Getting my sexy back for 2013!

I love these workouts by Tiffany Rothe (no she is not paying me for advertising I just found them like a week ago, lol). Fun, easy, and works out just the places I need. πŸ™‚ I like the sexy aspect too because mostly I care about my figure being hot for sexual purposes, lol and she focuses specifically on targeting a more FEMININE figure, which a lot of workouts don’t. Plus, they are FREE and on Youtube. Awesome!! πŸ™‚

Just thought I would share because I am really enjoying them. I’ve been doing them for less than a week (in addition to my regular 30 minutes on the machines at the gym that I do about 5x a week) and already lost about 3 lbs. I’m actually a bit sore after doing these too, which shows they are working to tone the right places. Yay!

I’m also monitoring my calorie intake on My Fitness Pal which is a great site too and has an app for my smart phone that is very useful. It does most of the work for you and remembers things you eat a lot and all that. So if anyone is looking to lose weight I would totally check it out!

I lost about 15 lbs a year ago and then had lots of stress in my life and gained it back, plus about 5 more lbs. 😦 Even with working out daily. I had stopped keeping track on My Fitness Pal and was partaking in bad habits like eating late at night and not being careful what I was putting in my body after a long stressful day. So even though I was working out all the time I was freaking GAINING weight. UGH!

Now, I am still not “fat” by any means and sometimes people look at me and think “you don’t need to lose weight” but I am not where I should be. I have a petite bone structure and any extra weight on my body likes to go straight to my stomach since I’ve had babies. It might look cute if I were a couple months pregnant or something but I’m not! I feel frumpy when I look like that too, plus my clothes are fitting too tight. I still have slender arms and legs but I like a slender waist too! A lot of these workouts focus specifically on that area.

Best of all these are enjoyable, the moves make you feel sexy and they are very short segments. The Bikini Abs workout is only 7 minutes (you are supposed to do it 3 times). This makes it much easier on me as a mom because I usually have to stop exercising frequently due to my children needing something or other. USUALLY they can wait 7-10 minutes for something if they have to. πŸ˜‰ I’ve done dance cardio workouts in the past and enjoyed them but didn’t find they were as effective in a short period of time for TONING, which is my focus here since I get cardio at the gym.

I loved the booty shaking workout too and I think I’m gonna try her Boxer Babe one today. It looks intense. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

Hope my posting this can help someone else out too! Have a great day!! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Getting my sexy back for 2013!

  1. Awesome! Thank you! I love working out from home, these are so much fun. Almost like dancing. πŸ™‚

    If you are ever tired of llifting weights at the gym, try P90X or equal (no I am not a beachbody coach lol). If you want short and intense: and are great pages for short workouts you can do at home and they are free also. I also used myfitnesspal for a long time, but then got tired of counting calories. I simply eat tons of veggies every day now and lean meat. Some fruit, very limited grains. After all, tights skin and abs are really made in the kitchen.

    Thanks again. I am so glad I found your blog, I love reading your articles! xo

  2. Thanks for the tips and so glad you are enjoying my blog!! πŸ™‚ I agree these are fun like dancing, that’s why I like them. They don’t seem like hard work like some other workouts do. I’ll have to check out those pages.

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