Loud sex, hot or not?

So the Professor and I have made a few homemade videos and they are HOT. I love watching us in action together, especially since the sex is so good and intimate with him anyway. The most recent one we made is probably my favorite, we managed to get at least an hour and a half recorded and we both seemed to forget we were on camera and really got into it. πŸ˜‰ Mmmmmmm….

That said though, it can be hard to watch myself sometimes. Or, more accurately, LISTEN to myself orgasm over and over again, lol. Like seriously, do I have to be THAT loud? Haha… but in the moment I really don’t think I have that much control over it. When we were watching one of the videos the other day I was sitting there covering my face and he was laughing at me and asking how that was going to keep me from hearing myself. He claims to think the way I cum is super sexy, lol, but I also am afraid of the neighbors (he lives in an apartment) being disturbed. Amazingly, no one has complained yet. Knock on wood.

I read an article recently about a woman that was so loud during sex she got repeated citations, jail time and eventually faced a prison sentence. No, really, here is the link:


Thankfully, I doubt I am at a decibel level that is going to be that serious and I don’t think I sound like I’m being murdered. I think its pretty obvious what is going on πŸ˜‰ but still…. I’m left wondering if its sexy or scary, haha. When we were at the after swinger party orgy we participated in, I remember the other people commenting at the end when the Professor and I were still the only ones going at it that they thought it was hot but I don’t think I was QUITE as loud then as I sometimes get when we are alone (if you can call it that when there are people in an apartment above you!).

My ex husband used to try and shush me if I even made a peep. Not that he was doing much to make me moan with pleasure anyway, but he was ultra paranoid and it turned me off big time. So anyway, how about a poll? What’s your opinion on sex sounds? By the way I think it is super sexy when a guy moans and makes a little noise in bed. If he were screaming like a girl that would probably freak me out but nothing like knowing he is getting off too. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Loud sex, hot or not?

  1. Hilarious article!
    It’s fun not to care about anything but making love when doing so. The neighbors? Screw them, they are probably getting off anyway. I know I do when I hear others going at it. Well, all depends on they’re style I guess. Sometimes it’s hot, while other times it’s…just funny. When I lived in the ghetto one night I smelled my neighbor blow a hit of meth out of the window near ours when my ex and I were having sex. Talk about awkward. Not to mention that probably sparked a twelve hour masturbating session- point is, most people don’t seem to mind, unless they aren’t getting any, and it’s 3AM, and you’ve been having epic orgasms at this hour every night while they lay in bed alone on the other side of the wall boiling over with hate. That’s just the price you pay living in an apartment! Another time I was with a very loud partner every night or every other night for a period, and my neighbors above me retaliated with loud fucking with their windows open before moving out. The politics of sex.

  2. Hahaha….that’s hilarious that they retaliated. πŸ˜‰ I’ve never been that lucky. Our neighbors, when my ex husband and I lived in an apartment during my last year of college, spent a lot of time vomiting outside my windows after loud parties, but I never did hear sex sounds. Plus some of my neighbors here…well, lets just say the mental image of them going at it is not pretty, lmao.

    I have to say though, that if a nice looking guy lived near me and I heard the sounds of loud sex eminating from his home frequently I’d be tempted to go find out what all the fuss was about. LOL I tease the Professor that if any of his neighbors are female they are going to be curious what the hell he is doing that is making me cum so much!! Haha….

  3. I posted about this story on my blog quite some time ago. After having sex with a girl that just couldn’t help it, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like loud sex, just not ALL of the time. I’m sure my neighbours knew when she was climaxing and could probably tell me how many times we had sex that day because she held my head down and yelled right next to my ears. To say that my head was ringing was an understatement. I like it when my partner is enjoying herself so much that she can let go & let her moans, sighs & random gibberish out.

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