I’m a beautiful blogger!! :D


Yay!!! I’ve been nominated for another blog award, or as Joe over at MyJadedParts, who submitted my blog for the award, calls it, a “chain” award, haha. That’s okay, because I love the attention and love that my blog is being recognized. So excited to pass on some more chain mail, lol.

Anyhoo, here are the rules, which are very similar to the rules of the Liebster award I received, only there are less questions to answer so I’m gonna make this one a little more sexual and be like Joe over there exposing my 7 “freaky” facts. 😉

1) Post a photo of the Beautiful Blogger Award in your blog post (isn’t it lovely?)

2) Thank the person who nominated me for the award and provide a link to their blog: Thank you Joe!! You are awesome, Rainbow Brite fetish and all….

3) Share 7 facts about myself: okay, here goes!!

7 Freaky Facts about the Lovergirl you love and thought you knew 😉

1. I lost my virginity at the tender age of 13, to a 15 year old guy that I was dating, in a hotel room. It wasn’t OUR hotel room though. We broke into it with a stolen key and had sex on the bed, next to someone else’s luggage, in the hopes that they wouldn’t return before we were finished. Yeah, I got started with a BANG, lol…. Figures.

2. My first anal sex I was also 13 and in a public sauna that was next to the swimming pool of that same hotel. The only difference is that I didn’t LIKE the anal sex so much. We had never heard of lube and he just kind of rammed it in and I got dizzy and lightheaded and almost threw up, which was very similar to my second anal experience and why I’m really just not an “anal girl”. I know, I know, BORING, but hey, it’s a personal preference and just not my thing. I’m not against trying it again, with the right guy, but I really don’t care for the way it feels. A guy at my first swinger party tried to stick it in there too (without asking, as has been my experiences thus far) and got about halfway before I pushed him away. It didn’t feel good to me at all.

3. I was sleeping with multiple guys at once before polyamory was cool. I’d even say some of the activities I got involved with were typical of an adult swingers party. However, we were not adults. I also had a regular rotation of guys that I slept with without ever having to plan anything. People were just calling and showing up to fuck all the time. That was a part of my underground lifestyle back in high school. A lot of people would never have known, but of course I did have a reputation among the ones that did.

4. I’ve had sex in a lot of crazy places. This includes public bathrooms, outside in the woods and on the lake, in parking lots, in cars while others were driving, in ditches on the side of the road, outside my grandmother’s bedroom window doggystyle in the snow with a big coat on, threesomes on picnic tables at the park, at a public swimming pool we had snuck into at night, in a hot tub whilst chatting with an old man, blow jobs on the roof of a junior high school (school was not in session though) and at the lake while the guy was floating on a raft and probably a lot more that I am not thinking of off the top of my head. Maybe the worst was in a public porta potty at the lake. Thankfully it was a fairly new one and not too smelly and also the guy made SURE I didn’t have to touch anything. He was standing up and holding me so I wouldn’t have to get any germs, lol. We just couldn’t wait until later!!

5. I held a lot of shame in my mind over some of my sexual escapades in the past, including things like a couple of gangbangs (technically trains ran on me) that as an adult I can see I wasn’t solely responsible for (some of the guys were older, there were a lot more of them than me and I was scared, intimidated and said no at first but was too afraid not to cooperate) and from being one of those girls you hear about in rap songs who was doing the whole damn crew but now that I am older and in a place where I can have more control over things and better self- esteem I am getting over it and realizing I am not a bad person for ENJOYING sexual activity with whoever I CHOOSE to have it with. I’m fascinated that there are women in the swinger community who fantasize about the sort of thing I was subject to at a young age but I don’t think it’s for me at all.

6. My sexual number is not as high as it might sound! It is over 50 but actually the vast majority of people I have slept with were regular, repeat customers (no I’ve never been paid for sex). I was married pretty young and for the first 11 years did not cheat so that took out a huge chunk of possible sex partner number rack up, lol.

7. I have some fantasies that are still left unfulfilled. Among them are wanting to experience things like being tied up and blindfolded. Someday! Not really wanting serious BDSM or anything, but just a little bit, lol. I have a bit of a Daddy fetish too and really, really want a REAL over the knee type spanking but haven’t gotten that yet either. 😉

Now for the 7 blogs that I recommend you check out!! There are so many and I want to bring attention to some of the ones I didn’t get last time. Anyway, here are some great ones that you should take a look at!

1. The Romantic Misogynist
2. The DAFT Diaries
3. FreeChick
4. Kdaddy23
5. sexuallifeofawife
6. Comingcleanaboutgettingdirty
7. yesmylifeisagongshow

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