Mmmmm…. my pleasure ;)


It feels soooo GOOD to be given the Sensual Blogger award! Thank you Ankoku1331 over at Speaking out on Nate for another stroke to my ego! My fellow bloggers do me so well. 😉

Like the other awards I’ve been nominated for, this one has directions. Being the submissive girl that I am I am going to follow them. Here is what I’ve been told to do.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated AWARDED you with a link back to their blog.

2. Copy and paste this fine award on your blog.

3. Answer 7 “sensual” questions posed by the blogger who awarded you this fine award.

4. Create or borrow 7 “sensual” questions for the bloggers you award this fine award to to answer.

5. Select 7 “sensual” bloggers to award this fine award to.

My answers to the 7 sensual questions:

1. Someone is attempting to seduce you over dinner, what is the dinner?

Hmmm… maybe a nice Italian meal, pasta that includes artichokes, capers, and mushrooms in a light creamy sauce and a glass of white wine.

2. Which song or songs get/put you in a sensual-sexual mood?

Oh wow. I could go on all day on this one. I even wrote a post awhile back with links. Feel Like Makin Love. That’s really only the beginning though.

3. Everyone has a scent that takes them back to a fond moment, what is your scent and the moment?

Well, considering right now I’m still missing the Professor something fierce, I’m going to say the cologne he wears, Obsession for Men. I love the way he smells.

4. A sensuous-sexual activity that you want more of? (backrubs, kissing, etc.)

I want a massage!! Seems like every time a guy offers one it’s just a trap, intended to get you in bed that they never follow through on. The Jamaican guy I met with the other day had on his profile that he loves giving a woman a nice massage and is really good at it. So when we were together in the hotel room I asked him if that meant he was going to give me one, in a kind of teasing manner and he laughed and said that was just something random he put on there. Wtf?? LOL Where is my damn massage?

Haha He’s not the first to do that either! One guy I met off the swinger site, the one that drove 4 hours to meet me back in like August or September, he had promised a massage to me over email and it never came to pass. Booo! The Professor did sometimes massage my shoulders for me though, and he didn’t have to be asked. Waah!! 😦  I am so heartsick lately. 😦

5. A sexual fantasy that you have not indulged, but would if the situation was “perfect” for you (no guilt, travel taken care of, etc.)

I want to have sex on the beach, on a blanket, out in the open, on a vast stretch of empty beach like they had on the North Shore of Hawaii when I was younger and living there. I’d prefer broad daylight and warm sun. There would HAVE to be a big blanket involved though because we all know sand in the ass is a bad idea. Barring that I’d like to do it out in a big open field (on a blanket, never without the big blanket, lol) during the day. The grass would have to be short too, I am practical, haha.

6. A favorite gift given to you by a partner or lover?

I have to think about this because unfortunately most of my partners and lovers didn’t buy me jack. (Damn them to hell and back) haha. I do like the hoodie that the Professor bought me. It’s one of those “useful” gifts but the thing I like most is that he randomly bought it because he was thinking about me and not for any special occasion.

7. One piece of sensuous advice that you would give to anyone?

Pay attention to your partner’s entire body, not just their known erogenous zones. Every inch of their body is worth touching, licking, exploring. Don’t neglect the inner thighs and do lots of teasing.

8. Bonus Question: I am in the mood to read a single paragraph of erotica: What can you create with the following prompts: An apple orchard, a robot with a limp, sunset, and at least one famous person (alive or dead)?

You just had to throw in a fucking “robot with a limp” didn’t you?? lol. A single paragraph? Sheesh. I’m not sure I can make this “sensual”. Kinky maybe? Lmao

Okay here you go and we will say my famous person is Adriana Lima.

Glancing sheepishly around the empty apple orchard, and noticing the sun start to set in the distance, Adriana had a very naughty thought pass through her mind. She glanced down at the robot she’d been trying to fix, his broken leg lying in the grass beside her. What if she put this limping robot to a different kind of use? His extra leg, with the round smooth knob at the end, would fit just perfectly in that hole in the middle and the button on his side was making him vibrate like crazy….

And now for my most awesome list:

7 Sensual Bloggers

1. Betty Homebanger
2. Indiscretions
3. Being Her (the other woman)
4. Dollydrop blog
5. My Sex Life with Lola
6. Risque Divorcee
7. The Wistful Sinner

Don’t think I am done yet! You all have some questions to answer, so get busy!! 😉

1. What is your favorite way to masturbate?

2. What’s one of your naughty little masturbation fantasies?

3. Do you read any kind of erotica or watch porn? What’s one of your favorite kinds?

4. What’s something you like to do in the bedroom that you think might be unique or a special talent?

5. What is your favorite thing to have done to you in bed?

6. What is your ultimate fantasy place to have sex?

7. What’s the most interesting place you’ve already tried it?

And since I had to do it, now here is your bonus. Write a paragraph of erotica involving the following prompts: A thunderstorm, a locked door, a barking dog and an angry neighbor.

10 thoughts on “Mmmmm…. my pleasure ;)

  1. You can call me Nate. I only make professors I don’t like call me Ankoku1331. Awesome answers, sorry to read about the massage fake outs…no massage no action that is my philosophy…well it would be if I had one. I loved the paragraph. In fact I am cleaning the Coke Zero off my monitor from laughing that hard. Thank you for taking part. 🙂

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