’t care.  I really hope he was telling the truth about not cumming inside me too because I am late for my period.   :/  I’m afraid to get a test and hoping it’s just the Chlamydia and the fact that I’ve had an irregular cycle lately.  When I had Trich last time my period was 12 days late and it totally freaked me out, but no pregnancy. 

I take the meds tonight and then no sex for a week.  Thank God I caught it now because I’m due to see the married man next weekend.  She said I’ll also most likely get a yeast infection from the antibiotics (something else I’m super susceptible to) and so will start some meds for that soon as well.  I’m disappointed too because I was looking forward to seeing Mr. Officer again.  Damn!!


6 thoughts on “Lucky me, an STD

  1. That is just so fucked up; of course, you have my hopes for a good recovery. Did you contact the guy and let him know before he gives it to someone else? You get props for letting the other guys know, too, far as I’m concerned; too many times, something like this will happen and it’s so humiliating and the like that people won’t put the word out to prevent shit from spreading.

    • I told the Officer and the Jamaican. The guy I met off Craigslist was wearing a condom and so was my fuck buddy so I know they don’t have it. The Professor was over 5 weeks ago so very unlikely, especially since I wasn’t fucking around then other than with my fuck buddy (who was wearing a condom). He supposedly wasn’t either. I haven’t slept with him since he’s been with the married woman.

  2. Man this really does suck – and of course this will probably just piss you off more but I can’t not say anything because other people read your blog and it might help them to know that …

    chlamydia symptoms are usually a week to three to show up positive in a test and there is a good chance that people have it longer than they believe because symptoms don’t show up right away if at all.

    it can be transmitted through ORAL SEX – so even if you wear a condom for intercourse, giving a girl or guy head unprotected spreads the disease as well. So if a guy then goes down on you…

    So depending on your routine of testings ect and I am NOT bad mouthing the professor or you … is there a chance that he should be informed as well? Married or not no one really knows if that woman has been tested: within her marriage she might be unaware she has something. And then of course the FWB could not be aware they have and gave it to you.

    • Hey Pyx. Yeah, they are a week to three to show up and that’s what the nurse said also. I slept with the Officer a little over a week ago. The Jamaican was a few days ago. I told both of them. The other guys both wore condoms (the guy I met off Craigslist and the Fuck Buddy) so they clearly didn’t give it to me (or get it though the chances of me having it before that are very remote).

      My symptoms showed up a couple of days ago. Too soon to be from the Jamaican guy, so almost positive it was Mr. Officer.

      The last time I had sex with the Prof was April 4, a month and 6 days ago (36 days). Highly unlikely it was him and supposedly he hadn’t slept with the married woman for over 6 months prior to that. He’s slept with her since but I didn’t sleep with him after he saw her. Now if I had to choose someone I’d love to pass an STD on to, it would be her, lol, but not likely.

      He did have sex with another woman at a party and I think it was like a month and a half before that even, so again unlikely I got it from him. My fuck buddy NEVER goes without a condom so it wasn’t him and he’s the only guy I’d slept with in quite some time besides the Prof.

      I’m reluctant to talk to the Professor at all since we haven’t spoken at all in almost 3 weeks. IF he were the one who gave it to me (again, a very unlikely, remote chance) then he was lying about his sexual activity and deserves whatever he gets, as far as I am concerned. He couldn’t have gotten it from me due to Fuck Buddy wearing a condom religiously.

  3. That sucks. I mean, it’s just Chlamydia, not the end of the world, but please please use condoms in the future. I was reckless as a teenagers too (no one was using condoms back in the day in my part of the world), but for many years now I’ve had a ‘no condom, no sex. no excuses’ policy that I stick to pretty religiously…

    • Yeah, it’s not really a big deal and will be gone soon. I took the meds this eve. I’m not pregnant either, took a test just to be sure because my period is late and my boobs are sore, but I’m good there, lol.

      As for condoms, yeah, I know I should be using them. I admit I hate the things though. I am really sensitive and they tend to chafe (despite me being super wet), especially with guys that I’m having a couple hours long sex with! This is an issue with the Fuck Buddy because after awhile it starts to hurt but I mostly keep quiet about it. That and it makes it much harder for me to have an orgasm. And I hate that irritating feeling of the tip of the condom hitting up against my cervix. Hate it!

      I’ve also had reactions to condoms before, more than once. At first I thought I was allergic to latex but I don’t think that’s the case. There must be a spermicide or something that bothers me because sometimes guys use latex condoms on me and I am fine. Other times I end up with horrible swelling, welts and itching. Fun!

      They gave me some non latex condoms at the Health Dept, which was nice, but they only had one size, haha. Several guys I have been with used Magnums and they seemed to be fine.

      In any case I know I need to suck it up, just sometimes in the moment I find it hard to insist, especially when so many men hate them too. The married guy I don’t think would ever wear one and the Professor hasn’t with me either (note that these are my two favorites in bed, coincidence? probably not…) Definitely will be more insistent with new men though. Just can’t be getting stuff like this.

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