Perfect post breakup indulgences :)

Yay!!! I am so excited!! I just found out that I won three really awesome prizes from a raffle that the place I go for my pole dancing lessons had the other night.

I was actually kind of depressed and sad when I went to a little party they had the other night and only knew a couple ladies and talked to a couple others but was feeling more shy and quiet because of the stress with the Professor. In any case, I bought a few raffle tickets and hoped for the best.

I won, I won, I won!! I won a free 60 minute massage, my nails done (I hope its fingers AND toes, I think it is) and a free Brazillian wax!! I am totally stoked!!

Awesome way to pamper myself while trying to feel better, no? πŸ™‚ I’ve never even had a professional massage and I’ve always wanted one! I’ve never had a Brazillian wax either. I always just shave but this is awesome! I wanted to try a wax, just couldn’t afford it. That and I wasn’t sure how long you have to let it grow before they can do that and letting it grow didn’t sound appealing since I shave pretty regularly, lol. Still, I’m looking forward to having a super smooth, baby soft pussy πŸ˜‰ Too bad the Professor won’t be around to feel it. HA!

I have every intention of getting myself back together and moving on. It sucks but I know I’m worth more than he gave me credit for. I think in the long run he’s losing out because I don’t believe it’s as easy to find women who are like me as he thinks and willing to BE in an open relationship. Eventually someone will either want monogamy or he will be feeling pretty lonely just messing with married women and not having someone who can be there to give him regular doses of affection and lives close by AND lets him play. Good luck with that….

5 thoughts on “Perfect post breakup indulgences :)

  1. I think you winning those prizes is kind of like Karma. Maybe that’s not the right word. But the world knew that all of those things were special little treats, that would help you to relax and feel beautiful and even sexy! (I never win anything!) And just by getting out there, even when you might have rather stayed home on the couch….you opened the door for unexpected goodness to come into your life!

    As for the wax…I used to wax, but now I am lasered permanently! (best money I ever spent, btw) I don’t know your hair color, but while the hair on my head is dark and fine, my hair on my legs, etc….was course and black. Ugh. I have super sensitive skin too, so shaving every day was NOT an option. At least not my bikini line. So I started waxing years ago. Anyway, some women go every 2-3 weeks and just keep it up. What I did was to grow it out for 2 full weeks. (gross, I know, but if you can time it to be growing a little before/during and after your period, then maybe you won’t miss out on any extra curricular activities !) Plus, you shouldn’t get waxed right before your period anyway, as your hormones etc…will cause it to hurt much worse. So, here is what I advise, after you are grown out.

    Before your appointment, take a hot bath. Use a loofah and exfoliate the area really well. Still just use your normal soap or shower gel, nothing harsh. Try to time this for RIGHT before you are walking out the door to go. I literally used to put my neck wrap into the microwave and leave in in my lap area while I drove there. Having those hair follicles warmed up, REALLY helps. I also advise taking 400-800 mgs of Advil (or ibuprofen, motrin) about 30-40 minutes before. This will help with pain and post wax inflammation.

    Unless you want to go totally bare (which I never did….I mean, once you feel the pain…and it does hurt, but is SO worth it….you might scratch your head and wonder if you can really tolerate that hot wax on your deeper private areas. Ugh.) Anyway…I think around here, they called it a French bikini wax, which was literally everything, EXCEPT the labia. I had them go way in on each side and even had them do the top of my pubic area. I’m not sure how much you shave between your belly button and the top of your pubic bone, but you can wax ALL of that off and go as low as you want. Then, just leave a little bit of either a landing strip, or whatever “look” you like, so it’s not weird to have the hair on the labia and nothing else.

    Afterward, they will probably use some kind of lotion that they have on you. When you get home, use over the counter hydrocortisone cream on the area for the next day or two. Also keep the Advil in your system for the next day as well, just to help with redness and swelling. You are not supposed to shower or bath for about 24 hours as this gives the newly “ripped”open follicles time to close again and will help prevent any clogged pores or follicles from soap/lotion etc…..So maybe time this whole thing for a weekend that you don’t have your kids and don’t plan to go anywhere special.

    It DOES hurt. I won’t lie. But after a few days, when the redness is gone, it is amazing! I used to time mine for the start of summer etc…..and then as the little hairs started coming back, I would just shave those. At first, you don’t have to shave at all. Then about every week or so. It just makes it SO easy to get ready that you will probably want to keep getting them done. If you like it, then just let it all grow back, while continuing to shave as needed of course, and once you feel like you are back to your original shaving patterns, do it again. I only say this b/c the hair grows in 3 different cycles, and unless you are going every single two weeks to get a wax, then you will waste money if you happen to wax on the end of the second growth cycle and the next cycle will be pretty quick to follow. You will be pissed that it grows back so quickly, which is why I recommend just doing it every 4 months or so, and then just enjoying the benefits of minimal and less shaving while it comes back. I think you’d like this routine, especially if you don’t have the cash to pay for a wax every 2 weeks. And people WILL tell you that it “hurts worse” etc….to let it all come back or to not just keep it up, and yes, it will hurt b/c you are going back for a full removal again. But unless your goal is to wax every 2 weeks, then you just can’t avoid it hurting bad each time. I just figured it was only 3 times a year, and I sucked it up.

    Oh…also, if you have some extra cash to add to the wax, grow out your underarms for 2 weeks too and have them waxed as well. It is AWESOME during the summer to not have to shave your underarms. Mine are also lasered now, but it is awesome to be hair free, with no razor burn!

    Sorry for all the tips. I did it for a long time and found a system that hurt the least and gave me the best results and wanted to share! Congrats on winning those prizes! I hope you take a whole day (or weekend) to yourself and enjoy all of those things! (well, maybe just do the wax before summer or on a random weekend, as opposed to ruining the relaxing benefits of your massage and nails, by having to go through that! And you won’t want to get a massage AFTER the wax b/c you won’t want oil rubbed into the follicles and quite frankly, it will sting for awhile. 😦 )

    Let us know what you decide and how it goes!

    • Thank you so much for all the tips!! I’m definitely going to follow them as best as I can! I am having a hard time imagining how I could go two weeks without shaving my underarm hair, lol. I do it every day and my hair on my body is thick and coarse and grows back really quickly. Shaving anywhere is always a chore for me. I also have sensitive skin so can’t do most places every day but try to rotate with using Veet so that my skin will be softer and less razor burn. It’s still a pain and I try to keep all hair off my body, lol, other than my eyebrows. Oh and I don’t have to do my arms because I barely have any hair there and it is light and fine.

      I’m so jealous of women that have hair like that on their LEGS. LOL Always seems to be blondes. My hair is naturally a light to medium brown with a slightly reddish tone and blonde streaks. Put me in the sun and it gets blondish really quickly but since I don’t get out that much its gotten more dull and I have my sister highlight it. I’ve been blessed/cursed with some Greek genes that I think would make me look like Chewbacca if I never shaved. Lasering it all off sounds WONDERFUL. Ahhh….maybe someday!!!

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