Plotting my revenge…


Revenge is sweet….and 6’6”, and 265 lbs of solid muscle, with a very large cock, (from what I’ve heard), and beautiful dark skin and a sexy Jamaican accent.  Oh and his job involves some kind of therapy with patients, though he says he’s not a doctor yet.  I know he looks good because I’ve met him before, and guess where?? LMAO

Remember that hotel swinger party I told you all about?  The one where I found out the Professor had been lying to me and gone to the Christmas party and denied it?  If not, the story is here:  When being open isn’t enough.  Anyhow, this is the guy who was there with the woman who told me she’d met the Professor at that previous party.

He and I had been giving each other “looks” all night and I knew he wanted to hook up.  The girl he was with seemed game and had asked if the Professor and I would like to join them back in their hotel room.  Because the Professor knew I was upset he had been kind of preventing this from happening.

We eventually ended up in another room, watching people, and they were there.  He wasn’t participating, but was taking pictures, so I haven’t seen his cock yet.  However, the good looking, white, bisexual guy had been telling us, before we met him, that this guy was not only huge but had a gigantic cock that was “like this thick,” motioning with his fingers in a big circle. He was asking if we’d seen it and trying to find pictures of it on the swinger site on his phone, lol.

So anyway, it was clear the Prof didn’t want me to hook up with him, or anyone else that night, and I didn’t.  Heck, I didn’t even hook up with HIM because I was pissed about being lied to.  Still, I WOULD have played with others at the party, it was him holding me back (kind of understandable because I was not feeling too kindly towards the Professor, and I can see how that would make him insecure).  Now that I’ve talked to this guy a bit I know it was obvious.

See, since the breakup with the Professor I’d actually done a little searching on the swinger site and had in the back of my mind that I would like to find this guy, but never did.  So yesterday, I happened to check my Plenty of Fish account and guess who had emailed me THERE?  It had been three days since he emailed but I was quite happy to hear from him.  Here’s how the conversation went down:

Him:  Hello Gorgeous!  So nice to see you on here. Do you remember me?

(I had to go look at his profile because his main one shows his face from a side angle and I couldn’t really tell).

Me:  OMG, I didn’t until just now I went back and looked at your pics, lol. You were at that hotel swinger party! 😉 Hi!!

Him: That’s right, I was. How are you?

We kept looking at each other and I wondered if you wanted to play, but Xxxxx (The Professor, he knew his name which makes me wonder) seemed to wanted you all for himself. I really wanted to play with you that

Yeah, we had totally been giving each other the “eye” lol. Not really behind the Professor’s back, since it was a swinger party and all, but kind of. You know how it is. He and I were in an argument but this guy kept looking at me and he WAS cute.

Then he asked my profile name and gave me his on the swinger site, and he gave his number to text.  He’s at work so we’ve been texting here and there and hopefully will be meeting up soon.  He lives a couple of hours away, in another state, so it’s kind of amazing he found me on POF, lol. 

He plays with that girl here and says they are just “really good friends” but not dating.  He had asked if the Professor and I were seeing each other and I explained it as best I could, briefly over text.  I have to wonder about the “really good friends” with this other woman part.  That’s how the Professor describes the married woman to this day and would have said the same thing about me.  Bleah.  At least this time maybe I can guard my heart a little more carefully.

In any case we may be meeting up here in a couple of days.  :::Squeal::: I am excited!!  He’s a total gentleman on his profile and over text and has great reviews.  I think we will hit it off.  He has a particular weekday that he is available to drive up this way because he has his kids or work on the weekends. 

I would love for this to work out as another FWB type scenario for me.  He’s my age and so far I like him a lot.  I know the Prof would totally hate this but hey, he’s the one who wanted to end things.  Part of me feels a little guilty because I don’t want to hurt him and I do still care a lot and have feelings, but at the same time, I owe him nothing in that regard. 

Like I said, I’m still a little puzzled as to how he knows the Professor’s name too.  I know the Prof had met that girl at the Christmas party but for some reason I thought she was there alone.  I also know they had emailed a bit.  It will be interesting to find out if he’s gone to OTHER parties since then or if this guy just has a good memory or what, because I got the impression at the hotel party that was the first time they had met.  Hmmmm…

Dang, what is it with these super tall guys all of a sudden?  LOL  I’m not kidding this guy is huge, hope I can take that big cock too.  I’m thinking the guy said it was like 10 inches.  Eeek! 

So here’s to my bittersweet revenge…::: rubbing my hands together :::….wish me luck!! 😉 🙂


13 thoughts on “Plotting my revenge…

    • Thank you! 🙂 He keeps calling and texting to tell me about how he’s trying to get into Iron Man 3 and all the theatres are filled up. I think he likes me, lol 😉

  1. So, um, to truly enact your revenge, are you gonna let the Prof know that you fucked this guy and give him the juicy details? If you don’t, er, how is that revenge if the person you’re getting revenge upon doesn’t know it?

    • LOL Kdaddy, I don’t really want to hurt the Professor. I just like knowing I’m having my little secret revenge 😉 Of course, you all know so it’s not totally a secret either AND it’s always possible he could find out. I know he has talked to the girl that this guy sees before and very well may run into them again at parties. It’s a small world and all that plus if he were to validate me on the website the Prof would probably see it at some time and suspect.

      Another weird little tidbit. Tonight this couple where the Prof has played with and is friends with the woman viewed my profile. They know I play with him and the only time they have before was to email and ask if I wanted a threesome with the Professor and the wife of the couple. I’m thinking he may have been over there seeing her or something and mentioned me. I can’t think why else they would be viewing me since they know who I am and normally don’t. She’s the same woman who likes the stalker DJ guy and the guy I thought smelled. 😛 Anyhow, news does get around.

    • Exactly!! Haha… This guy is starting to freak me out a little bit, lol. He definitely likes me, but maybe a little too much. Like he’s calling constantly. He also told me that if he really falls in love with someone he doesn’t know if he could handle the swinging thing with them. Then he keeps telling me that he’s not been this happy to talk to someone in a long time. And he asked if I had any pics of me having sex with anyone because he wanted to see if looking at them made him feel jealous. WTF? LOL I didn’t send him any though.

      On the plus side we are meeting at a hotel and not at my house. I do have a tendency to turn guys into stalkers. Anyway, I do like him and I’m glad he’s enthusiastic I just don’t want to move to fast and am still hurting over the Prof.

      • WTF? I think I can tell you that one. See, while guys are happy to just screw women without any emotional attachments, when we do get them, um, we tend to get possessive – that’s my pussy and no one else can have any of it! I know one of the things that plagues a guy who has real feelings for a woman is having his imagination running wild with images of her getting boned by some other dude and I can tell you, it can make one quite furious.

        So, if you do wind up having feelings for someone and you want to stay in the lifestyle – and it is, as he said – a matter of not knowing if he could handle it, one of the ways to do it is to see the object of their affections getting nailed… and if they can’t control that instinct to get highly upset, well, he has his answer.

        I thought about this for a moment and while it does seem odd and a bit irregular, it kinda makes sense; easier to deal with this looking at a picture than to try and deal with it and you’re right there watching the whole thing; I know, from experience, that this is a motherfucker to get your head around, just like I know a lot of guys can’t handle it.

        Might not be the real reason why he wants such pictures from you… but his stated reason can be explained…

        But I’m a little ‘confused’ here; you’re meeting him at a hotel and it sounds like you’ve got every intention on fucking him… but you don’t want to move too fast? Hmm, that sounds pretty fast to me even though the best way to get over a past hurt is to, as they say, jump right back on that horse immediately if not sooner (and from what you’ve shared about his cock, this analogy is rather apt). So what does “too fast” mean to you?

      • Haha, Kdaddy. I’m talking about emotionally “too fast”. I guess my own commitment issues are coming into play here but we haven’t even had sex yet and he’s acting all in love with me.

        He says he hasn’t felt like this about a woman in a really long time and that he’s so happy to talk to me and wants to talk constantly. It’s like whoa, there “horse”, lol. He must have called me 5 times yesterday.

        Also he said he was angry the night we were at that swinger party and he didn’t get to sleep with me. Angry enough that he said he at first was pouting in the room and saying he was going to go to sleep to that woman, but she finally dragged him back out into the room where we were watching people. It just seems a little scary that someone who is a virtual stranger is having feelings like anger over me.

        I’m also uncomfortable with him worrying about whether or not he will be jealous over me before we’ve even done anything. Um, he’s a big guy and jealousy from a man can be frightening. I’m not ready to be tied down or anything either.

        I’m fine with sex, just not ready for emotional attachments and jealousy for sure.

      • I’m glad that you are moving forward and that you are excited about this upcoming experience. I do have to agree that he seems to be a little bit too eager though. And for me, that is and can be a HUGE turn off. Ugh. I mean, if feelings DID develop between you guys, then great….this could be perfect! But to be THAT excited about talking to you and to say that he hasn’t felt this way in a LONG time, is kind of weird. It’s odd that he is into a “swinger” lifestyle, but his words to you, seem to indicate that he is REALLY maybe looking for someone to settle down with.

        As far as him being this into you this early….the only thing I can think of is that maybe he was literally SO attracted to you that night, and saw you with the Professor and just hasn’t gotten you out of his mind? You know, that CAN happen. Still though, even if he just is really attracted to you, he sounds a little bit clingy or desperate with all of the emotional talk so soon.

        The ONLY thing I will recommend or ask of you, is to maybe let one or two friends know WHERE you are and WHO you are with. I know that sounds paranoid, and maybe you already do that, but even though a hotel “should” be safer than showing him where you live, he IS a big guy. I’d take my own drinks too, or at least order or make my own, if you plan to have a glass of wine. And keep an eye on YOUR drink. I know. I know. I sound like your Mom. Sorry. I would also make it clear in conversation that certain people know where you are and who you are with. Maybe even fake some kind of a “checking in” type call where he is totally aware that someone knows you are there with him, etc….

        I’m sure he is fine and isn’t out to hurt you, but you can’t be too careful, either way. I really hope you enjoy your night and PLEASE update us with the details. Obviously I’ve never had a 10 incher, but am certainly interested to hear all about how you “handle” it all. (no pun intended). 🙂

        On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 2:20 PM, lifeofalovergirl wrote:

        > ** > lifeofalovergirl commented: “Haha, Kdaddy. I’m talking about > emotionally “too fast”. I guess my own commitment issues are coming into > play here but we haven’t even had sex yet and he’s acting all in love with > me. He says he hasn’t felt like this about a woman in a really long tim” >

      • Yeah, he even mentioned that if he finds “the one” he doesn’t know if he will want to do the swinging thing with her. He said he’s only been doing this since December, because that girl he comes up here to see invited him. I think he’s typical of most of the single males in “the Lifestyle” in that they really don’t have any higher ideals about “open relationships” and are just in it for easy casual sex.

        At least that is what I seem to come across, men who think it’s fun to play with married women, for themselves, but don’t really want to share a woman they have feelings for and suddenly that open mindedness goes out the window. That definitely describes my fuck buddy. He says if he were in love with a woman there is no way in hell he would be willing to share her and he thinks these husbands are crazy. I’ve heard that sentiment from a few different guys.

        Even the Professor, he wasn’t as keen on sharing ME. Like he said that he would NEVER be willing to have a threesome with me and another guy, even though he was having them with married women and their husbands. He also would give me that stuff about how he didn’t want anything to do with me too soon (within 24 hours) of having sex with another man (barring the times he was right there watching and participating). That made me feel bad but at the same time I guess shows he had some feeling there.

        The Jamaican guy…I don’t think he’s going to hurt me or anything now but I can see him getting attached quickly. He doesn’t drink and he plays with that one single girl and seems to be fine with her, though looks wise I’m going to guess he’s probably more attracted to me.

        I really do wish I had someone in real life that I could let know when I am going to do stuff like this and where and with who, but at this point, I can’t think of anyone. I could tell one of my sisters but not sure how they would react. A lot of the women I know are ultra Christian so they are out of the question. That was one thing that was really nice about having the Professor too because I could tell him where I was at and it made playing safer, especially because guys already knew he knew about it.

        Anyhow, back to the Jamaican (can you tell I’m still heartbroken? I keep bringing the Prof up :/ ), he was a little less clingy today, though he still texted some. I hope that’s a good sign, lol. Maybe he realized he was kind of going overboard. He wanted to call and say goodnight to me and I told him my 13 year old was up and so it wasn’t a good time and he was cool with that.

        He told me he was married for 12 years and got divorced last year so he may be a little lonely too. I think men have a harder time with that after a marriage breaks up than women do a lot of times. He says he goes to movies after he gets off work, by himself, so he won’t have to go back to the house alone. I can’t imagine what I’d do with a bunch of free time, but I have my kids like 95% of the time so they keep me occupied.

        As for him being ten inches, now that I’ve seen pictures I’m having some doubts about that, though it’s hard to tell and I don’t want to ask, lol. He does look well endowed and thick but maybe not even quite as big as my fuck buddy who is a thick 9 inches, haha. I’m kind of glad because too big is kind of intimidating!

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