From the friend zone to the end zone (and a little further)

Many people, both men and women, seem more threatened by the idea of a threesome with two men and a woman than one involving two women. I’m not sure why that is. I could speculate, but instead I’m going to relay my own adventures because personally I LOVED being the center of attention during sex with two heterosexual men who were entirely focused on ME, ME, ME, lol. 😉 It took a special kind of emotional connection for me to get to the point of wanting sex with more than one man at a time but when it happened it was HOT. My tale is also a true story of how one guy got out of the friend zone and into my panties so men take note, it is NOT impossible under the right circumstances!

Once upon a time, back in high school, I had this platonic guy friend. He had been dating a friend of mine but when they broke up he and I stayed close. When I say close I mean he was at my house all the time. We spent almost every afternoon together after school, for like an entire 3 years. He was a nice looking guy and smart and fun and everything you could ever want in a boyfriend but for some reason I had just assumed he had no sexual attraction to me, so he became “like a brother”. We hung out and I told him all about the various boyfriends I had and guys I was sleeping with. Looking back it’s like a forehead slapping, DUH, he liked me, but I was oblivious at the time! Completely!!

Back in those days I was pretty sexually adventurous (surprise, surprise) and running around with a like- minded female friend (who had been his girlfriend originally) and a group of guys that were even more so than us. He was there but I don’t remember who, if anyone, he was sleeping with during that time. I just remember him always being there with ME. He was even there in BED with me on several occasions when I was having sex with someone else. I’m not even sure what he was doing there, I guess just watching and hanging out. At the time it never occurred to me that he might be getting off by the sight of it all or that he too might be interested. After all, wouldn’t he have tried something on me by then?

In any case I was blind as fuck. Once he even spent the night at my house, but he hid under the bed so my grandmother wouldn’t know he was there. No apparent sexual interest, at least not that I could see. He teased me constantly and we were flirtatious with one another though, and EVERY guy I dated was just sure I was secretly fucking him on the side. I had to explain that he was JUST a friend and they were just so ridiculous in not seeing it for what it was. Haha. Yeah, I’m shaking my head over here too.

So eventually it came to pass, during the last few months of my senior year, that I started seeing the guy that was Mr. Platonic’s best male friend. He and I were having sex. Mr. Platonic was always around and hanging out with us, and I think he started to get jealous. Once, when Male Friend and I were getting it on and Mr. Platonic was sitting there watching us, Male Friend’s roommates thought it would be funny to bust open the bedroom door and see what we were doing. The guy who popped open the lock was a very attractive, occasional male stripper and he thought it was HILARIOUS that Mr. Platonic was just sitting there doing nothing and watching the action. He came in the room asking if he could join in too and I was tempted, haha, but he got a pillow thrown at his head and the door slammed in his face, lol. It resulted in poor Mr. Platonic getting a lot of teasing though, from the other guys.

Not long after, there was a time when Male Friend and I were making out in the backseat of a car and I felt Mr. Platonic’s hands on me as well. He was trying to get in on the action and I was offended and pushed him away. Ouch. Harsh rejection. On my end though it was like dude, we are just friends, what the hell?

It just so happened that Mr. Platonic, around that time, started some kind of a relationship with a female friend of mine. She was one of these girls that looks absolutely perfect even without makeup and she had tons of money and seemingly everything. She was smart too, and in the gifted program at school. I was friends with her but she was a “mean girl”, always putting down others and sneering at the lesser females. She was cool to hang out with and could be fun, but I can’t say I truly liked her as a person.

Anyhow, it was brought to my attention that there was something going on between them when she bought him a very expensive pair of shoes for his birthday. I was jealous in more ways than one. What was going on with them? Why was she buying him stuff? Were they seeing each other? For some reason I didn’t like it at all and of course I couldn’t afford to buy him stuff like that so I felt kind of bad, and kind of bad that I wasn’t doing the kinds of things for my friend that maybe I should be. It’s amazing how knowing another female is into a guy can suddenly bring him into the radar. If I had to give guys tips on how to get out of the friend zone I’d say MAKE HER JEALOUS is at the top of the list! Show some interest in another woman other than her and don’t just hang around hoping your interest in HER will suffice.

Anyway, one night soon after, he and I were home alone at my house and he made another move, coming onto me hard and kissing me on the couch. I didn’t reject him this time around. We ended up having sex and it felt so good. I was so full of emotion afterwards that I actually cried. He laughed at me and asked what’s wrong. I was so afraid that it would “ruin our friendship” now that we’d slept together. It didn’t though. 😉

What happened was that the next time he and I were together with Male Friend it naturally evolved into a threesome. Neither of them is gay so all the attention was on me. Mmmmm….. we liked it so much that we kept at it, again and again, having threesomes frequently into the summer months, maybe 20 or so times total.

We didn’t have a lot of places to have sex at that age so a lot of times we were in public. We’d have hot threesome sex in the car, or on a picnic table, or in the grass on the side of the road, or in the bathroom of a neighborhood swimming pool we’d climbed over the fence to get into at night. Once we were in the trunk of a car with the seats lying down while someone else was driving. Wild and free. There were a couple of times mutual guy friends of ours tried to get in on the action but I didn’t let them. Two was good for me, I wasn’t looking for a gangbang.

I really loved it when we’d smoke a joint in the car then Mr. Not so Platonic would lower the passenger side seat down and take me from the back while I was giving a blowjob to the Not Just a Male Friend in the backseat. Hot, hot, hot! It usually ended with one guy getting off then the other one finishing some more with me so I got twice the amount of time having sex as usual too.

I haven’t had a threesome with two guys since them but I can’t say I will never do it again. The circumstances and people involved would have to feel right because I don’t want to do it with anyone that sees it as treating me like a “slut” or being degrading. Just a personal pet peeve of mine I guess! It’s all about the mutual pleasure.

The Professor has a lot of threesomes with married women. I have to admit that when I recall my own experience it makes me more jealous than I was originally. The woman involved is getting a LOT of attention from two men and there is nothing quite like that. I don’t get the sense that he wants to go there with me though. He has commented that in a threesome with a married couple he feels like a third wheel. Apparently he likes it enough to keep at it though, so I don’t know. In any case I don’t feel ready to ask about him doing that with me, yet.

20 thoughts on “From the friend zone to the end zone (and a little further)

  1. Something I’ve always wanted is MFM because I want all the attention on me. Call me selfish or greedy but one night of that is something everyone should experience. I’ve yet to have that and its still on my to do list. One if these days……

    • I think its a great idea 😉 I’m tempted to try it again myself after writing about my past experience, lol. 🙂 A lot of guys are averse to the idea but I’ve talked to quite a few who seem to like it too.

  2. Holy hell this was hot! My only threesome with two guys was a complete and utter debacle. Reading this makes me want to try again!!!

    And it makes me really horny. Just sayin

      • It’s pretty hysterical. my first FMF was with my husband that I had separated with, and his new gf. The funniest part was that afterwards they both told me (individually) that they wished it had just been me and them instead of all three of us. ha!

        I’ve had a FMF threesome with Scot and it was pretty fuckin hot!!!

        I’d really love to just have a big ol make out pile with a bunch of people! Doesn’t even have to be penetration (though that would be amazing), but to just make out with kissing and fondling and touching and such. Gods that would be hot!!!

    • I’ve always wanted to try a “moresome” (as the CSPC calls it). The idea of just not worrying about who’s “with” whom and not worrying about jealousy and possessiveness and just giving in to the pleasure and to the moment… mmmmm.

      • I like the idea of that Seattlepolyguy and have actually been a part of a few “moresomes” when I first started. It’s a bit overwhelming at first…not for newbies!!!

      • I can imagine. I’d definitely have to let go of my last vestiges of homophobia; even if I wasn’t “doing anything” with another guy, there would definitely be other guy-bits present!

      • About the six-some being a bit overwhelming, yes in some ways but it was also very non jealous and just a big love fest which was great. 🙂 There was a guy that I guess had some erection issues during some of it but I didn’t even notice. I just heard about it later and one of the other guys was saying that happened to him at his first orgy too during to having been so nervous (when we were talking afterwards). He still got in on the fun though, and like I said there was too much going on for me to even notice that.

  3. seattleguy- its funny, I don’t really think of there being any kind of gay vibe to men having a threesome with a woman but pretty much every time I’ve heard of and of course my experience, they guys were straight. The professor that I am seeing though, he told me once during a threesome with a man and his wife he thought he felt an extra mouth on his dick when he was in a 69 position and sure enough the guy was sucking on him. He said he had to tell him to stop that he is not into men. He’s also done threesomes that involved double vaginal penetration, which I’m just like first of all, that has got to be painful I can’t imagine ever wanting it and secondly the guys cocks are rubbing up against each other, I just don’t know about that!! LOL But he is not gay and comfortable with his sexuality so I guess doesn’t have a problem with it.

    • Yeah, I suppose I’m just a tad homophobic, but I’m okay with that 😉 It’s the whole “but… but… but what if I LIKE it thing!” The nice thing is that nobody is FORCING me to find out.

      From what I know however, most of the “action” with MFM’s doesn’t usually involve two cocks in the same place, so that’s okay 😉

  4. Having been a part of a MMF & a MFF threesome, I can say that the energy & attention given is insanely pleasurable when done right. A mixture of the right people & the right mood can make for an amazing experience. It’s been a while and now you’re making me want to try threesomes again. I’m single now, so why the hell not!

    Awesome post!

    • Go for it! 😉 LOL I know, writing this has made me think about it more. For a long time I thought I’d had my fill and would never do it again but now? It’s definitely a possibility at some point.

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