Once, twice, three times a Liebster Lady!!

Patty Liebster

I have been named the recipient of the Liebster award for both the 2nd and 3rd time! So exciting!! I am loving my newfound popularity here in Blogland!! Thank you, thank you to Fortysomethingsingleandskint and Confessions of an Online Dater!! Everyone should totally check out each of these blogs!! You will find them both quite intriguing and entertaining. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The rules of the Liebster Award are as follows:

■Thank the person who nominated you
■Answer the eleven questions they asked you
■Nominate eleven other people
■Ask them eleven questions in return

Ideally, the Liebster Award should be sent to blogs that are still fairly new and have less than 200 followers, to help others see how awesome they are!

Clearly people are acknowledging my awesomeness and I’m loving it!! 😉 I started blogging a little over 5 months ago and am currently nearing 150 followers. I am stoked that so many are interested in what I have to write about. You all are wonderful!! xoxoxoxo

Rather than answer all 22 questions, I’ve picked and chosen between the two sets and answered the eleven I thought my readers would most like to learn about me.

1. Do your ‘real life’ friends know about and/or read your blog?

Oh my Lord, I hope not!! Hahahaha If they do, I hope they don’t know it’s me, LMAO. Seriously though, there are probably a few who know who I am or have met me online only, but no one I’ve met in real life, unless anyone is reading that is keeping their mouth shut. I guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I do talk openly about a lot of things that normally remain private in my life.

2. What’s your favourite movie and why?

Hmmm… I have such a hard time picking “favorites” of almost anything. If I had to pick movies that I love and would watch over and over and over it’s usually musicals. Grease! Phantom of the Opera. Annie. I don’t really watch a lot of movies honestly though, and when I do I’m usually picking something new. I did like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button quite a bit. Oh and of course Love and Basketball!! I found this foreign movie awhile back on Netflix that I was kind of fascinated with called Diary of a Nymphomaniac. It wasn’t the best made movie or anything but the idea behind it and some of the quotes from the grandma were quite interesting. Maybe I identified with it a bit (cough, cough) lol. 😉

3. What is your earliest childhood memory?

If you can believe this, my earliest childhood memory is laying in a crib chewing on the head of this little rubber giraffe that my mother claims we got rid of when I was about a year and a half. I have a few other early memories. My older stepbrothers taking my toys from me and making me cry on my 3rd birthday, riding the city bus by myself to preschool because we didn’t have a car (can you imagine that nowadays? LOL) The bus driver did kind of look out for me though.

My first stepfather attempting to wash my long hair, when my mom was gone, and doing it all wrong. I must have been 2 or 3 but he clearly had no clue and was making it into a tangled mess and I was in tears.

I remember being left home alone at 4 years old because we only had a motorcycle and my mom was too pregnant for me to fit when they went to doctor appointments. I guess we couldn’t afford a babysitter either. There was no food in the house so I ate an entire bottle of vitamin C and got pretty sick. That’s when they discovered I was allergic to the orange juice in them.

Oh and around that time this little neighbor boy locked himself in the house when my parents were gone. We actually lived on the top floor of an old, Victorian style house where people rented out rooms. There was no bathroom in our house and I had to walk down a long flight of stairs to get to the one on the second floor that was shared by several people. It was especially scary at night, past the big open front door. Anyhow, I had gone to the restroom and one of the boys who lived directly at the bottom of the stairs (two little black boys who were like 2 and 3 years old that I sometimes played with lived there with their crackhead mother) had went through our door and managed to lock himself in there and couldn’t get out. Boy was his mama MAD!

As you can see my childhood wasn’t exactly ideal. That place was infested with roaches and I remember running around talking to the various tenants that lived in the house. A group of men would sit out on the front porch smoking pot and I’d harass them with questions until they’d tell me my mother was calling for me. Downstairs in the basement was a lesbian couple and there was a hippy guy with long hair and a beard in one of the rooms that would sit there and play his guitar while I sat in the doorway and listened. Amazingly I don’t think anyone ever did anything to hurt me while we lived in that place though, despite my being allowed to pretty much run wild, being left alone, climbing out windows to play on the roof and talking to all the interesting characters who came to stay. A couple weeks after we moved out the entire place burned down to the ground due to some kind of fire hazard.

4. Describe your ideal home.

My ideal home would have a big, open kitchen with a nice sized island counter in the middle and lots of cabinets. There would be two ovens and two dishwashers and two refrigerators. I’d have a nice big formal dining room. It would have like 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The master bedroom would be completely soundproof. There would be a hot tub in the master bath and lots of closet space. I’d have a huge library. Downstairs would be a nice big rec room with soundproof, indestructible, soft walls that you’d just bounce off of if you banged into there would be all kinds of play equipment, trampolines and stuff to get my boys energy out on!! There would be a huge, privacy fenced backyard and a pool (of course!). Of course, there would be someone else to clean all this….

5. Do you believe in “happy ever after”?

Let’s just say I believe anyone can be “happily ever after” if they set their mind to be a happy person despite the circumstances! As far as eternally “happy” with one person forever? Hmmmm…. That’s debateable!! I used to believe that was possible and maybe for some people it is. I think it’s human nature though, to want what we DON’T have and too much time with the same person can drive anyone to boredom. So basically, you have to make your own happiness. You can’t depend on another person to do that for you and really, a little variety can be nice. So sure you can be happily ever after with that one person but it’s really not because of them, it’s because of YOU. Capisce?

6. Which do you prefer, summer or winter?

Summer!!! I hate cold!! I love sun!!! I love swimming and being out in the sunshine. Now here, the summers get pretty miserably hot and muggy, which I hate, but summer is still better than winter. Ideally I’d be able to actually get out and do fun stuff like go to a beach or waterpark, but hey, I’ll still take summer over winter any day. My favorite weather is about 85-90 degrees, slightly dry with a nice breeze. Ahhhhh….

7. What’s your worst fear?

Something bad happening to any of my children. Having them grow up to live an unhappy life.

8. What’s your greatest possession?

Actual possession? Haha. I really don’t have much at all in the way of possessions. My children of course but if you are talking objects, gosh, I think it’s a tossup between my cell phone and my sex toy. I don’t want to have to live without either one! Okay, maybe not. I value my photo albums above all that. Thing is, in the past few years all my photos are on flashdrives or the computer, or on my phone. Changes it up a bit! Back in the day I used to make scrapbooks, back when my oldest children were little. I kind of miss that and feel bad that I don’t have those for the younger ones.

9. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Ha! On my Beautiful Blogger award post I talk about the time I got caught masturbating by 3 neighbor boys. That was one of them. The other time that stands out was when I was in about 6th grade and was on my period and at school. I had raised my hand to ask to use the restroom and the teacher wouldn’t allow me to go and so it soaked through the back of the pad and my shorts. I managed to get a jacket to tie around my waist but not before some boys saw it and were laughing at me. Mortifying. A teacher of girls that age ought to have some basic consideration for things like that. Sheesh.

10. When is the last time you had sex?

Monday. Today is Friday so 4 days ago. It was with my fuck buddy. I saw the Professor the previous Thursday, so 4 days before that.

11. Name something you do when you’re alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others.

Hmmm….well, I guess there’s the obvious, masturbate! LOL Only I’ve done it in front of the Professor, but it was hard to orgasm with him watching or at least it was different. Still, I’ve done it on video for him for his birthday. 😉 Other than that, well, I’m not really one to cry in front of people. That is hard for me too. It’s pretty rare that I let someone see me cry. I generally have to go in another room or hang up the phone or something.

Alright folks, here are the blogs I nominate for the award this time!

1. Not Guilty by Reason of Menopause
2. What’s in the Box?
3. Let Love Go
4. Cotswoldsgirl
5. Sweaty Sweetie
6. Thatcrackedblack
7. Escort Memories
8. New Single Guy
9. Sex and the Sisters
10. I, Elle Tueff
11. Writedownthatblog

Finally, here are my questions to the bloggers I chose for this prestigious award! 🙂

1. What would you say is the main “point” of your blog?
2. Have you ever had sex in a unique place or someplace public? Tell us about it!
3. Name 3 songs that remind you of someone in your life or a relationship you’ve been in in the past.
4. What are your feelings about monogamy?
5. Five years ago, would you have pictured yourself where you are today, relationship wise? How have things changed or not changed in that time period?
6. What is something that is on your sexual bucket list?
7. Have you ever been caught in an awkward position or having sex with someone (or almost caught)? Tell us your story.
8. Do you have a “type” that you go for romantically or sexually? What is your “type” like?
9. How many times in your life have you been “in love” with someone?
10. Do your close friends know what your sex life is like? What kinds of things do they know about it?
11. How much do you like to talk/text/email/be in contact with someone you are in a relationship with?

Enjoy!! Until next time…… 😉

2 thoughts on “Once, twice, three times a Liebster Lady!!

  1. well congrats on the well deserved accolades!

    those are some very good answers/questions… I look forward to using the links to my advantage and peeking in and might just find me some blogs to read with my morning coffee. Okay coffees because sometimes you guys write at the same time and it takes me more than one to get through them…

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