Two women, every man’s dream

Are there any men on earth that DON’T want threesomes with two women?  Not many, that’s for sure.  If a guy senses you are in the least bit open about sex it almost always seems to come up eventually.  I can’t really blame them because I can see how, for a man, it would seem like a dream come true…two women and him being the only male there, sucking up all the attention and affection.  I think that’s how the scene must play out in their heads anyway. 

I think in reality things aren’t always quite like the fantasy.  I’ve heard of cases where the women were so into each other that the man ended up feeling left out.  In others one of the women gets shafted or jealousy ensues.  This is what I’m afraid of.

It doesn’t help that my only “almost threesome” experience with another female didn’t turn out well at all.  We were young and the guy involved really wasn’t concerned with our feelings or making it a great experience for us.  That and it wasn’t planned and she and I weren’t about to touch one another, lol.  I think both of us as adults are capable of sleeping with another female but we are also both more into men and weren’t the least bit interested in each other like that. 

Basically this is how it went down.  My female friend and I were headed over to hang out with this guy, who we had both slept with before. He was a really good looking guy with a huge cock and a gigantic ego to match. He came to our town occasionally because his dad lived there, in a really big house over in the “rich” neighborhood.  So late one night we snuck out to see him and another guy was supposed to be there as well but never showed up.  I guess he couldn’t sneak out of his house. 

In any case my friend liked this guy more than I did.  My only sexual experience with him previously hadn’t been that great.  He was TOO well endowed and it had hurt and we’d had kind of awkward sex.  He was hot but I can’t say I ever liked his personality all that much.  He was definitely a bit of a jerk.

So anyway, we show up and he ushers us into the huge downstairs rec room.  The lights were off and we had to be quiet so as not to wake his father and stepmother who were fast asleep above us.  Anyhow somehow he got us to lay on the carpet next to each other and kept telling us to be really quiet.  I can’t even remember who he slept with first but it was pitch black and he basically went back and forth between us while squeezing us together so our shoulders were all pushed up against each other.  We both just kind of let him do it and there wasn’t a lot of excitement in it for anyone (well, maybe him, I don’t know, lol).  There was no oral sex, neither of us females had any orgasms, no foreplay, nothing dammit, lol.  I’m not even sure why we let him get away with it other than that we both just weren’t aggressive enough to say anything and we were trying to keep quiet and not wake anyone. 

He spent more time having sex with her than me, I guess because they already liked each other, and she was demanding a little more of his attention and they were kissing (I don’t think I he and I kissed at all). It left me with a horrible feeling of being left out.  Afterwards she claimed she didn’t like it either and that she was upset when he was with me too.  I didn’t care enough about the guy for it to ruin my friendship with her but the feeling of being less preferred was pretty awful.  The whole walk home I felt sick.  She and I agreed to play it off like it had been our idea to people (because we knew everyone would hear about it, we were still in high school) so that’s what we did.  Of course every guy wanted to try it with us after that but we never went there again.

So after that sucky FMF get together I haven’t been very eager to try it again! My associations with having sex with another female there are very negative and there is a lot of fear of jealousy and rejection. Men still try relentlessly though to convince me otherwise and they all insist that I just had a bad experience, which I’m sure is true.  I know that isn’t how a threesome with another female is supposed to look!  Still there is a big “what if” in my mind regarding what if he totally goes for the other girl and not me or I start feeling awful like I did that first time because he is seeming to pay more attention to her.  I can see myself very quickly getting to the point where I just want to get up and leave and it may even be totally irrational.  He may be totally trying to give us equal attention but I STILL feel like that.  So knowing that is a possibility has put me off.

HOWEVER, I’m trying to get over that hurdle.  I participated in a six-some after a swinger party recently and that wasn’t a problem at all!  There were two other women involved but also three men and me so we each had someone to play with at all times if we wished to.  I never felt jealous or upset during that experience.  Plus I played with the women too.  So technically there were times when the guys were just watching the women play, but they didn’t seem to mind! 😉

Anyway, I still think its something I need to go into cautiously, with the right people, in order to feel okay with it all.  Recently my married friend has wanted to look for a third woman to play with us.  I told him I felt skeptical and why and he swore up and down that he has tons of experience with threesomes with women and that he knows exactly how to make everyone happy and that he will ensure that I never feel left out.  If it were any other guy telling me that I might think he was full of shit but Mr. Married Guy is good enough in bed to satisfy, like 10 women, lol.  I’m not even kidding!!! 

So I agreed to look with him and we put out an ad and got a few responses.  Some were even pretty promising but nothing ever materialized, partly due to his difficulty in getting away and coming down here to visit in the first place.  We still may sometime though.  We also came across interesting people like a man pretending to be a woman and sending us pics of himself in pink panties…that was pretty shocking, lmao.  Then there was this 53 year old woman who was all “ok, I’ll be there and I’m bringing the strap on and the nipple clamps and like 10 other toys” lol.  WOW…maybe a little advanced for me there, haha. I told Mr. Married Guy and he said DAMN and I was like who are the nipple clamps for because I sure as hell am not wearing them, haha.  She was also asking about how big his cock was to make sure it wasn’t too big for anal.  Not quite my idea of a gentle reintroduction to threesomes but whatever, lol.  I still have her email so you never know. Then there was a pregnant girl.  We were totally okay with that and it probably would have worked out if it hadn’t been for his schedule but I can’t say I am all that disappointed that it didn’t.

So he’s kind of let it drop, but the Professor makes references to threesomes from time to time.  I’m pretty sure he’d be more than happy to have one with me and he actually had me text a woman on his phone after a party we’d been to to ask if she was interested but her husband wanted to play too and they don’t play alone.  Husband was totally unsexy and I just couldn’t go there.  The Professor makes jokes about it and has mentioned that he had an experience where it was him and like 3 women once.  He also tries to encourage me to participate in threesomes with couples from the swinger website but I’m just not sure I want to.  He claims I’d always be the center of attention with a couple like that, but then I’d worry about the wife feeling bad. 

Anyhow, the other day my fuck buddy brought it up.  With him I think it would be okay because we are not emotionally involved at all and I don’t think I’d be jealous.  So I asked if he had anyone in mind.  He didn’t but went and found a couple that was interested in meeting us.  We may try and do that soon.  I texted back and forth with the guy from that couple quite a bit the other day and he acted like they are really interested.  Then he mentioned that HE has always had a fantasy of two women and that his wife got to fulfill hers with two men but he hasn’t gotten his yet….yeah, now I am being asked to have a threesome by yet ANOTHER guy, lol.  EYEROLL…..haha  The saga continues…..I’m sure I’ll end up doing it eventually! 

4 thoughts on “Two women, every man’s dream

  1. “The Devil’s Threesome” hahaha….I actually have had some of those and LOVED it, lol. Being the center of attention like that with two guys was FUN. I’m thinking I may blog about that next ;).

  2. Society and the media portrays the ultimate threesome experience as two woman threesome due to women being more accepting of other women and women having bi tendency. What is missed in these portrayals is the fact the vast majority of threesomes are two man threesome due to many of the issues you highlight in your blog. My own feeling, two woman threesome may not be something you enjoy for a variety of reasons. Maybe a two male threesome might be more of your liking or having a threesome may not be to your liking. Whatever the case you should do what you enjoy and not do something to please someone else.

    • All very true :). I guess my main reason for wanting to try IS to please other people. I am not sure that I really want a threesome with another female for myself. The potential for jealousy and bad feelings just seems so huge. I’d prefer a couple of guys and honestly I love one on one sex more than anything but it is fun to play with different stuff and people sometimes.

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